9 Photos - May 23, 2012
Photo: Finally got a proper stack of Comet Garrardd (c/2009-P1), it's soft focus and the 1st light with this camera from back in March.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Early ISON from morning apparition 20131119Photo: I found Comet Lovejoy this past Thursday AM.  It's quite prominent in binoculars and was able to get some tracked DSLR shots!Photo: A full sized #cometlovejoy  from Dec 30th.  I wish my tracking was stronger than it was I only eeked out 15s subs! :(Photo: I got a respectable Comet Lovejoy this past Monday with the Canon 7D on a tracking mount and zoom lens.  102 x 1min subs at ISO1600.  DSS did the heavy lifting for me!