251 Photos - Apr 13, 2015
Photo: Stormtrooper Quiet Moments in MilanPhoto: Friday Night LightsPhoto: The best way to spend the last night of 49!
Osteria del Billiardo
MilanPhoto: Ahhhh, architecture!
MilanPhoto: Peoplewatching
MilanPhoto: FIle Under: Market Eye Candy
MilanPhoto: Saturday Night Shenanigans - #WineHog
#StormTrooper #50in2015 Birthday Celebration
MilanPhoto: WIne time for the birthdayPhoto: Makeover magic with a side of bangs!
https://youtu.be/pzLZ3VDA2kEPhoto: Show Day! The Birthday Makeover
https://youtu.be/pzLZ3VDA2kEPhoto: Show Day! The Mia Connect Power Chat Makeover Show
Milan - https://youtu.be/pzLZ3VDA2kEPhoto: #Stormtrooper wants to get pretty.Photo: The birthday makeover!
https://youtu.be/pzLZ3VDA2kEPhoto: Leaving Milan the autoawesome way.
Train bound to VeniceVideo: On the train - outta herePhoto: So happy to be at Ca Del Poggio
San Pietro di Feletto, Treviso - Italy
http://www.cadelpoggio.it/en/Photo: The first train ride in Italy!Photo: What a view at Poggio Al Tufo!Photo: Photo: Photo: My first grappa!
Da Ponte distillery in Conegliano Veneto Italy
Distilleria Andrea Da Ponte (S.P.A.),
https://youtu.be/SZHytHVk0qEPhoto: Fun with the Da Ponti family and Pio!
Teatro Accademia CongelianoPhoto: My new BFF, Giorgio FabrisPhoto: What a view at Ca Del Poggio!
San Pietro di Feletto, Treviso
http://www.cadelpoggio.it/en/Photo: Back at Ca Del Poggio with Marco at their amazing restaurant!
http://www.cadelpoggio.it/Photo: And then there's the charming patriarch of Ca Del Poggio

http://www.cadelpoggio.it/Photo: Pio and Bruno at Ca Del Poggio
http://www.cadelpoggio.it/Photo: I love how Pio appears to have a head dress in this photo. This is right before we chowed down on an amazing lunch at Ca Del Poggio
http://www.cadelpoggio.it/Photo: Enjoying the green spring grass
http://www.cadelpoggio.it/Photo: Da Lino - amazing copper pots everywhere!Photo: Ristorante Locanda da Lino 

Solighetto, Treviso, Italy
Traditional liver dish- amazing!Photo: The Queen of Grappa! 
a wonderful dinner at Da LinoPhoto: Getting my groove on at the Da Lino Wine CellarsPhoto: In awe.
Da Lino
Locanda da Lino, Solighetto, Treviso, ItalyPhoto: Bottle Size Queen
Locanda da Lino, Solighetto, Treviso, ItalyPhoto: My new BFF Giorgio SolisPhoto: Sheep in Action! #TrevisoPhoto: When you think cheese, think about this process!Photo: Treviso region with Pio & family!Photo: An impressive prosecco cork at #Bisol in Valdobbiadene #ProseccoCountry
Santo Stefano, Province of Treviso, Italy
http://www.bisol.it/Photo: Trying to keep up with fashion in ItalyPhoto: FancyPhoto: Lovely gifts from the Major of Codogne!
Robert Bet, Lisa TommasellaPhoto: Touring Bisol - prosecco fabulous!
http://www.bisol.it/Photo: http://www.bisol.it/
Tasty Prosecco tasting!Photo: A quiet moment at Villa ToderiniPhoto: With the gracious owners of #VillaToderini, Codogne, Italy. http://www.villatoderini.com/Photo: Venissa - on the Island of Mazzorbo
Fondamenta di Santa Caterina, Venezia VE, Italy
Even rainy, this area is beautiful!Photo: I love the story of this vineyard:
Dorona, a forgotten Venetian grape variety, a walled vineyard in the middle of Native Venice where the vines are challenged by the high tide giving rise to a wine that is unique to this world.

Venissa - on the Island of Mazzorbo
Fondamenta di Santa Caterina, Venezia VE, Italy
http://venissa.it/Photo: Venissa - http://venissa.it/
 What a fabulous spot!Video: Venissa - It's zombie proof..
http://venissa.it/Photo: BuranoPhoto: Even rain soaked, Burano is amazing...

Here's a great description from my good friend Pio Dal Cin: 
#Burano is the real essence of a Venetian experience. In this part of the Venetian Lagoon is where it all started.Call it "Native Venice", call it a photographers' and painters' Paradise. As you walk around in this wonder, you'll smell the fresh seafood, the freshly baked bread and pastry. You'll see older women knitting in an old fashioned way that is taught from generation to generation on a mother-daughter way that is not written anywhere for it is an island's secret. Next time you'll visit Venice, make the effort of taking a water bus (vaporetto) and plan to spend a whole day here. Quiet and silence broken only by the daily noises of the fishermen and the people doing their trades. The light will change the contrast and the warmth of colours as the day grows older and if you did not bring that extra battery for your camera you'll realize how much you are going to need it, for you'll have a thousand and more in less that two hours. Every corner here is a story, a shade, a colour, a situation worth the capture. At the end of the day visit #Venissa  from #Bisol  just across the bridge. The first experiment of viticultural archeaology, bringing an old vine back to life in the site of a 1300 monastery. +Prosecco Country 2015 +Cuore Veneto Codognè Treviso +Villa Toderini +Ca del Poggio  #VillaToderini  are the places to stay if you are visiting.Photo: http://venissa.it/
Fun with Pio & Aurora!Photo: Lunch at VenissaPhoto: A coffee moment at Villa ToderiniPhoto: Ready for lunch! Venissa

Fondamenta di Santa Caterina, Venezia VE, ItalyPhoto: Our ride homeVideo: And now we are in Venice!Photo: More Venezia!Photo: Approaching St. Marks Square, VenicePhoto: St. Marks Sqaure (with an added Pio Dal Cin bonus photobombing)Photo: Thanks for this pic, Pio!
VenicePhoto: Pietro, Lissa & Mia
VenicePhoto: What a fun group to spend the day with in Venice!Photo: Love these crazy guys!Photo: Photo: More with Mateo
VenissaPhoto: trying to master the GoPro!Photo: Burano - choosing the sweetsPhoto: and now for another shot of the sweetsPhoto: A motley crewPhoto: Here, let me hold that up.Photo: Photo: Photo: A great lunch crew - notice how I'm holding the little contact case that contained ashes of Bob & Lilly. :)Photo: Photo: delish squid salad!
VenissaPhoto: Photo: A moment in VenicePhoto: Venissa, VenicePhoto: Fun at Burano!Photo: Photo: Photo: A "float by" moment in Venice...Photo: Not a bad place to be, even on a rainy day
San Marco BasilicaPhoto: Photo op - Saint Mark's BasilicaPhoto: I. Went. SHOPPING!
VenicePhoto: The stormtrooper LOVED the Villa Toderini CoffeePhoto: Ready for Breakfast at Villa Toderini!
http://www.villatoderini.com/Video: Fun with Pietro at Villa ToderiniPhoto: Sad to leave Villa Toderini!
http://www.villatoderini.com/Photo: Bye bye Treviso!Photo: Sad to leave my gracious tour guide, Pio Dal Cin!Photo: The Mia Connect Combo - Cappucino and Prosecco !  Venice to RomePhoto: The stormtrooper picked up a few friends on the way from Venice to Rome.Video: Welcome to Hotel Dei Mellini!Photo: Welcome to Hotel dei Mellini! Rome
#YayProseccoPhoto: Nighttime in Rome!Photo: Rome - Outside Canova TadoliniPhoto: Dolce & Gabbana, Rome - Love those shoes!Photo: A LOVELY dinner with Andrea Fortina & Chef Lino of Settimio All'Arancio
http://www.settimioallarancio.it/Photo: Dinner at SETTIMIO ALL'ARANCIO
Rome - look at this crew!Photo: Rome ItalyPhoto: The Holy Grail Wine Glass
CANOVA-TADOLINIPhoto: Fabulous wine selection at Settimio All Arancio
http://www.settimioallarancio.it/Photo: Dig in - OMG, delicious seafood, pasta, bread.  #NomNOMNOM
http://www.settimioallarancio.it/Photo: I can't remember what this was but I loved it!
http://www.settimioallarancio.it/Photo: More fabu wine selection - mama loves her white wine!

http://www.settimioallarancio.it/Photo: Breakfast at Hotel Dei Mellini - delightfulPhoto: Random gladiator outside the ColosseumPhoto: A panorama of the Colosseum - spectacular!Photo: The energy of this place was cRaZy !
Colosseum, RomePhoto: Altare della Patria - Autoawesome!
RomePhoto: The underside of the Colosseum - this was a crazy spot where the slaves would pass through on their way to the Colosseum floor. Not a happy place to be.Photo: BreathtakingPhoto: Looking towards the Palatino - they were prepping the area right in front of us for the Pope's appearance for Easter. PS. the Pope never returned my email with a request for an interview.Photo: Arch of ConstantinePhoto: Arch of Constantine, Colosseum, PalatinoPhoto: Photo: Aqueducts - amazing!Video: Photo: Operational Monestary (note the laundry)Photo: What a windy view!Photo: Photo: Amazing view - these ruins were breaktaking!
GREAT tour from Liv Italy!
http://www.livitaly.com/Photo: My first GoPro shot - LOVE the way it captures the angles!Photo: Wine tasting with Vinicultural!Photo: Love the slippers from Hotel Dei MelliniPhoto: Another fun GoPro shotPhoto: Photo: Video: Video: It's time for a scooter ride!Video: The scooter ride in progressPhoto: The stormtrooper was NOT to be denied of this photo opportunity
RomePhoto: Palace Ruins, Rome, ItalyPhoto: The backside of the Baths. :D  These amazing ancient Baths of Caracalla, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

In it's heyday, thousands of bathers visited each day! #DontDropTheSoapPhoto: Photo: More ancient fabulousness. It's everywhere in Italy!
RomeVideo: Video: Fun Moments in Rome at Hotel Dei Mellini and throughout the city!  Google really did a goofy music match on this one.Photo: Otto, The Artists Dog!
Hotel Dei Mellini is a dog friend place!
http://www.hotelmellini.com/Photo: Show Time at Hotel Dei Mellini!
Great to sport the fab jacket from Gino Velardi Designs  - http://www.ginovelardi.com/
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rDY7ZdxkwAPhoto: A fun night with Vinicultural Tours! This was the night when I discovered my new love: Guanciale (aka pork jowl)Photo: The cat manPhoto: The Cat Sanctuary - the crazy cat man had them all lined up!
Largo di Torre ArgentinaVideo: Largo di Torre Argentina  - Bob's italian brother!Video: In a word:  Porqueta !
Divin Ostilia
Corvina WineVideo: Video: Video: Photo: Photo: Ahhh, an oasis!  Marignolle entry - just outside FlorencePhoto: 500 Touring Club panorama!Video: Starting out the day at 500 Touring Club...Photo: Off to Florence to race Fiat 500's with the StormTrooper at 500 Touring Club!
http://500touringclub.com/Video: Nico is ready!
http://500touringclub.com/Photo: This. Is. Fernandino!
http://500touringclub.com/Photo: The Chianto Tuscan CountrysidePhoto: Fiat Pit Stop in Impruneta - a major terracotta manufacturing town in Chianti.  Yup, that big wheel is made of terracottaPhoto: #YayWine - 'nuff said.Photo: Wine tasting & lunch at Villa Le Piazzole
Yes please!
http://www.lepiazzole.com/eng/villa.htmPhoto: The post Fiat drive lunch & wine tastingPhoto: The stormtrooper got in on the tastingPhoto: A great end to the day with tour guide Nico and Pia from Denmark!Photo: The Tuscan countryside!Photo: The Fiat tour/Winetasting event was a success! http://500touringclub.com/Photo: John & Pia from Denmark - super fun couple who were fans of #YayWinePhoto: Heading into FlorencePhoto: The Fountain of Neptune - Barolomeo Ammannati
Loggia dei LanziPhoto: David.. not the real one.Photo: My favorite one: Perseus
Benvenuto Cellini 
15th Century
Loggia dei LanziPhoto: Rape of the Sabine Women - VERY powerful to see in person
Giambologna - 15th Century
Loggia dei LanziPhoto: Perseus has an awesome backside.Photo: Firenze at sunsetPhoto: Orvieto in the Umbria provincePhoto: Orvieto - definitely a fortress!Photo: Orvieto -Photo: A lovely stroll in #OrvietoPhoto: I mean, some serious churchy eye candy!

Duomo di Orvieto, Orvieto, Terni, ItalyPhoto: Orvieto in the distance - the Umbria region is definitely the Green Heart of ItalyPhoto: Lago di BolsenaPhoto: LOVED the ladies from #PoggioAlTufoPhoto: Fun with Heidi!Photo: Pitigliano, Italy -Photo: Poggio Al Tufo - can't wait to come back here!Photo: Ohhh, this ravioli was divine!
Butternut squash filling, pancetta topping 
Poggio Al TufoPhoto: Otricolo - Paradiso IntegralePhoto: Coffee in #NarniPhoto: Aaand prosecco in #NarniPhoto: The lovely meeting room in Paradiso Integrale!Video: Wine time with Heidi & Mark!Photo: Getting my Lucky dog fix!Video: Google made a movie in Umbria.Photo: Otricoli at Paradiso IntegralePhoto: Pesto perfection with Casa Chiesi
Camogli, ItalyPhoto: Show time! Food & Booze at La Bossa
https://youtu.be/6Dno-2cUK9sPhoto: So much fun with Sommelier Gabri and Elisabetta Chiesi
La Bossa

https://youtu.be/6Dno-2cUK9sPhoto: Easter Sunday - Nazim took me to church!
Parrocchia Basilica S. Maria AssuntaPhoto: Easter Sunday 
Parrocchia Basilica S. Maria AssuntaPhoto: PIcture perfect - CamogliVideo: Google makes another movie with music that does NOT match!Photo: The Pasqual Feast!Photo: The Mediterranean is just amazing. Feast your eyes on the blue! France is off in the distance to the right.
Camogli, ItalyPhoto: Fresh squid ink pasta!Video: Easter Food DiscussionPhoto: More eye candy - Genoa in the distance.
Camogli, ItalyPhoto: Easter Feast - squid ink linguine with clams.. the BEST!
Spaghetti Di Nero e vongolePhoto: the fish eye perspective of Easter Dinner...Photo: Cheers - celebrating a Buon PasquaPhoto: A post easter dinner walk around CamogliPhoto: Camogli landscapePhoto: Not sure who this badass is but I'm going with Archangel Michael. He's in my tribePhoto: Dinner setting - Easter NightPhoto: This is how it rolls in Italy - fresh seafood EVERYWHEREVideo: Zombie ProofPhoto: Nazim battles the Stormtrooper for the snackPhoto: The Stormtrooper is at it again - one last cuppa javaPhoto: The Beltran FamilyPhoto: The best eye candy shot of Camogli! A sunny Easter MondayPhoto: Bye bye SeasidePhoto: Back to Milan and a fresh load of laundry!
Most homes hang dry their clothes - this was my batch!Photo: Getting ready to Meerkat with NazimPhoto: A fresh batch of rotini with homemade pesto, courtesy of Elisabetta Chiesi.  #ToDieFor
MilanPhoto: capturing the momentPhoto: One more cup of coffee in the tiniest coffee house ever.Photo: Enjoying the viewPhoto: It was "Take Mia To Work" Day at Park Media!Photo: Spring has officially sprung.
MilanPhoto: Three Words:  Corey's. Soul. Chicken.
https://youtu.be/9aA24W11DccPhoto: A giant chocolate shoe. Who doesn't want one?Photo: Duomo di Milano, Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Just amazing & awe inspiringVideo: At the Duomo.. now THIS is a churchPhoto: The Google Effects in this photo is creepy & fabulous. That's a former Pope entombed & on display.Photo: Duomo interior - MilanPhoto: The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the world's oldest shopping malls. Housed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan, the Galleria is named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. It was designed in 1861 and built by Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.Photo: The stormtrooper wanted to get in on the Bull's Balls action

"There are two great reasons to visit Milan’s Galleria even if you don’t plan to browse the Prada shops inside. The first is that it’s an excellent shortcut between two of Milan’s top sights — the Duomo and La Scala opera house. The second is that at the center of the Galleria, where the two arcades meet, there is a mosaic depiction of four coats of arms of former kingdoms in what is now Italy. In addition to Milan, you’ll see Florence, Rome, and Turin. Turin’s icon, a dancing bull, is best known for the legend that’s grown up around it. The story goes that if you place your right heel on the bull’s balls and spin around three times, you’ll have good luck. As you can see by the hole in the floor, it’s not been very good luck for the bull."Video: The Galleria - The story goes that if you place your right heel on the bull’s balls and spin around three times, you’ll have good luck. As you can see by the hole in the floor, it’s not been very good luck for the bull.Photo: The Stormtrooper is getting into the churchy spirit
DuomoPhoto: Look at the feast! The last night in ItalyPhoto: Bye Milan!Photo: Flying over the Dolomites - headed eastPhoto: The stormtrooper is in awe...Photo: Hello 'Murica!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Video: