27 Photos - Dec 14, 2011
Photo: Today's Care Care Tips with STP comes to you from my Mister - Mike is going to share some super simple tips to keep your car running smoothly - and save you money too!Photo: Mike: Auto Zone is where I usually shop for auto supplies and gear - they're located near a shop I work at a lot, and the guys here can answer any question I have.Photo: Mike: Another reason I choose Auto Zone is because it's easy to shop - it's always organized and clean, and well stocked. That makes it easy to get in and find what I'm looking for quickly.Photo: {Mike is a race car driver, and loves working on cars. He takes Abby with him a lot - she loves learning about cars. She says, "Gooooo! Go Go Go!!"}Photo: Mike: I wasn't familiar with this particular STP product, although I've used a lot of others. I thought I knew right where to find it though...Photo: Mike: But, this is the STP Oil Treatment. It's a great product, but has more limited uses than the STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment.Photo: Checking out the selection...Photo: Mike: Abby is right at home at Auto Zone! I can't wait until she's a little bigger and can come work at the shop with me.Photo: Mike: Still looking... It's easy for me to get distracted here though. There's a lot of great stuff.Photo: Mike: Here we go! This big STP display caught my attention.Photo: Photo: Mike: This STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment does a lot of different things - but the main idea is that it's a simple treatment you can use to make your car run more efficiently. That's why the sign says "Make Sure Your Engine is Ready When You Are." This stuff will help ensure that your car runs well all the time, no surprises.Photo: Me: I had to throw in a little something for me on this trip too! This is my new zebra seat belt strap. Awesome, right?Photo: {Abby is getting fast these days! Mike had to hold onto her, lol} 
Mike: It's important to keep up with basic maintenance on your car - and with the weather as cold as it's been here, we definitely needed to get some antifreeze today too.Photo: Mike: Check out is always really quick at Auto Zone, which is another reason I like shopping here.Photo: Adding Antifreeze to the car...Photo: Photo: So much excitement shopping with dad - Crashed out as soon as she hit the car, before I could even finish tightening the straps, lol.Photo: Mike: This is how easy this stuff is to use. Step 1: Take off the lid, and open the gas tank.Photo: Mike: Step 2: You can do this without a funnel - but it's a lot easier if you use one. I like these big ones - but a smaller, traditional size will work just fine too. Just makes the job a little quicker, with less chance of a mess.Photo: Mike: Step 3: Pour it in! There are directions right on the can - Add 3/4 oz per gallon. If you don't it exact, don't worry about it. Just get close, and you'll be fine.Photo: Mike: Step 4: Put the gas cap back on. You're done.Photo: STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment is exactly what it says - Great for a ton of different things. This works great to keep engines running smoothly in things like mowers, snow blowers, chainsaws - and motorcycles.Photo: Mike: Again, you just pour it right in. The funnel makes it easier - but it's not a big deal if you don't have one handy.Photo: Mike: I give the STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment a thumbs up! I've used many other STP products regularly over the years - and this will definitely be something that I add to my regular purchases.Photo: Mike: Even Abby knows that STP is a great choice for all types of motors - even her little Hot Wheels :)Photo: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias - All opinions, tips, and photos are 100% ours.