55 Photos - Dec 29, 2011
Photo: A cold winters morningPhoto: The Chalet Building after a good snow.Photo: Mule Deer buckPhoto: Coyote eating on a lion kill.Photo: A large bighorn sunbathing.Photo: Same bighorn and Deer Mountain.Photo: Fox kit playing on a July evening.Photo: Photo: Aberts squirrelPhoto: Another Aberts Squirrel after some birdseed!Photo: Large Bighorn Ram.Photo: Sleeping fox enjoying the afternoon sun.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Brat with a face full of snow.Photo: Red Columbine on the property.Photo: The sun setting over Sundance Mountain in August.Photo: Chalet building and September flowers.Photo: Fall creeping over McGregor.Photo: Deer Mountain shimmering.Photo: Photo: Photo: Large Bull Elk on a chilly fall morning.Photo: The wild turkeys are making a comback!Photo: Deer Mountain on a sub zero morning.Photo: Golden Mantled Ground SquirrelPhoto: A herd of Bighorn SheepPhoto: Iris on the property.Photo: Fall on the slopes of McGregor Mountain.Photo: Photo: Photo: Christmas is magical at McGregor!Photo: Photo: A frosty fall morning.Photo: Brat!Photo: The view behind the lodge on a snowy morning.Photo: Chilly spring day.Photo: Spring in the Rockies.Photo: Photo: Photo: A cold winters night.Photo: Big spring snow.Photo: Photo: The monsoons return with a bang!Photo: Photo: Old postcard from the 50's.Photo: Digger wanting to check in!Photo: The turkeysPhoto: Big RamPhoto: Photo: Winter mule deer family.Photo: Snowman greeting the guests!Photo: Tippy on patrol.Photo: Tippy on patrol.