44 Photos - May 25, 2013
Photo: Catherine O’Keeffe, winner of Mary Ward Lewis Prize; and Eric Spioch, winner of the Bates Prize.Photo: Paige Messersmith, winner of Faith Millard/Dr. Carol Fritz Medal; and Patrick Daniel Christopher, winner of John Alexander Medal.Photo: Cinema Professor Jonathan Slade hi-fives with Provost Tom Zirpoli. Slade was the “secret” faculty speaker at Friday’s Honors Convocation.Photo: Convocation’s faculty speaker, Professor Jonathan Slade, wishes the Class of 2013 “a beautifully imperfect life,” one that ensures students will be on a “perpetual act of discovery.”Photo: Photo: “McDaniel Rocks” cheered members of the Class of 2013 just before processing into Gill Center for the Senior Investiture & Honors Convocation.Photo: Convocation Platform Party paused for their group photo prior to the Friday night event. Student speakers included (front row, second from left) Hayoung Kim; and (back row, second from left) Casey Dunn, Robert Kapp, and Markia Davis.Photo: President Roger Casey officially “invests” senior Tyler Justice with academic regalia to symbolize the completion of the undergraduate degree.Photo: President Roger Casey officially “invests” senior Tyler Justice with academic regalia to symbolize the completion of the undergraduate degree.Photo: Dr. B.J. Gallagher receives congratulations from Dean of the Faculty Debora Johnson-Ross, on winning this year’s Zepp Teaching Enhancement Grant.Photo: Elwell Distinguished Social Work Award: Sarah Kernan.Photo: Vox Magna Clara Award: Joy Chand.Photo: Maria Leonard Senior Book Award: Ashlynn Parker.Photo: McCluhan Award for Excellence in Communication: Nicole Murphy.Photo: Clower Award for Excellence in Exercise Science & Physical Education: Kristin Beil.Photo: Award for Excellence in Chemistry or Biochemistry: Danielle Nichole Kestner.Photo: Weber Award for Excellence in Political Science & International Studies: Erica Lauren Brandenburg.Photo: Class of 1938 Award for Excellence in Music: Hanna Martin and Kirsten Bickford.Photo: Malone Award for Excellence in a Foreign Language: Edward Blankenship and Eric Spioch.Photo: Meltzer Psychology Award: Britany Nicole Miley.Photo: Beaver Award for Excellence in Education: Gretchen Griffith.Photo: Cross Memorial Award for Achievement in Mathematics: Andrew Yang.Photo: Makosky Award for Excellence in English: Christie B. Debelius and Charles B. Lathe.Photo: Myers Award for Creativity in English: Joanna M. Hamburg.Photo: Ensor Award for Graduate or Professional Study: Blair Elizabeth Undem.Photo: Phi Delta Gamma Award (for Graduate Study): Luke R. Schmidt.Photo: Shipley Art Award for Excellence: Kira Young.Photo: Sturdivant Biology Award: Catherine O’Keeffe and Luke Schmidt.Photo: Esther Smith Award (for creativity in the arts): Michelle Hierstetter.Photo: Spicer Award (in Mathematics): Brittany Rose Nicholls and Sarah Elizabeth Holbrook.Photo: Speir Prize (in European History): Charles William Arnett Jr.Photo: United States History Award: Rebecca Mae Arthur and William Kirby.Photo: Greek Man &  Woman of the Year: Anna Victoria Fine and Benjamin Grant.Photo: Burkhardt Memorial Service Award: Hanna Marie Barker.Photo: Wilson Memorial Award: Kelsey Dickman and Carlos R. Hernandez.Photo: Havens Award: Claire E. Woolley.Photo: Nawrocki Memorial Award: Alexander McCoy.Photo: Waghelstein Memorial Award: Robert Kapp.Photo: Alumni Citizenship Awards: Israel De La Cruz and Lisa Marie Vasapollo.Photo: Gruber Medal: Claire Woolley.Photo: Millard/Fritz Medal: Paige Messersmith.Photo: Alexander Medal: Patrick Daniel Christopher.Photo: Mary Ward Lewis Prize: Catherine O’Keeffe.Photo: Bates Prize: Eric Spioch.