16 Photos - Sep 1, 2013
Photo: First, find a fire pit / place big enough to cook.Photo: Build a rip roaring fire, the bigger the better. The Paella will cook over the coals, so we want a lot of them.Photo: Keep feeding the fire, until you have an adequate amount of hot coals.Photo: Add a cooking grate, and start boiling water + saffron.Photo: After the water boils, put your Paella pan on the fire, beginning with some oil, and your chicken.Photo: Once the chicken is about 2/3 cooked, add in the pork.Photo: Add in the tomato sauce.Photo: Add in the peas.Photo: Add in the rice.Photo: And mix it all up.Photo: Now, dump in the saffron water.Photo: Again, mix it all up.Photo: Add in the clams and shrimp.Photo: And now we steam it. Rip apart paper bags into big sheets. Lay the sheets over the entire pan. Have a hose with a misting nozzle ready, as you will need to keep the bags moist to stop them from catching on fire.Photo: Let it steam for a while.Photo: Once all visible water is gone from the bottom if the pan, it is time to enjoy.