453 Photos - Jan 30, 2012
Photo: Veggie Flatbread PizzaPhoto: Brothers Hug on BridgePhoto: Menehune at Back AcherPhoto: Castle Rock TrailPhoto: Cougar Crest TrailPhoto: Clark and Finn SlidePhoto: Finn's 2nd Birthday Party!Photo: Finn at Laguna BeachPhoto: Spotted Critter (from Cowboy Cookies, SLO)Photo: A/B UI Test on ChromebooksPhoto: Family with Lightning and MaterPhoto: Eva Speaks at ICNSPhoto: Ramone's House of Body ArtPhoto: Clark's 1st Star Wars Character!Photo: Finn Eats From The BagPhoto: Clark and Glow SticksPhoto: Brothers Rainy Day WalkPhoto: ACSA ProgramPhoto: Clark and Finn Co-pilotsPhoto: Clark Designs a ShipPhoto: Family Diller's Preserve Canyon TrailPhoto: Mark and Eva SunsetPhoto: Funny Four Square UpdatePhoto: Breakfast Taco!Photo: Boys Dancing on FaceTimePhoto: Curve and FlexPhoto: Finn RepresentsPhoto: Light ToysPhoto: Finn's RoomPhoto: Glow in The Dark LabPhoto: Eva and Boys Wagon RidePhoto: A Text in The LifePhoto: Clark's Pillow FortPhoto: Finn's "Finish Line" ShoesPhoto: Stormtrooper BalloonPhoto: Rollin' With My ChromiesPhoto: Finn Star Wars PartyPhoto: Clark Star Wars PartyPhoto: Clark Defeats The Vader CandlePhoto: Eva Star Wars PartyPhoto: Daddy Star Wars BirthdayPhoto: Finny at Swim ClassPhoto: Geocaching with my ChromiesPhoto: Finn's Backyard RacesPhoto: Valentines Day 2012Photo: Clark Shoots Bill Barber ParkPhoto: Dr. FinnPhoto: Boys and Uncle JasonPhoto: Holiday EveningPhoto: Finn's a Self Trained PadawanPhoto: Chrome MugPhoto: Table Wine (60/40 Cab/Pinot)Photo: Chromebooks and iPadsPhoto: Classic Audiobook SolutionPhoto: Clean Chromebook LabPhoto: Clean Eating Cover StoryPhoto: World's Biggest iPod Classic?Photo: Ramsey at CLS NorthPhoto: Clark Pre-HaircutPhoto: Finn Pre-HaircutPhoto: Clark Clone TrooperPhoto: Clark Gets A HaircutPhoto: Finn Gets a HaircutPhoto: Clark's Pod Racer DrawingPhoto: Judge Me By My Size Do You?Photo: City Club PrepPhoto: Long HikePhoto: Clark Computer MechanicPhoto: Finn Explores Out BackPhoto: Spring is ComingPhoto: FaceTime at CLS NorthPhoto: Big Oak HikePhoto: Clark's X-Wing!Photo: City Club ViewPhoto: Brotherly Drinking FountainPhoto: Homemade BRCPhoto: Moonlit MarshmallowsPhoto: Lena's BirthdayPhoto: Clark Draws PodracersPhoto: Miss Donna's CardPhoto: Joshua Tree #climbingcuePhoto: WDYWTLPhoto: Three GTA EpochsPhoto: #cabanacuePhoto: GCTs SharePhoto: Sign of The TimesPhoto: #latehikecrewPhoto: #stpaddyscuePhoto: Clark Chocolate Cake ConePhoto: Finn Chocolate Cake ConePhoto: Finn Quail HillPhoto: Quail Hill HikePhoto: Mark Quail HillPhoto: Snow on SaddlebackPhoto: Finn on Quail Hill (Look close)Photo: Clark on Quail Hill (Album Cover)Photo: Sick FinnyPhoto: Clean Apple PiePhoto: Chris Bell, Director Online LearningPhoto: Alice Wants This ShelfPhoto: Finn Ready to RockPhoto: Clark Ready to RockPhoto: Finn Walk at DuskPhoto: Pre-Rain Brother FunPhoto: Photo: Sunrise at Joshua TreePhoto: Clark Sings to Grandpa & GrandmaPhoto: Back to The FuturePhoto: Days to RememberPhoto: Uncle Packy ObituaryPhoto: CaterpillarPhoto: Final ATP Cohort BloggingPhoto: Finny at SunsetPhoto: Finn's First Goal on ClarkPhoto: Clark and Hobbes (4 Years Old)Photo: Clark Flies a KitePhoto: Finn Watches a KitePhoto: Fantastic Austrian Wine (on Date Night at Napa Rose)Photo: Rainy Sunday (HDR)Photo: Spring in Laguna CanyonPhoto: Clark Flys a KitePhoto: Finn Flys a KitePhoto: Clark Shows FinnPhoto: Clark and Finn at Dilley PreservePhoto: Finn and Mommy Ferris WheelPhoto: Clark and Daddy Ferris WheelPhoto: Simple BreakfastPhoto: Finn USS HeritagePhoto: Self at Big HillPhoto: Finn Feet in The PoolPhoto: Clark and Uncle Dave CatchPhoto: Finn and Uncle James RacePhoto: Eva and Aunt BrookePhoto: Finn Easter WreathPhoto: Finn Climbs Blue ParkPhoto: 80's Clark on TrikePhoto: Grilled Cheese
(Egg dipped olive sourdough & cheddar cheese.)Photo: Clark and TommyPhoto: Clark and Finn Rainy Tide PoolsPhoto: Rainy Back YardPhoto: Clark and Finn After DinnerPhoto: Daddy and Boys Rainy WalkPhoto: Piano with GrandmaPhoto: Wind Blown SandPhoto: Finn Walks TommyPhoto: Finn Races on Mommy's BedPhoto: Buzz Lightyear and Super Why!Photo: Boys and Hobbes in MenehunePhoto: Clark, Finn, and Rolly PollyPhoto: Clark's Earth Day Rock-etPhoto: Finn Earth Day DucksPhoto: Clean Fish Tacos!Photo: Next Fun Book?Photo: Bunny CaughtPhoto: Bill Barber SanctuaryPhoto: Clark and HobbesPhoto: Yummy Healthy DinnerPhoto: Promethian TablePhoto: Cute Brothers HikePhoto: In God's CountryPhoto: Schat's BakeryPhoto: Daddy Day BreakfastPhoto: Daddy Day HikePhoto: Irvine SunsetPhoto: ICNS Camping Day 1Photo: Moon, Bonfire, and 73Photo: ICNS Camping Day 2Photo: Clark and Rebecca Keep Finn SafePhoto: Clark Plays ChessPhoto: Grandma's BirthdayPhoto: Watching BoysPhoto: Before HaircutPhoto: After HaircutsPhoto: Finn and NoahPhoto: Ironic Bumper StickerPhoto: World's Biggest iPad?Photo: Business Model GenerationPhoto: Hapara VisitPhoto: Security Not a ProblemPhoto: Obstacle CoursePhoto: Daddy Day Tunnely HikePhoto: Woodland Kaiser CarnivalPhoto: Clark Roller HockeyPhoto: Finny in Race Car Driver Pajamas (with Clark)Photo: Beat Up (But a 12-0 Season & a Pint Glass to Show For It)Photo: Broken GatePhoto: Egg Fried Grilled Cheese (with Salsa)Photo: Chocolate Face at SpectrumPhoto: Clark Hot Wheels X (Blurry)Photo: Finn and TommyPhoto: The Business Model CanvasPhoto: Silly Faces for GrandpaPhoto: Finn DrivesPhoto: Brother HockeyPhoto: Brothers Hike Blackjack TrailPhoto: Cobwebs on The BBQPhoto: Clark LOTR RiskPhoto: Lego Spock ManPhoto: Clark Reads at Open HousePhoto: Finn Running LapsPhoto: Clark AirbornePhoto: Secret Trails and TunnelsPhoto: Clark and Friend Ravine RacersPhoto: Clark and Finn Moonlit MarshmallowsPhoto: Mark and Eva Moonlit MarshmallowsPhoto: Clark Reads on a HikePhoto: Bed Time Story by MommyPhoto: Eva and Dave 38th B-DayPhoto: New Wine KitPhoto: Finn Enjoys The CouchPhoto: Cool KidsPhoto: Three Layer AppetizerPhoto: To Eva From Room 3Photo: Clark's New GuitarPhoto: Finn ExploringPhoto: Finny's OwiePhoto: I can see my esophagus!Photo: Big Hill PicnicPhoto: Clark's Pre-School BookPhoto: 20 Years of DesktopsPhoto: Family Hike in LagunaPhoto: Draft Program PagePhoto: ICNS Farewell CeremonyPhoto: Clark and Finn Costumes AgainPhoto: Jury DutyPhoto: Angry Birds WrapPhoto: Clark's Pants My ShortsPhoto: Blurry But Good!Photo: NIMBY ReunionPhoto: Fun at ISTEPhoto: G Douglas BundyPhoto: #YOLOPhoto: Full Mini at ISTEPhoto: Clark Command and ControlPhoto: Finn at Cheesecake FactoryPhoto: Finn Sleeps on The CouchPhoto: Finn and Hot WheelsPhoto: 4th of July HikePhoto: Best S'More Ever!Photo: Homemade Pizza!Photo: Finn Hot Wheels on BlindsPhoto: Good Visit to GrandmaPhoto: Vegetarian Food PyramidPhoto: Brick MazePhoto: Daddy Made Clean Pancakes From Scratch!Photo: Prep Day #gafesummitPhoto: Registration #gafesummitPhoto: Googlers #gafesummitPhoto: Keynoters #gafesummitPhoto: Dan Russel Day 2 Keynote #gafesummitPhoto: Chrome Bean Bags #gafesummitPhoto: Core Team Debrief #gafesummitPhoto: Clark at Grandma's BeachPhoto: Ponte Vinyard InnPhoto: Celebrating 12 Years at Ponte Vinyard InnPhoto: Mindfulness To GoPhoto: Ponte VinyardPhoto: Caspers Wilderness Park Camp SitePhoto: Brothers in LaundryPhoto: Finn and Mommy Go FishPhoto: Clark and Daddy Go FishPhoto: Brothers in Camp Site ChairsPhoto: Grandpa and Finn PlaygroundPhoto: Clark and Daddy TentPhoto: Oak View CampgroundPhoto: Clark and Grandma HikePhoto: Clark and Finn at CaspersPhoto: Finn's Hair!Photo: Ravioli and Heirloom TomatoesPhoto: A Conference in a Mini!Photo: Clark and Finn at Dance ClassPhoto: Eva at Painting ClassPhoto: Two Boys in Daddy's ChairPhoto: Two Boys Build Piggy FortsPhoto: Clean House After Daddy DayPhoto: Rebecca in a Bubble!Photo: I love This Kind of Email!Photo: Welcome to Colorful ColoradoPhoto: View From Mt. SanitasPhoto: Allison McDuffie KeynotePhoto: CO Summit MomsPhoto: BadlandsPhoto: Finn's PhilosophyPhoto: Finn, Tommy, and MenehunePhoto: Clark Enjoys Salad!Photo: Finn and a Bean BurritoPhoto: Boys Play CarsPhoto: Cousins at The ParkPhoto: Cheese CrispPhoto: Clark & Hobbes with French ToastPhoto: Finn with French ToastPhoto: Clark's S'MorePhoto: Finn's Chocolate HandPhoto: Family FaceTimePhoto: Brother OlympicsPhoto: New HaircutsPhoto: Clark and Finn by EvaPhoto: ME Summit SetupPhoto: ME Summit Presenters SocialPhoto: ME Summit Participant ArtPhoto: Travel DayPhoto: Clark and Finn TrainsPhoto: Clark, Finn, and MonstazPhoto: Finny DiggingPhoto: Brothers at PreSchoolPhoto: Clark at PreSchoolPhoto: Wine Closet UpdatePhoto: Painting PartyPhoto: Brothers at Safari ParkPhoto: We Live in ParadisePhoto: Have-A-Chip Nachos!Photo: Finn's Ball Track at Grandma's BeachPhoto: Mexico City ViewPhoto: MX Summit Day 1Photo: MX Summit Day 2Photo: Lia's Puppy PartyPhoto: Backyard MojitosPhoto: Snack at Bill BarberPhoto: Udon in TokyoPhoto: View From Google SingaporePhoto: Wendy Kicks Off SG SummitPhoto: Singapore at NightPhoto: Clark, Finn, and DJ at Cars LandPhoto: Family and Baby TractorPhoto: Finn RocksPhoto: Sunset on The DeckPhoto: Hangout On Top of Sun PyramidPhoto: First Finn TimePhoto: Brothers Tide PoolsPhoto: Clark PaintsPhoto: Sunrise at SNAPhoto: YuenglingPhoto: GA Summit Day 1Photo: GA Summit Day 2Photo: Green Roof Top LoungePhoto: Finn Nix Nature CenterPhoto: Family HikePhoto: ZaReason UltralapPhoto: Finn with JetpackPhoto: Clark-made FossilPhoto: Daddy and FinnPhoto: Pirate Cinema (Early Release)Photo: Spider FinnPhoto: Family Pool TimePhoto: Clark and Mommy Japanese FoodPhoto: Family PhotoPhoto: Finn & Cousin HudsonPhoto: Clark and Cousin AnnaPhoto: Clark and Finn Count Hot WheelsPhoto: Clark at Shorebird ParkPhoto: Clark and Finn with Gifts from GeorgiaPhoto: Long SunsetPhoto: Wendy and Chris Best Layover EverPhoto: Temporary PhonePhoto: Core Team in a Small Car 1Photo: Core Team in a Small Car 2Photo: I am... all the time.Photo: Sky Tower at NightPhoto: Chris Explains Google+Photo: Hundred Year Old Vines at VilagradPhoto: Road Trip with Molly and WendyPhoto: Maori Warrior FacesPhoto: Visiting HobbitonPhoto: Clark, Finn, and Friends Camping PartyPhoto: Happy Brothers with iPadPhoto: Integrative NutritionPhoto: Night SwimmingPhoto: Finn's New Helmet?Photo: Our HerosPhoto: Finn The BuilderPhoto: Clark On A TrainPhoto: It Costs One DollarPhoto: Chromebooks Ready For LearningPhoto: Daddy and The Boys (We all blinked!)Photo: Clark and Finn Corn MazePhoto: Daddy and Clark Pick BeansPhoto: Finn at Tanaka FarmsPhoto: Clark and Eva at Tanaka FarmsPhoto: Clark's Pumpkin (Carved by Daddy)Photo: Eva's Pumpkin (My Wife is Cool!)Photo: Yoga on Stairs in Matching PJsPhoto: Clark and Finn Loved Giving Even More Than Receiving This YearPhoto: The Team at Work Pre-SummitPhoto: Jim Sill Killing The Demo SlamPhoto: Mark and Doug (Me and My Dad)Photo: Dan Russell and My DadPhoto: Mr. David Jakes on GooglePhoto: Unfinished Beers (See you on the other side of the world!)Photo: Swordfish at (New) Five CrownsPhoto: Are They Human? Or Are They Dancers? (Clark and Finn in The Rain)Photo: Finn Runs Up A Hill in Laguna CanyonPhoto: Clark Reads Shel SilversteinPhoto: Family Traveling!Photo: Clark, Finn, and a PlanePhoto: Clark and Daddy on a PlanePhoto: Finn and Daddy Shari's WeddingPhoto: Eva and (Sick) Clark at Shari's WeddingPhoto: Shari and Dan's WeddingPhoto: Clark and Finn Angry Birds Hats in SFPhoto: November PoolPhoto: November "Hot Pool"Photo: Date Night at Mad T PartyPhoto: Finn After Laundry BombsPhoto: Veggie Scramble, Grapefruit Juice, Trader Joe's JamPhoto: Clark and Finn Rock ClimbingPhoto: Finn and Clark "Summit"Photo: Clark and Finn on KnollcrestPhoto: Finn In The FogPhoto: Wagner Boys (at Second Thanksgiving)Photo: Clark and Finn Get Big Boy BedsPhoto: Finn SummitsPhoto: First Ingress MissionPhoto: Beautiful ShipPhoto: Dinner at LHRPhoto: Bollywood Themed Conference Room (Google Mumbai)Photo: Suan Keynotes the India SummitPhoto: Before My Search WorkshopPhoto: Team VanPhoto: Speaker Sponsor SocialPhoto: Sunset in MumbaiPhoto: Breakfast at LHRPhoto: Homecoming (Shared a Bottle With Eva)Photo: Clark and Rebecca Do Things Over and OverPhoto: Eva and The Boys Dino PuzzlePhoto: Clark and Finn at SpectrumPhoto: Finn with Candy Cane and Sap HandsPhoto: Mark and Eva Monorail StationPhoto: Clark and Finn Monorail (Front Car!)Photo: Boys Play Piano With Their FeetPhoto: Race To The Treasure (at Christmastime)Photo: Finnegan Ready To GoPhoto: Finn and ThomasPhoto: Clark Hikes with Bandit and Foxy SoxPhoto: Epic Rummikub Game (Family Rules)Photo: Happy Birthday Mike P!Photo: "Subway Style" Veggie PizzaPhoto: Seasonal Vegetarian TasterPhoto: Small Bridge on Dilley PresevePhoto: Bee Pollinating FlowerPhoto: Clark & Finn Solstice PartyPhoto: Old Friends Solstice PartyPhoto: Clark and Finn Early Christmas at Grandma'sPhoto: Clark Builds at Lego Imagination CenterPhoto: Family at Christmas Eve DinnerPhoto: Finn on ChristmasPhoto: Cousins on ChristmasPhoto: Avery Rose on Boxing DayPhoto: Clark's Lego Race CarsPhoto: 118 DegreesPhoto: End of The Year SunsetPhoto: Clark and Daddy Pump It UpPhoto: Finn Almost Falls in The CakePhoto: Happy New Year