24 Photos - Feb 24, 2008
Photo: Here's Clark Kelley Wagner in the OR after the doctors cleaned him up. I was holding him moments before but now they are running some tests .Photo: We were moved out of the OR and here Clark is passing more tests with flying colors. ;)Photo: Here I am holding Clark outside the OR. It's my second time holding my boy.Photo: Three and a half hours after birth, Clark got his lab work done. I went with him and he held my hand almost the entire time. :)Photo: When my mom presented this hippo to Clark and we wondered what to name it, Eva piped up, "the name Willoughbuy is free now." So here's Clark and Willoughbuy.Photo: I changed Clark's first diaper... and every diaper for at least two days while Eva recovered. :)Photo: A family photo.. that shows how hard Eva worked, that I was able to help out, and that Clark was pretty happy.Photo: Here's my brother Dave and I - and our kids, Clark and his cousins Anna and Boden.Photo: Here Clark sleeps peacefully in my lap. I remember my Dad telling me he used to be able to hold me in one hand - and I look forward to saying the same thing to Clark one day.Photo: Clark in his own clothes for the first time. We loved the transparent bassinet at the hospital.Photo: Clark and Daddy take a nap. Doesn't he look peaceful and happy?Photo: Here Clark looks up at his Grandma Wagner.Photo: Here's Eva and Clark... and doesn't Eva look great after labor and an operation? This might be my favorite picture from the hospital.Photo: It really was all exhausting and when we could catch a few minutes between visitors and nurses, we caught a family nap. It's a self portrait. :)Photo: Here I am feeding Clark a bottle. He got some formula in the hospital because he lost too much weight, but only 11 days after his birth he had gained a pound over his birth weight... and almost entirely on breastmilk! Go Eva!Photo: Eva couldn't resist getting this tiger for Clark. Now it will be fun to take pictures of Clark with it as he grows up.Photo: Clark came home and got the grand tour. Here he is in Eva's stamping room.Photo: And his prayers were answered. He now has a habit of folding his hands when he eats... it's the cutest thing he does, short of sneezing - and yawning.Photo: We all three share the master bathroom (and bedroom) now, but Eva doesn't seem to mind... he's just too cute!Photo: Here's an alert Clark on the changing table. You should see him hold up his head - and even roll over - already.Photo: Da-Who Doe-Rae: Clark get's his little Who face on after a satisfying meal and a healthy burbing.Photo: Here's Clark in his "puppy love" onesie... with Daddy in the rocking chair of course.Photo: Clark sometimes sits with me (for a few minutes) while I work. Though a home office has it's challenges with a newborn around, I know I'll treasure these times.Photo: When he wants to stay longer... Clark can use his "bouncy chair" in my office.