352 Photos - Jan 1, 2012
Photo: Day 366-Celebrate!Photo: Day 365-WinePhoto: Day 364-Blue Glass And StonePhoto: Day 363-A Night At The MoviesPhoto: Day 362-Clark Griswold Would Be ProudPhoto: Day 361-Calendar CollagePhoto: Day 360-Prime Rib Christmas DinnerPhoto: Day 359-Seafood DietPhoto: Day 358-Breckenride Vanilla PorterPhoto: Day 357-Grandma's CardinalPhoto: Day 356-A Post Processing BrewPhoto: Day 355-Spiced Orange MacroPhoto: Day 354-Rush Hour SunsetPhoto: Day 353-Holiday HydrantPhoto: Day 352-Bonus CameraPhoto: Day 351-Some Basic Graphic DesignPhoto: Day 350-Billy Dee Williams ApprovedPhoto: Day 349-Holiday Lights In Black And WhitePhoto: Day 348-Stairway To EternityPhoto: Day 347-12 By 12 on 12/12/12Photo: Day 346-Lost Abbey Serpent StoutPhoto: Day 345-Lucky Betty BootiesPhoto: Day 344-Bolt PatternPhoto: Day 343-Holiday PartyPhoto: Day 342-Better Scanning Through LomographyPhoto: Day 341-Straight From JapanPhoto: Day 340-Holiday RoyaltyPhoto: Day 339-CO DetectorPhoto: Day 338-Anybody Wanna Buy A PointsettiaPhoto: 1952 Packard Hood OrnamentPhoto: Project 365 Day 336-Needs Work

I finally made it out to photograph a slowly collapsing house that I have ridden by on my bike for the last 5 years. It was the perfect subject for my Rolleicord and some black and white film. I shot the photo this morning just after sunrise and developed the roll just before lunch.


#rolleicord   #blackandwhitephotography   #decayeveryday   #architecturephotography   #delta400   #filmphotography  Photo: Day 335-A Bit Of Blue In The GrayPhoto: Day 334-Boulevard Dark Truth StoutPhoto: Day 333-A Question Of NumbersPhoto: Day 332-Level LPhoto: Day 331-Rear View MirrorPhoto: Day 330-Hello My Old FriendPhoto: Day 329-Macallan 60 Year Lalique Crystal ScotchPhoto: Day 328-Holiday Light ShowPhoto: Day 327-Happy Turkey DayPhoto: Day 326-Building ReflectionsPhoto: Day 325-Oscar and Felix Meet Mr. RaccoonPhoto: Day 324-Channeling GloriaPhoto: Day 323-One Bag DownPhoto: Project 365 Day 322-My First Roll Of Developed Film

I developed my first roll of film today and it came out almost perfect. I say "almost" because the third frame (from the bottom) is damaged and I'm not sure why. It looks like it didn't get exposed to the developer but I'm not sure. Otherwise it was a success and I can't wait to develop the next roll!


#blackandwhitephotography   #mediumformat   #filmphotography   #darkroomphotography  Photo: Day 321-New Belgium Snow DayPhoto: Day 320-Only 39 Shopping Days Til ChristmasPhoto: Project 365 Day 319-A developing Interest

A box from Adorama Camera showed up today and it was full of all the stuff I should need to get started developing my own black and white film from my Rolleicord.

A big thanks to +John Mason for encouraging me to give this a go!

Read more about all of this on my blog:
http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/a-developing-interest/Photo: Project 365 Day 318-Natural Confetti

The fallen leaves on the ground outside my office building remind me of confettiPhoto: Project 365 Day 317-Start Me Up

The original equipment battery in our 2007 Mazda 3 was dying a slow death so I replaced it with a shiny new Kirkland Signature battery from Costco. It has a 100 month warranty and 640 Cold Cranking Amps FTW!Photo: Project 365 Day 316-Pig Out

We had a craving for baby back ribs so I fired up the Big Green Egg and tossed a couple racks of these yummy pork ribs on the "egg. Three hours later they will be ready to eat!Photo: Project 365 Day 315-One Last Blast Of Color

The trees in our yard are almost devoid of leaves but I found this small tree with a few leaves still hanging on.
#fallcolors   #fallphotosPhoto: Project 365 Day 314-Unfamiliar Territory

Today I visited a place I hadn't been to in over a year, THE MALL! I only visit when I absolutely have to and this time it was to get my Seiko automatic watch calibrated at the jewelry store. I got out as fast as I could.Photo: Project 365 Day 313-Last Of The Fall Colors

The leaves are starting to fall off the trees here in Atlanta, bringing an end to the Fall color show.

#fallcolors  Photo: Barrel Racer

Here's an image I took while out in Texas over the weekend. I thought it would be a great image for #womenwednesday 

Read more about it on my blog:

http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/barrel-racer/Photo: Project 365 Day 307-Welcome To Texas

Catching up a bit on my project 365 postings after a long and busy weekend in Texas. I didn't have much opportunity to get photos but I managed to keep my string going, which is the important thing!Photo: Project 365 Day 305- R.I.P.

The headstones in this graveyard near out house date from the turn of the century.

#whateverwednesday  +Whatever Wednesday!!! Photo: Project 365 Day 304-Fall Colors In Water

Fallen leaves and pine straw float in the water of a fountain.Photo: Project 365 Day 303-The Right Light

I picked up a Gossen Pilot 2 light meter to use with my Rolleicord. It was $17 off of eBay and it seems to work fine when compared to my DSLR's meter. I plan on using it as a second point of reference to my own perception of the correct exposure settings. It should help me learn exposure as well as make sure I don't waste a bunch of film.Photo: Project 365 Day 302-85% cacao Goodness

One of our favorite treats is super-dark chocolate. This 85% cacao dark chocolate from Trader Joe's is a sinfully semi-sweet and earthy treat that's low in sugar compared to milk-chocolate and loaded with antioxidants. Yum!Photo: I stopped by a local church this morning to get some more practice with the Rolleicord. I took a few shots and hopefully the one I'm setting up here comes out ok.Photo: Day 300 of my project 365 was a busy one but I still managed to get a photo in. This time its of me in the parking garage at work looking at one of those mirrors that allow you to see aroud corners. Only 66 more days to go!Photo: Project 365 Day 299-My First Day With The Rolleicord

I went out during lunch to play around with my new Rolleicord. I found this fire hydrant and took several shots of it with the Rollei using Ilford HP5 ISO 400 film. I then took this image with my little Canon S95 and converted it to B&W in Nik's Silver Efex Pro, using the Ilford HP5 setting. Hopefully this simulates what the image from the developed film will look like. We'll see...

I also discovered a few things that will make my getting used to this camera a bit of a challenge. Read more about that at my blog:
http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/my-first-day-with-the-rolleicord/Photo: Project 365 Day 298-Its Hip To Be Square

My new to me vintage Rolleicord Va type 2 TLR camera showed up today. Everything appears to be as advertised and the camera is in very good shape considering it is over 50 years old. I'm looking forward to learning how to use the camera to take some beautiful 6x6 square images!

http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/project-365-day-298-its-hip-to-be-square/Photo: Project 365 Day 297

This is the same tree in our office courtyard that I converted to B&W back on day 282. This time though, the colors were very nice so I left it pretty much as is.Photo: Project 365 Day 296-Film Lives

The first rolls of film that I have purchased in 15 years showed up today. They will be used in my soon-to-be delivered vintage Rolleicord Va Type 2 TLR camera. I got three rolls each of Fuji Acros 100 and Ilford HP5 400. Both are Black & White films.Photo: Project 365 Day 294-90 Percent Smaller Needle

The sign on the door at my local CVS drugstore trumpets the new smaller needle that is used for the flu shot that I got today.Photo: I picked up two bombers of beer today, a Fresh Hop Ale from Great Divide Brewing and a Brother David's Triple from Anderson Valley Brewing. Both beers are very good. Now to decide which one to drink. Any guesses which one I picked?Photo: With the 2012 Presidential election only a few weeks away I think whoever owns this car still needs to make up their mind on who they are going to vote for.Photo: Day 285-Red Maple Leaves On Grass

The Fall colors were starting to reach their peak in Pittsburgh and these two fallen red maple leaves in the grass show the beauty that is Fall in the Northeast.


+Stephen Thackeray 
+Lucille Galleli Photo: I picked up a six-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale at the grocery store on my way home from work. It's a basic, drinkable Brown Ale with some toffee and roasted malt flavors followed with a hint of hops at the end. Nothing special but nothing terrible either. What's with the clear bottle?Photo: Day 283-Three Columns And Stairs In Black And White

I’m really starting to enjoy seeking out scenes that might look better in black and white instead of color.

Today, I was walking around outside our office during lunch and saw this composition of the building columns framing a stairway. I thought it would make a nice image for day 283 of my project 365:

From the blog post at: http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/three-columns-and-stairs-in-black-and-white/

#blackandwhitephotography  Photo: Project 365 Day 282-Courtyard Tree

Today was a busy day at work. As I was heading out of the office I figured I better find something to take a photo of for my project 365. It was kind of a cool, gray day her in Atlanta so I was thinking about shooting something that would look good in black and white. That's how I came to photograph the tree in our office building courtyard. It looked better to my eye in B&W than color. Here's the result:

From the blog post at: http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/project-365-day-282-courtyard-tree-in-black-and-white/

#monochromemonday  Photo: Project 365 Day 281-Seeing Red

Today, being the 1st Sunday of the month, was the #caffeineandoctane  car show here in Georgia. As usual, there were a ton of cool cars to see, both classic and exotic (many fit in both categories). There seemed to be more Ferrari's than usual today, most of them red.

If you are a car nut, mark the 1st Sunday of each month off on your calendar and attend this show. You won't regret it!

http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/seeing-red/Photo: Our local Total Wine just opened a growler station. This is great news because I can now stop by on my way home from work to pick up some fresh beer!Photo: Project 365 Day 279-Almost Missed A Day

A few minutes after I laid down in bed I sat up and said"**it, I forgot to take a photo today!"Photo: Project 365 Day 278-Time To Get Sauced

I'm Playing catch-up on my project 365 postings. Here's the first of a few that I'll post today.

I stopped by Publix to pick up some diced and crushed tomatoes along with some tomato paste so I could make a big batch of red sauce for dinner.Photo: Project 365 Day 276-Philosophical Cat

Oscar the cat seems to be pondering some deep philosophical thought as he sits on the floor. Or perhaps he just saw a bug.Photo: Project 365 Day 275-Black and White Conversion

Day 275 of my project 365 found me playing around with black and white conversion using Nik's Color Efex Pro.Photo: This imperial Pumpkin Ale from Baltimore brewer Heavy Seas has a nice, pumpkin pie flavor with lots of cinnamon and spice. There's some slight sweetness but not too much. Drinkability is good and the 8% ABV is well hidden.Photo: Project 365 Day 273-Elkay and Oreo

Elkay and Oreo were always great friends and would follow each other to the ends of the earth.

Take a close look at the image to see where I got the title from.


#hdrphotography  Photo: Eat In Take Out

Day 272 of my project 365 found me stopping by a local Chinese restaurant to pick up some Mongolian Beef and Chicken with Broccoli for Dinner.


#neonsign   #signs  Photo: Project 365 Day 271-Mega Extreme Building

I took this shot of a building in the Buckhead section of Atlanta from my car as I was stopped at a light. I tilted the image and applied the "Mega Extreme-Don't Click It" preset from +Trey Ratcliff 's Lightroom presets to give it a unique look.

http://www.marksphotographyspot.com/project-365-day-271-mega-extreme-building/Photo: Project 365 Day 270-Early Evening Moon

I snapped this quick image of the Moon framed between some pine trees as I was on a short after work walk with Pam.Photo: I picked up a 32oz growler of Jailhouse Brewing's Partners In Crime. It is a 4.8% Berliner Weiss which is a style I haven't had a lot of. It had a nice, tight carbonation which brought out the tartness of the beer very nicely. This is an "almost sour" in that there is some sour, but not too much. The flavors were along the lines of lemon, pear and apple. This is a very easy drinking beer, making it perfect for a warm Fall day.Photo: Day 268-Let's All Have A BallPhoto: Day 267-Lunch At The Brick StorePhoto: Day 266-I've Got Your BackPhoto: Day 265-You Know What They Say About The Green OnesPhoto: Day 264-Terrapin Monk's RevengePhoto: Day 263-Spare ChangePhoto: Day 262-Late from workPhoto: Day 261-Fall League StandingsPhoto: Day 260-Big Green Egg BBQ Spare RibsPhoto: Day 259-Spice Up Your LifePhoto: Day 258-Sierra Nevada Pale AlePhoto: Day 257-Hello My Old FriendPhoto: Day 256-More Storage NeededPhoto: Day 255-Pure ProteinPhoto: Day 254-Leaving On A Jet PlanePhoto: Day 253-Denver Bike BarPhoto: Day 252-Mecca MotelPhoto: Day 251-Bobcat Bite BurgerPhoto: Stone AlienPhoto: Day 249-Wolf Creek Pass KenworthPhoto: Female Rufous HummingbirdPhoto: Day 247-Mount EvansPhoto: Day 246-The MothershipPhoto: Day 245-Rocky Mountain SunsetPhoto: Day 244-Now I Know Why I Don't Shop At Best BuyPhoto: Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale 2012Photo: The New Toy....I Mean Extremely Vital Productivity ToolPhoto: Always First Place In My HeartPhoto: Fall Bowling LeaguePhoto: Warning-Diesel OnlyPhoto: Comfort In A TubePhoto: Big Green Egg Grilled Pork Loin with Cherry, Blueberry & Bacon Sauce.Photo: Miller LitePhoto: A "Mite E" Big ProblemPhoto: Should Have Used A TripodPhoto: Day 233-The New OfficePhoto: The Hunt For Red HoptoberPhoto: Chick-fil-A DayPhoto: Day 230-UnpackingPhoto: Day 229-The Move Part 2Photo: Day 228-I'm Thinking Arby'sPhoto: Day 227-Corporate FlowersPhoto: Project 365 Day 226-Beef jerky TimePhoto: Day 225-Terrapin Samurai KrunklesPhoto: I Do Times 22Photo: Avery NineteenPhoto: Eat Fat And Get HealthyPhoto: Our New Office Is Almost DonePhoto: Smart Car?Photo: Sunset Over BrunswickPhoto: Hapy 5th Birthday Mrs. MazdaPhoto: Pig-N-ChikPhoto: Day 216-Flying LeapPhoto: Day 215-Office WaterfallPhoto: What Plant Is ThisPhoto: Sticky Note HellPhoto: OuchPhoto: From The beer Cellar-Red Hook Double Black StoutPhoto: Fox Theatre Scarab BeetlePhoto: How To Spike Your Blood SugarPhoto: Project 365 Day 208-The King Of BeersPhoto: Long Day At The OfficePhoto: World's Biggest Chess PiecesPhoto: Caffeine For SalePhoto: Day 204-Unauthorized Use?Photo: Dip In My LipPhoto: Lunchtime Beer ShoppingPhoto: 30 Seconds Of SufferingPhoto: Day 200-Too Obvious Version TwoPhoto: The Fungus Among UsPhoto: Afternoon Drive TimePhoto: Project 365 Day 197-Slow Smoked Beef Back Ribs On The Big Green EggPhoto: Han Il Kwan Korean RestaurantPhoto: The First Ripe Tomato Of The SummerPhoto: I sued Goole And WonPhoto: Why Did The Geese Cross The RoadPhoto: Project 365 Day 192-Red And Tan UmbrellasPhoto: Blue Building Handheld HDRPhoto: Marked For DeathPhoto: In A Digital DaysPhoto: New DigsPhoto: Moving DayPhoto: What's For DinnerPhoto: Eggshells For A Healthier GardenPhoto: Tomato UpdatePhoto: Half Full or Half EmptyPhoto: Watch Out For Those SeniorsPhoto: 105 Degrees In The ShadePhoto: Expense Account DinnerPhoto: LeftoversPhoto: How SafePhoto: Dehumidify Me ASAPPhoto: Pure Contour Drawing of Right PalmPhoto: Sushi YokoPhoto: Terrapin Side Project 16- Phlux CapacitorPhoto: Curry ChickenPhoto: Keeping My Cool And Saving ThousandsPhoto: Tomato UpdatePhoto: Backyard Grey TreefrogPhoto: Mid Life CrisisPhoto: Ready For Another 115 MilesPhoto: Back In Tellico PlainsPhoto: New Belgium Belgo Belgian Style IPAPhoto: My Upside Down PicassoPhoto: Rolls Royce ReflectionsPhoto: Rainy DayPhoto: I came, I saw, I conqueredPhoto: Yuengling Light Lager 24oz Can Meets AndrePhoto: The first 10,000Photo: The Joy of Home OwnershipPhoto: Tomato BloomPhoto: Books For The Brain and The EyePhoto: Hairball PatrolPhoto: Cat in pencilPhoto: A Clean Chain Is A Happy ChainPhoto: Mission Street Brown AlePhoto: SunflowerPhoto: Chipmunk Proof?Photo: Life's RoughPhoto: Freedom Isn't FreePhoto: Even Picasso Had To Start SomewherePhoto: Blue TilePhoto: Male House FinchPhoto: Kitty DrugsPhoto: Off For A RunPhoto: Thinking About HDRPhoto: Summer LeaguePhoto: REI SalePhoto: Welcome To CrawfordvillePhoto: Fresh Tomatoes in Two MonthsPhoto: That's a Lot of PedalingPhoto: Moving DayPhoto: The Trap Is SetPhoto: Day 135-The Home GymPhoto: Sonny's BBQ LunchPhoto: Atlantic Ghost CrabPhoto: Sunrise Over Ponte VedraPhoto: Corona By The BeachPhoto: Seashell CloseupPhoto: Day 129-Fuel For The FirePhoto: Day 128-Diesel Fuel AdditivePhoto: Something FishyPhoto: Self Portrait After Century RidePhoto: Cahttannooga Choo-ChooPhoto: Male Northern CardinalPhoto: Day 123-Chicken and ChardPhoto: Day 122-Icy IPAPhoto: Day 121-Bowling For DollarsPhoto: Day 120-Bacon Wrapped Teenie WeeniesPhoto: Day 119-Happy Birthday Mr TDIPhoto: Day 118-Return To SenderPhoto: Day 117-Fern MacroPhoto: The Grass Is Always GreenerPhoto: That's How I RollPhoto: Day 114-Bootlegged BeerPhoto: Drayton HallPhoto: Rainbow Row Window BoxPhoto: Day 111-MarchingPhoto: Day 110-Rent-A-LensPhoto: Day 109-Craftsman 5.0Photo: Day 108-Oscar The CatPhoto: Get In The ZonePhoto: Day 106-Baked Bowling BallPhoto: The BailoutPhoto: Day 104-I Lost My License Now I Don't DrivePhoto: Day 103-Oh What A Wicked WebPhoto: Day 102-A Little YardworkPhoto: Day 101-Just Above The EarsPhoto: Day 100-Too ObviousPhoto: Day 99-A Clean Car Is A Happy CarPhoto: 1968 Pontiac Firebird Front Quarter PanelPhoto: Photography Club MeetingPhoto: Day 96-Poison IvyPhoto: My New Used LensPhoto: Day 94-Anybody Want To Buy A Pine ConePhoto: Day 93-Eight Legged HitchhikerPhoto: Day 92-Fluorescent JerseyPhoto: Day 91-New Gorilla FeetPhoto: Full BloomPhoto: Tomato SeedlingsPhoto: Ace Is The PlacePhoto: Take This Job and Shove ItPhoto: Watts per KilogramPhoto: Day 85-Fajitas and GuacamolePhoto: Day 84-A Little Spring CleaningPhoto: Breakfast, It's What's For DinnerPhoto: Starting the Summer GardenPhoto: Backyard AzaleasPhoto: Snorting PollenPhoto: Day 78-Lunch at Five GuysPhoto: Day 77-Mourning DovePhoto: Spring ColorsPhoto: Day 75-Time For a New Fridge?Photo: Red Azalea BloomPhoto: Day 73-The Azalea's are BloomingPhoto: Avocado and ShadowPhoto: Mission Street 2012 Anniversary AlePhoto: Day 70-Sushi LunchPhoto: The Circle Of LifePhoto: Ginger SnapsPhoto: Metal Leaf MacroPhoto: Day 66-Cedar Waxwing FlockPhoto: Dr. Drill And FillPhoto: Day 64-Big Green Egg Slow Smoked Baby Back RibsPhoto: Day 63-See The Tree At 3:33 on 3/3Photo: Day 62-Tornado WarningPhoto: Break TimePhoto: Pink HyacinthPhoto: The Big PicturePhoto: Sunset ReflectionsPhoto: Man vs BananaPhoto: Bird Seed Ain't CheapPhoto: If you were a bug in my house this would probably be the last thing you sawPhoto: Tomato MacroPhoto: New Sirui TripodPhoto: Cat ToysPhoto: Meat And ThreePhoto: What's The Weather ForecastPhoto: Fried CheesePhoto: What Dogs DoPhoto: Queen of the MistPhoto: Rainbow ChardPhoto: Flowers Make Her SneezePhoto: Office HawkPhoto: Rainbow StaircasePhoto: Raison D'EtrePhoto: Low Key TreePhoto: The Odd CouplePhoto: Refuel TimePhoto: The Big Green EggPhoto: The First Daffodils Of SpringPhoto: Lunch At ChipotlePhoto: Day 35-Big Red BallPhoto: Sunrise FlagPhoto: Getting StonedPhoto: Day 32-The DrivePhoto: Ivy Leaf and Pine ConePhoto: League NightPhoto: Day 29-Two Monitors Are Better Than OnePhoto: Brick Store Pub Stained GlassPhoto: My Girlfriend's PlacePhoto: Day 26-Trader Joe's ReflectionsPhoto: Day 25-A Taxing EveningPhoto: Day 24-A DAM PhotographPhoto: Day 23-Taco SaladPhoto: Day 22-Prepare To Be AssimilatedPhoto: Day 21-Raindrops And RipplesPhoto: Day 20-Lady LibertyPhoto: Day 19-Steeple at SunsetPhoto: Day 18-Happy Buddah StatuePhoto: Day 17-Chicken WingsPhoto: Day 16-Female Northern CardinalPhoto: Day 15-Eat Your VeggiesPhoto: Day 14-Designated DriverPhoto: Day 13-Playing With FirePhoto: Day 12-Felix The CatPhoto: Day 11-Street Sign WisdomPhoto: Day 10-Blind DistortionPhoto: Day 9-A Healthy BreakfastPhoto: Day 8-Dew Covered Holly BerriesPhoto: Day 7-Backyard SquirrelPhoto: Day 6-Off CoursePhoto: Day 5-Over Arching ShadowPhoto: Day 4-Say CheesePhoto: Day 3-Back at WorkPhoto: Day 2 of Project 365
#project365 #365project
Why am I posting a picture of water dripping out of a faucet? Because my take on Project 365 is try and at least partially document my day-to-day life in photographs. Today this faucet became part of my life. Read more about my adventures and how I took this photograph on the blog:


+G+ 365 ProjectPhoto: My Project 365 is officially started
#project365 #365project
I've decided to do a Project 365 for 2012. I think I should be able to find something to take a photo of each day and it should help me start to think "photographically". I discuss my project 365 and my other resolutions in my latest blog post:


To start off my 365 days of photography I figured I might as well start with a self portrait. This was taken about 12:30 today right after I got back from our annual January 1st ride. This year's ride was just under 40 miles in nice weather with just a little wind. As of now I'm on pace to ride over 12,000 miles this year!
+G+ 365 Project