87 Photos - Nov 26, 2006
Photo: Persian ceiling mockup as viewed in Seattle on Oct. 16. The Chihuly folks built a to-scale mockup of my ceiling for me to come and review. You'll notice that there are seams in the glass here, which won't appear in the final version -- that's how you can tell it's the mockup.Photo: Persian ceiling mockup in Seattle. Viewed on Oct. 16.Photo: Mille Fiori mockup in Seattle. I decided that I need a glass plant since I've killed every plant I've ever owned. Mille Fiori is Italian for "a thousand flowers" and it's what Chihuly calls his organic flower forms. The Chihuly folks built a bench to match the one in my apartment. The tape lines on the wall indicate how the plant will line up with the windows. The tallest reed is about 6'.Photo: The encasement in my apartment. The glass on the bottom hasn't been installed, but this is the box that Jerry and others from Muratore built in my entry way ceiling for the Persian ceiling.Photo: This is with the glass installed (amazingly not reflective due to a special coating) and with the rows of LEDs turned on. The box is about 18" tall and is 8' from the floor.Photo: Getting ready to receive the 50 boxes of art glass on Monday, November 13.Photo: Protective flooring down the hallway to transport the boxes over.Photo: Here is the 53' truck with the art glass. It arrived around 4 p.m. in the middle of rush hour and rain. The turn into the loading dock proved too tight.Photo: The truck ended up on the curb a couple of times...Photo: Edwin helped to direct traffic on 4th street (during rush hour and in the rain!) while coaching and calming the truck driver who was pretty harried after a long drive from Seattle.Photo: The truck made a sharp turn that still took all 4 lanes of 4th street.Photo: While Edwin flagged down a police van to hold back traffic.Photo: And the truck pulled into an alley way next to the entry to the loading dock. There we transferred the boxes onto a smaller truck provided by Atthowe moving company and made 2 trips into the Four Seasons loading dock to get the boxes inside.Photo: Luckily, the 50 stove size boxes and 8 coffins didn't nearly fill the semi truck!Photo: Here was the driver who drove the glass down from Seattle -- more happy and relaxed thanks to Edwin and Atthowe. There was at least 5 minutes where I was sure the delivery wasn't going to happen that Monday.Photo: Karen and Raven from Chihuly Studios arrived to take a look at the space and get settled to do their 4 days of work installing the ceiling and fiori.Photo: An impressive number of boxes filled my dining room...Photo: and living room and den...Photo: The box in the ceiling is raised and lowered by chain hoist, which you can see Jessica and Karen operating two of here. There are 4 chain hoists in total (one on each corner).Photo: The glass was unpacked on Tuesday morning to be reviewed and cleaned. Here are some pieces of the mille fiori installation.Photo: The persian ceiling components were beautiful. There were about 400 pieces in total that would be put in the 8.5' x 8.5' ceiling, but I actually think they were more beautiful and certainly more impressive spread out over my whole living room, dining room, and den.Photo: More persians.Photo: Another prototype of the fiori built on a piece of plywood to check effect before drilling the marble.Photo: More persians -- my living room looked like a glass flower garden -- there was one spot where you could see Chihuly art glass for 270 degrees of your view.Photo: Jerry, the foreman from my remodel, hanging in the ceiling doing some last minute adjustments to the flourescent lighting before the install begins.Photo: The view from the kitchen, with all my furniture stacked at the sides of the room.Photo: My den literally floor to ceiling with boxes.Photo: A last minute paint job in the ceiling -- here you can see the painter from Perfection Paint, the chain hoists that operate the lowering and raising of the ceiling and the art glass in the background.Photo: An assortment of yellow persians.Photo: Then came the cleaning of the glass. Raven, Karen, and Josh (from Atthowe) used glass cleaner from Restoration Hardware to make the glass sparkle.Photo: Karen cleans some of the smaller pieces.Photo: A particularly multi-colored corner.Photo: Raven and Josh cleaning and inspecting glass.Photo: The painter finishes up.Photo: More persians with good light...Photo: Jerry drills the granite bench to place the mille fiori.Photo: We lowered the ceiling onto sawhorses for Raven and Karen to work.Photo: Raven beginning to place glass in the box.Photo: More shots of the art glass strewn around the apartment.Photo: More art glass with the buildings and city view below.Photo: More art glass added to the box. Raven and Karen had me pick out my favorite pieces for them to strategically place in the installation. They took my favorite irridescent piece and placed it right in the middle.Photo: A shot from under the glass as Karen places more glass on top.Photo: A shot from under the glass as Raven crawling on the glass to place more pieces.Photo: A shot from under the glass of the install in progress.Photo: Me sitting amidst the Persians.Photo: Karen working on filling the box with art glass.Photo: The mille fiori as it gets installed. The city of San Francisco is in the background -- it was a very clear and sunny day (Wednesday. Nov. 15).Photo: Raven working with the Mille Fiori. The rods by his left knee are what they put into the marble to hold the mille fiori in place.Photo: The glass box as it fills up.Photo: Raven and Karen working on the mille fiori.Photo: The Pelczarskis came up to take in the scene -- they had to see it for themselves. Here is baby Tatum amidst the glass flowers.Photo: Keith and Tatum surveying the scene - they instantly proclaimed it 'worth the drive from Palo Alto.'Photo: Kerah and Raven talk art glass.Photo: Karen and Raven make more progress on the mille fiori.Photo: Halfway there on the mille fiori.Photo: The fiori is done. My favorite piece is the small purple flower at the far right which I'm sitting next to. You can see the view over the city and Alcatraz behind.Photo: And another angle.Photo: I couldn't believe how beautiful all the art glass in the apartment was and that I could just go and sit in the middle of it. You can see the ceiling under construction in the background. Also, my Warhol frog that I'm still trying to think of a good name for.Photo: My mom was there to help out. I worked half days from home that week and went into work for the remainder of the day, so Mom came out from WI to help project manage while I was away. I love the way her teal sweater matches the glass flowers in the background.Photo: Me in my dining room with all the art glass.Photo: The finished mille fiori.Photo: Raven and Jerry as the installation progresses.Photo: Persians...Photo: persians...Photo: persians...Photo: and more persians... as far as the eye could see.Photo: Raven placing glass in the ceiling. Notice the white gloves.Photo: Here you can see what the top looks like. You'll also notice that there is string taut above the installation. This was to model the height of the box when it was raised. At the end of the day on Wednesday they raised the ceiling into place and a piece broke (the only break of the install) since it was too high.Photo: A shot from under the glass -- Karen's gloved hands place a piece of glass.Photo: From above -- notice the string.Photo: As they progressed, they added more and more layers to create a really densely layered and intricate look from underneath.Photo: Here you get a sense of how many pieces of glass were place in the ceiling. This top layer is layer 3 or 4 with smaller pieces underneath.Photo: We raised the ceiling slightly -- this is a nice perspective shot over the top. They tend to put light colors like yellow on top so they provide color while not filtering out a lot of light.Photo: Me on Thursday morning, reviewing from underneath.Photo: A shot to show you how the underside was progressing. The mockup was looking amazing, though there were color splotches in places (too much red all together or too much blue) that Karen and Raven worked on Thursday to correct.Photo: Raven and I talked about changes while he made adjustments on the fly.Photo: More adjustments and review...Photo: Raven, Karen, and I before I left for work that day. The install was almost finished, you can see that we had raised the ceiling off the sawhorses.Photo: The three of us chatting about more changes.Photo: More shots of the top -- so beautiful that it's hard to take that it is hidden.Photo: Another shot from the top.Photo: The finished ceiling.Photo: The finished ceiling -- the center pane of glass is 5' x 5'. The total installation is 8.5' x 8.5'.Photo: The finished ceiling with my big citron ottoman underneath. My first thought was 'wow, there's a year of productivity just gone, since I'll spend at least one cumulative year of my life sitting under this studying it.' My favorite piece of glass is to the far left of this picture. I call it the 'purple sun' -- it's a purple disc with a yellow rim. It's unlike any shape I've seen from Chihuly before - but I really like it -- cheerful with a lot of personality.Photo: A close-up of the finished mille fiori.Photo: More mille fiori.Photo: The city of San Francisco shot through the mille fiori.