77 Photos - Mar 2, 2008
Photo: mmmm, donutsPhoto: Dopped up on donutsPhoto: Making football stoolsPhoto: Beyeler Family SnowmenPhoto: AbbyPhoto: Hula AbbyPhoto: Computer MandyPhoto: Emmy CheezPhoto: ReedPhoto: Abby whinePhoto: Abby saying "cheezzzzzzz"Photo: Reed under chairPhoto: Emmy peering out of chairPhoto: Abby crying in cribPhoto: Emmy sharing her stamps with AbbyPhoto: Daddy daughterPhoto: EmmyPhoto: Reed outsidePhoto: Abby outsidePhoto: Emmy making ValentinesPhoto: Abby making ValentinesPhoto: Reed making ValentinesPhoto: Beyeler kidsPhoto: Emmy GymnasticsPhoto: Emmy gymnastics classPhoto: Emmy gymnastics classPhoto: Emmy gymnastics classPhoto: Emmy gymnastics classPhoto: EmmyPhoto: AbbyPhoto: AbbyPhoto: Playing Wii Lego Star Wars - serious businessPhoto: AbbyPhoto: Kids doing crazy dancesPhoto: Me and the "new" cameraPhoto: Abby outsidePhoto: Reed megajumpingPhoto: Outside funPhoto: Bike RacePhoto: Emmy, the fashion statementPhoto: AbbyPhoto: Emmy PrincessPhoto: ReedPhoto: Emmy, trying to stay warm on the family room floor - she up and fell asleep this wayPhoto: Reed, zoned watching a showPhoto: Abby, arranging Rescue HerosPhoto: Reed, condimplating lifePhoto: Crazy ReedPhoto: Delicious Girl Scout Cookies - Emmy is just waiting for Reed to drop itPhoto: Naked AbbyPhoto: Emmy, helping Trevor in the demolition phase of bathroom remodelingPhoto: Abby, climbing amongst the remodeling rubblePhoto: Emmy with bowl hatPhoto: TrevorPhoto: EmmyPhoto: Beyeler girls, lougingPhoto: Abby, saying "cheezzzz"Photo: Crazy EmmyPhoto: Reed, telling some story with his artworkPhoto: Emmy and her "Baby Beyeler" who she recently renamed "ObiWanKinobi-o"Photo: Reed and Abby - fuzzy but cutePhoto: Morning PopTarts and Cartoons - what more can you ask forPhoto: Orlando Florida TemplePhoto: Us outside of the Orlando Florida TemplePhoto: Quick Jaunt to the Florida Coastline - Coco BeachPhoto: Gathering shells for the kidsPhoto: Palm Trees in between our hotel and the oceanPhoto: Florida TrevorPhoto: Space CenterPhoto: Space Center Robot exhibitPhoto: Space Center ride - look for Trevor directly under the signPhoto: Space ShuttlePhoto: Space Center IMAX moviePhoto: more Space stuffPhoto: Trevor inside a return space capsulePhoto: We visited the Space Center in FloridaPhoto: Trevor's new car - the reason for the Florida trip