33 Photos - Jan 27, 2008
Photo: Abby Rear - - she wandered off and this is how we found her - -Photo: Emmy Gym - - Emmy is enjoying her gymnastics class - here she is, doing something highly skilled, I['m surePhoto: Reed Valentine Prep - - Reed, screenprinting his valentinesPhoto: Beyeler Kids - January 2008Photo: Reed after playing the flour gamePhoto: Kids in a boxPhoto: Fancy Reed, Christmas 07Photo: Fancy Abby, Christmas 07Photo: Fancy Emmy, Christmas 07Photo: Visits with SantaPhoto: Reed turns 5, December 07Photo: Abby "playing" the WiiPhoto: Kids visit with GrampsPhoto: Reed ChristmasPhoto: Emmy ChristmasPhoto: Reed with his force-action lightsaver - a favorite present, from the ever-popular Uncle MattPhoto: Elise and Emmy, in BransonPhoto: Grandpa, Max, and Reed, in Branson skipping rocking Christmas EvePhoto: Shopping in Branson, Christmas EvePhoto: Nativity, with Abby being replaced by a doll that was better behavedPhoto: Abby walkingPhoto: Christmas MorningPhoto: Abby's Santa LootPhoto: Emmy, munching on an apple found in her stockingPhoto: Putting together lego sets from ChristmasPhoto: Emmy, Elise, and AbbyPhoto: Reed and MaxPhoto: Beyeler kids in the whirlpool bathPhoto: Beyeler Family pajamasPhoto: Sliver Dollar City after ChristmasPhoto: Reed walking stickPhoto: Emmy walking stickPhoto: sick Abby