Photo: I was photographing the seagulls flying around the boat as we were leaving Inle Lake. I thought the reflection on this image was quite amazing.
Photo: We drove past this wheat field around lunch time and I was thinking about the scene in Gladiator when Russell Crowe is walking along brushing his hand through the wheat. I then decided I would get one of my models to walk through the field later in the afternoon when the light was warmer and not so harsh.
Photo: A fisherman on Inle Lake checks his net early morning.
Photo: The fisherman on Inle Lake have a traditional fishing method and row with one leg. It is like watching a ballet couple balancing and and dancing around in the morning light.
Photo: There are always people walking back and forth over U Bien Bridge at sunset. There are bicycle riders, Monks, locals and tourists and one must patiently wait for sufficient separation to get that great shot. The shot is hand held and taken from a rowing boat, so you must be mindful of your shutter speed. This is where my Nikon D700 works its magic, allowing me to shoot at higher ISO to get a faster shutter speed. With sunrise and sunset shots, I am not so bothered by any noise as this can easily be cleaned up in post processing and which not detract from the quality of the final image.
Malcolm Fackender
A fisherman on Inle Lake checks his net early morning.