21 Photos - Jun 17, 2013
Photo: Disclosure - This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are 100% my own. #cbias #SocialFabricPhoto: Walmart.com has hundreds of printable coupons from many of my favorite brands, including Kraft. This is an amazing money-saving tool - right at my fingertips!Photo: Before I head to the store, I look for coupons that match items on my shopping list. I can't forget my #kraftcoupon today!Photo: My family of 4 does our grocery shopping every week at this Walmart. We've done lots of comparison shopping, and the prices just can't be beat.Photo: Here I am, setting out on my grilled cheese & bacon mission!Photo: I'm very familiar with this store, so I knew just where to go to find the cheese for my sandwiches. I usually purchase several kinds of cheese from this section each week. I love that there was a display of Kraft Mac & Cheese right next to the cheese aisle, since this is one of my household staples.Photo: There were several types of cheese to choose from - blocks of cheese, shredded cheese, deli-style slices, and individually wrapped slices. I decided to stick with what I know works great for grilled cheese - individually wrapped slices.Photo: There were several brands to choose from, but I went straight for the #Kraft Singles - my favorite since I was a little girl! I didn't realize that there were so many other types besides the classic American Cheese Singles. There were #Kraft Singles made with skim milk and 2% milk, white American vs. classic American cheese, and even Sharp Cheddar Cheese Singles!Photo: I decided to stick with traditional American Cheese Singles - my favorite since I was a little girl! And since the coupon was for $.50 off two packages, I decided to try something new and picked up a package of Sharp Cheddar Singles too.Photo: I'm a busy mom, especially during summer vacation - so I thought it would be best to keep it simple with pre-cooked bacon. Four minutes in a skillet and it's ready to serve! That's my kind of cooking! :)Photo: I wasn't exactly sure what kind of bread I wanted to use, and there were lots of different kinds to choose from, both fresh and packaged. It took me a while to make a decision, but I eventually picked sliced Italian bread from the bakery.Photo: I found my husband and pretty girls in the pharmacy, and then we were ready to check out.Photo: On our way to check out, we picked up some arts & craft supplies to help us stay busy this summer.Photo: And of course a trip to Walmart just isn't complete without a stroll through the Barbie section!Photo: This shopping trip was on a Sunday evening, and the store wasn't crowded at all. This is one of our favorite times to shop at Walmart for just that reason. There was no line & no wait to check out.Photo: I'm about to purchase the ingredients for a perfect (I hope) grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. The cashier rang up my items, scanned my printable coupons, and my shopping trip was complete!Photo: We loaded the groceries into the back of the car, and then we were all set for the 20 minute drive back home.Photo: I've loved Kraft Singles since I was a little girl, and I still do! Here I am, placing the slice of cheese on top of my buttered bread. I can't wait to see how my sandwiches turn out! :)Photo: My grilled cheese and bacon sandwich masterpieces are almost complete! The cheese is gooey, the bacon is crispy, and the bread is almost the perfect golden brown.Photo: Dinner is served! I made a delicious sandwich for each of us, and I even added a dill pickle spear on the side just like they do in the NYC diners.Photo: My kids were happy, and my sandwiches were a success! I think I've created two more lifelong fans of #Kraft American Cheese Singles. Maybe next time we'll mix things up and try these with the Sharp Cheddar singles.