22 Photos - Sep 23, 2014
Photo: Clear sky and calm seaPhoto: Great place for some contemplationPhoto: Clear Baltic seaPhoto: Our private beach at IdskärPhoto: Last ride before sunsetPhoto: Photo: Sunset over IdskärPhoto: Photo: The only time it was windy with larger wavesPhoto: A perfect place for camping. The thick moss makes for a soft sleep and you have a beach 15 meters from you. In the evening you can watch the sunset and later the stars.Photo: White spider websPhoto: After sunrisePhoto: Photo: We found an old ship wreck!Photo: The ship must be a couple of decades oldPhoto: The bottom of the ship wreckPhoto: The sea turned into a mirrorPhoto: Platform on a mirrorPhoto: We saw two swans a few times couple of hundred meters from us. I wonder if it was the same couple or different one each time. Do swans live in couples? Were they conspiring or spying on us?Photo: 16 degrees!Photo: Paddling backwardsPhoto: Layers of clouds