63 Photos - Apr 2, 2014
Photo: Mascený chleba s cibuluPhoto: Skinnig up to Chammona TuoiPhoto: Northern side has more snowPhoto: A guy with a stickPhoto: A guy without a stickPhoto: Chamonna Tuoi at nightPhoto: Searching for avalanche victims at nightPhoto: Analyzing the bond between snow layersPhoto: The peak was named after the sunscreenPhoto: Skinning up towards Hintere JamspitzePhoto: Planking in front of Piz BuinPhoto: Not planking in front of anythingPhoto: Gangster climberPhoto: Celebrity photobomb! -- this was automatically added by Google+. I didn't know algorithms can be funny.Photo: PowderPhoto: Photo: Photo: Untouched snow. I'll destroy it in a few hours.Photo: Martin had a great viewPhoto: Martin skinning upPhoto: Yeaah!Photo: Photo: Enjoying the viewPhoto: Ants on JamtalfernerPhoto: View from Hintere Jamspitze with Piz Fliana (3281 m) and Piz Linard (3410 m)Photo: On top of Hintere JamspitzePhoto: Photo: Piz Buin for a millionth timePhoto: Photo: SteepPhoto: Taking off skinsPhoto: Photo: Falling in wet and heavy snowPhoto: Falling in wet and heavy snowPhoto: One of my best ski rides ever. I had to shout at the whole valley at the end. I fell in the middle though.Photo: Gangster climbersPhoto: SunnyPhoto: All of our equipment enjoying the sunPhoto: Happy to be back at the hutPhoto: Ice axe, apple and a blisterPhoto: Perfect balancePhoto: Writing a blogPhoto: Lukáš's backpackPhoto: Photo: Taking advantage of the reflectionPhoto: Photo: La Cudera glacierPhoto: La Cudera glacierPhoto: View from SilvrettapassPhoto: Photo: 40 degrees below SilvrettahornPhoto: Putting on cramponsPhoto: Piz BuinPhoto: People climbing Silvrettahorn. Some used a rope but it was not necessary.Photo: Notice Martin's nice climbing movePhoto: Getting some tan and cooling down in the snow on the top of SilvrettahornPhoto: Piz Buin (3312 m) and Ochsentaler GletscherPhoto: Piz Linard (3410 m)Photo: Ochsentaler GletscherPhoto: Seracs on Ochsentaler GletscherPhoto: Piz Linard againPhoto: Vegetarian stuffed animalsPhoto: Time to go back to the car before sunrise