24 Photos - Jan 18, 2012
Photo: Arrived in Tokyo, Japan for the first leg of my world trip! http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: Galapagos sea turtle captured with an iPhone 4S in a Lifeproof case! http://www.lifeproof.com/Photo: Incredible view of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan!

More adventures: http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: Harajuku red

Street photography is amazing in Tokyo, Japan. I've been using a little 8x telephoto lens with my iPhone that I got on Photojojo (http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/iphone-telephoto-lens/) so I can stand back and snap more candid shots. The lens almost gives photos a plastic camera type of feel with blurring around the edges. Super fun to play with.

Truly falling in love with this city! For more photos from my world trip: http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: Lisa Bettany ShibuyaPhoto: Lisa ShibuyaPhoto: Testing my luck at a claw machine in Shibuya.Photo: Shibuya crossing

I have to say I was missing my Canon 5DMKII a little bit on my world trip. Especially since my travel companion, +Scott Meinzer has been shooting HDRs on his on a fancy new Gitzo tripod.

My pangs of regret slowly drift away when he gets continually hassled by tourists, locals, and guards. No one notices or cares when you are taking photos with your phone, but you attract every man and his dog with a big fancy dSLR. I can go anywhere and take shots I would normally be yelled at at venues I'd get kicked out of with a dSLR.

I knew certain shots would be challenging on an iPhone, but that’s the whole point of this trip: Taking the best photos with the camera you’ve got. Not everyone has an expensive pro camera, but I believe that you can get great shots with whatever camera you own.

Here's the video on how I took this shot: http://youtu.be/mVEaeuZ7GfE

More photos of my trip: http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: I have fallen in love with Tokyo, Japan. The people are some of the most friendly, polite, and kind people I have encountered. There was so much to capture, I shot for nearly 10 hours a day for the past 5 days and still don't feel like I've done Tokyo justice.

Since it's winter, Yoyogi park is fairly barren. I had almost given up trying to get a good shot of the park, but just as I was leaving I looked up and saw these amazing gnarled trees. One snap and I got this shot. Sometimes the best shots are there all along, you just need to look.

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Fireworks over Victoria Harbour for Chinese lunar New Year in Hong Kong. It was poring with rain when I trudged off to the waterfront to capture the Chinese New Year fireworks with my iPhone. Definitely a challenging shot to take without a pro camera. I was feeling really frustrated and annoyed when I was standing beside about 100 photographers with big fancy pants cameras on tripods.

I didn't come on this world trip to give up on a challenge! So, since camera shake is the main concern with night iPhone shots, I attached my iPhone to a rail with a Gorilla pod and a Glif. I was quite far away from the action so I used the telephoto lens as well. Focusing was very tricky, but I had 23 minutes to get it right!

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my travel blog: http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: Royal Palace, Phnom PehnPhoto: don't pet the monkeys! Angkor Wat, CamobodiaPhoto: monkey!! Angkor Wat, CamodiaPhoto: Waterfront Phnom Pehn, CambodiaPhoto: Angkor Wat at sunrise. Taken with an iPhone.Photo: Girl on the banks of Angkor Wat.

In every country, I find myself drawn to taking pictures of people. I’ve always been attracted to people photos much more than landscapes or macros. For me it’s the people that really tell the story of a place.

Cambodian people seem modest and shy. They are light on their feet and move with peaceful stillness. Chugging motor bikes kick up clouds of fine red dust as school children run along the side of road after school just minutes away from the majestic temples of Angkor Wat.

A little girl runs up to me on the banks in front of the temple. She just laughs, points to a sleeping dog, and runs away.As she plays in the muddy water, modernity seems far away.

thanks +Trey Ratcliff for inspiring me to go here :)

http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: Elephant bull in the South African wilds of Madikwe Game Reserve.

A few months ago +Gizmodo wrote a post about the Makanyane Safari Resort (http://www.makanyane.com/). There was one photo of their lobby view with a large elephant smack in the middle of the frame. I was sold. This was my very first safari.

Makanyane is located in the Madikwe Game Reserve in North-East of South Africa, a few 100m from Botswana. "Welcome to the bush," says the good-looking South African game driver revving up the engine of the Toyota land cruiser as we head out our first safari adventure. "From now on you are considered the bottom of the food chain," he says grinning ear to ear.

Dylan, a strapping late 20s lad with sparkling green eyes, darkly tanned skin from 9 years of game driving in the hot sun, laughs when I ask him if he'd ever consider doing a reality show. "I've been asked," he sheepishly replies, "but just want to drive for myself."

Dylan puts down his binoculars, narrows his eyes, and flips on the sputtering engine -- we are off in search of the big 5: Lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino.

The big 5 refers to the most dangerous animals who will charge, maim, or kill you, so naturally those are the ones we all want see.

After an uneventful few minutes, the jeep turns the corner, and we are meters away from a very large elephant. The blood drains from my face and replaced by sincere amazement with a heavy dosing of straight up fear.

"He's a big boy," exclaims Dylan. The bull starts to move towards us with his ears extended. He does not look impressed. With one damaged tusk this guy looks like he might have some anger management issues. He raises his truck and continues to push forward. Having no sense of impending danger, I am furiously snapping shots.

The bull opens his mouth and widens his ears. Dylan senses danger and slams on the gas, throwing us into reverse as we veer off the path into the bush. "Duck," he yells. Vicious bushes with needle-like spires come within inches of my face, slightly grazing my arm. A close call indeed!

http://mostlylisa.com/worldtripPhoto: Snapping photos on Table Mountain, Cape Town. Stunning views.Photo: I just arrived in Venice after a whirlwind tour through London, Paris & Istanbul in 6 days. With only one day to capture a city I was under some serious pressure. It didn't help that Europe is in a deep freeze! 8 hours in -6C temperatures is a challenge.

I have 4 nights in Italy, so hopefully I'll have a few hours downtime to catch up my Google+ friends on my journey!


Hope everyone is still shooting and sharing their photos often :)Photo: La Grande Roue de Paris.Photo: Fell in love with Venice on Valentine's day. It's a photographer's dream to capture this city. I could spend weeks here capturing the beauty of this place.

For more photos: http://facebook.com/mostlylisaPhoto: Carnevale in Venice.

I had 3 glorious days shooting in Venice. Some of the most fun I've had on my 15 country world trip. The colours were spectacular with Carnevale going on and there were plenty of amazing photo opportunities.

I just landed in Madrid, Spain. My 10th country and 31st day! I'm absolutely exhausted, but something keeps pushing me and getting me out there shooting!

Any suggestions for great Madrid photo spots?Photo: Floralis Genérica

I waited a long time for this shot. When I arrived it was grey and cloudy, but I hoped that as the sun set it would eventually break through the clouds. Generally sunsets get better with time. It’s always the very last few seconds that produce the most vibrant colours. So I waited and waited with my tiny iPhone tripod set up on moderately smelly garbage can. Glamorous. Eventually, the sun broke and I feverishly snapped off about 30 shots while it lasted. And within a minute or two, it was gone. For the above shot, I used the Olloclip wide angle lens to get more of the sky in the shot.Photo: La Boca Tango.

A romantic moment on the streets of La Boca, a colourful district of Buenos Aires on Day 41 of my trip around the world!

I just landed in Quito, Ecuador. Tomorrow at 6am, I'm heading to the Galapagos Islands for 5 day boat tour. Seeing the wildlife of the Galapagos has always been on my bucket list, so I can't wait to experience it all!

The only downside is I get really nauseous on boats. I'm on a boat aaaand it's going fast aaaannd I'm pukin' all over the captaaainn. Ah well, I have a bag full of gravol and these weird acupressure bracelet thingys that will hopefully make my journey a bit smoother.

And on another exciting note, I've added a new final destination of this worldwide photo adventure of mine -- Austin, Texas! Hope to catch up with everyone at SxSW and +Trey Ratcliff's wild and wonderful photo walk!