49 Photos - Apr 3, 2012
Photo: Today I am shopping at Walmart with my son to purchase a new product I have been wanting to try, Silk Fruit&Protein.
I currently buy Silk products so I was eager to try this new one.Photo: I grabbed the Walmart weekly ad on the way in to see if any of the items on my shipping list were on sale. My son likes to look at the ad to look for toys and pet stuff for his dog.Photo: I have noticed these in Walmart for a few weeks now. I was wanting to get the Giraffe one for my son since he loves them. I only see one Giraffe left, but I do not want my son to see my purchase it. I hope there will be one next time.Photo: We have purchased all of our Easter basket supplies already but I wanted to peek at the Easter decorating items.Photo: So cute! I would love to get my son a little Easter suit but I do not think he would wear it.Photo: As a frugal shopper I had to stop and take a look at the Clearance clothing. I did see a few good deals on pants but not sure if its the right time of year to buy them.Photo: This display for Cheez-It is fun. The big chair captures my attention every time I see it. I wonder what they do with those when they are done?!?Photo: For Breakfast at my house I always make sure to include some sort of juice. We drink orange juice, lemonade and apple juice the most.Photo: Sunny D is something my son likes. Its not as tart as lemonade or orange juice.Photo: Yogurt is something I like to have with breakfast and give to my son for lunch to get his daily protein. I add it to smoothies all the time.Photo: I buy Great Value Vanilla since its a good price and a good base for a smoothie or dessert.Photo: I like this display ad. It gets my attention and also appeals to me as a women who needs to make sure I get enough calcium.Photo: Oh these are tempting! Discounted bakery treats. But not this time I am trying to watch my goodie intake.Photo: Milk is something we drink a few times a day. My son loves it and thankfully he also enjoys Soy and Almond milk. I like to make sure he has a variety of beverage options.Photo: My Walmart carries many of the Silk brand products. They have Soy, Coconut, Almond and now the Fruit&Protein. I buy Silk Vanilla Soy to make smoothies with for breakfast and often lunch. Silk Almond Milk is another one I add to a smoothie. My son likes the Silk Almond Chocolate Milk for dessert.Photo: My Walmart carries the 3 varieties of Fruit&Protein. I cannot decide which one I want to try so I will buy all 3. I want to find which one is my favorite.Photo: I also spotted the Silk Fruit&Protein in the center display case in the Milk section. I have noticed the Mixed Berry is out here and in the wall case there was only 1 Mixed Berry left. I wonder if its the favorite for many people. I cant wait to try it.Photo: I have wanted to try these with my son. The Orange Cream sounds tasty. But for $2 I have not got any yet. Maybe a coupon will come up for it.Photo: Now that I have the Silk Fruit&Protein in my cart I need to head to the Baby section to look for new sippy cups and some rice cereal.Photo: My son is 2 1/2 but he loves Gerber Rice Cereal. I buy a box for him since he asks for it. He says hes a baby, too cute!Photo: We also buy non refrigerated juice to breakfast ans lunch. My son likes Apple Juice and I like Cranberry Juice.Photo: I buy the Great Value brand since it has no added sugar and a great price.Photo: These are cute! A bit too expensive for me but still cute.Photo: My son loves to eat Strawberry Waffles. He eats one with his juice every morning. I think he will like the Strawberry Banana Silk Fruit&Protein since he likes Strawberry flavored items.Photo: Daily I have a Smoothie for breakfast or lunch. I buy frozen fruit to add to my smoothies.Photo: The Mixed Berry Medley is a good deal and makes a smoothie taste great.Photo: I buy bananas for my son all the time. He loves them and I also add them to eat of my smoothies for the potassium.Photo: I love going to the Bakery section at Walmart. They have great items for a good price. My son loves to get a free cookie from the Bakery ladies. He gives them hugs and high fives. They are always really nice at this store.Photo: I often fins recipe cards in the Bakery section or near the produce in my local Walmart. I find them to be helpful for new ideas. I like this one for Easter Chocolate Lollipops. I will take this one home.Photo: I like to look at the cakes to get ideas to make cakes at home. Plus the cake book is great for inspiration too. I have got my sons birthday cake here last year. They did a cute job on a Toy Story cake.Photo: I love this Hop Cake for Easter. We are giving our son the movie on Easter and this would be perfect to go with it. I may be back for this!Photo: After getting his cookie my son wanted to stay and look at all the treats. Once he saw the Hop cake he did not want to go. He is pointing to it telling me Bunny!Photo: We also need food for lunch. I am going to make sandwiches. I purchase the lunch meats without nitrates at least once a week.Photo: I also need cheese. Tilamook is a favorite in my house. I like to buy String Cheese for my son too.Photo: Here is my cart full of the items I am purchasing today. I like that the Silk Fruit&Protein is one container with everything I need. To the right in the cart is yogurt, fruit and juice. Three things I normally buy to make a smoothie. With Silk Fruit&Protein its already made! Cant wait to try it!Photo: I like this display. I look forward to the Summer Olympics and being able to follow along and interact using social media like facebook.Photo: I love buying peanuts for myself. Peanuts are a great way to get protein. Since my son is still little I get peanut butter for him. But he does not always eat peanut butter when I serve it. I am happy to be able to have him drink Silk Fruit&Protein to help him get his daily needs.Photo: Oranges and tangerines are another item I like to purchase for breakfast. My son does not like the tartness so I put them into smoothies. Smoothies are a great solution for me to get my son to have many items he will not eat by themselves.Photo: On our way to the check out now. I see lots of Easter displays set up with delicious cakes and cookies.Photo: This was a fun display. My son wanted to get in there! It would have been fun for him I am sure, like a big ball pit. But of course I did not let him. :)Photo: I have been wanting to pick up some of these Walmart bags but I have many cotton ones that I can toss into the washing machine. I am not sure if these are machine washable.Photo: I enjoy reading magazines. They are full of quick yet informative articles that are fun to read. Before my son was born I would read more books, but now I need info in short bursts.Photo: All You Magazine is a great one. Lots of frugal tips, coupons and recipes.Photo: My items on the belt and ready to go. I mentioned the product to the lady in front of me who was buying about 8 bottles of Diet Rootbeer.Photo: I am ready to check out. I like the cute Easter pinatas that are hanging up. My check out clerk Jacob was super nice. He smiled, asked how my day was, if I found everything and made sure to scan my coupons that were on the lunch meat. I love when the check out process leaves you with a pleasant impression. TY Jacob from Walmart.Photo: I saw this on the way out, I wish I would have known sooner I would have taken my son to get his picture with the Easter Bunny. ( my son and I are in the reflection of the picture)Photo: At home with the three flavors of Silk Fruit&Protein. I am looking forward to trying these. My guess is I will like the Mixed Berry. #SilkFruit
You can read my blog post to see which of the flavors was my favorite and my son's. http://www.frugalfamilytree.com/2012/04/tastier-healthier-faster-breakfast-with.htmlPhoto: This is what I am trying to replace with purchasing Silk Fruit&Protein. I normally take all these items and add it to a blender to make a smoothie fro breakfast.Photo: *This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions expressed in this shop are my own and your experience may vary. #Cbias #SilkFruit