10 Photos - Mar 15, 2012
Photo: Using Social Media To Create A Clean Online Presence.

For the Trine University's American Marketing Association Social Media Summit.Photo: VISIBILITY - Are you visible online? You can't build a relationship or tell your story if you are not online. Run with it!Photo: REPUTATION - What are people left to think about you when they read your posts? Do you attract or repel others, clients, businesses? This could be the difference between getting a job or not.Photo: EVIDENCE - Post like the world might see it and your mom too.

What message are you leaving behind.Photo: VALUE - What set's you apart from everyone else with your qualifications? Have you proven the ability to move people to action. Are you scoring points by proving intelligent ideas, thoughts and positive attitude?Photo: NETWORKING - Never has it been so easy to maximize your current relationships and efficiently develop new ones. Concentrate on helping others.Photo: OWNERSHIP - Stake out your corner of the web and own it. It's important because it is about you, and you're worth it. Don't rely solely on services that can be gone tomorrow.Photo: ME - It is about making connections and I am easy to connect with.Photo: WILLING - Social media works best when you are a willing participant, see value, and treat it like a lifestyle, instead of a tast.Photo: ATTRIBUTION - thanks to all of these photographers for the use of their imagery.