20 Photos - Feb 22, 2012
Photo: In a rare narrow alley in Taipei, a tiny produce stand stuck in a doorway niche.Photo: Latern festival in Liugang, Taiwan.Photo: The brick-making area of Taipei. Today it is filled with skyscrapers.Photo: A country puppet-show based on the songs and moves of a Peiking opera.Photo: Typical monsoon downpour on typical shopping street.Photo: At a cemetery a relative honors his ancestors by arranging the bones of the recently deceased.Photo: A funeral display before the neighborhood feast.Photo: Relatives and family don sack cloth and burlap to show they are mourning during a funeral.Photo: An peddler pushes his bike full of pots from one village to another.Photo: Country feast, with hired puppet show. Call 43998 to book your show!Photo: Buddhist temple electric lamps. In the real old days they were butter and oil lamps.Photo: A funeral procession caring the ashes of the deceased. Songs of lamentation are broadcast by the bull horn atop the casket.Photo: The grass house for the extended family of the indigenous Taiwan tribal people, pushed to the mountains by the Chinese Han.Photo: In 1972 the eastern part of Taiwan had only a one-lane dirt highway along its narrow coast.Photo: Scholar and calligrapher in his home.Photo: This horn is played continuously; the musician inhales through his nose while exhaling through the reed.Photo: Opera singer.Photo: Fortune teller deciphering fortune.Photo: Funeral ceremony burning fake money so deceased will have money in afterlife.Photo: New Years dancer in street with firecrackers.