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Photo: Had no filter's or a lens hood with me. Keep forgetting that bag.

#topphotos2011Photo: Right where I left youPhoto: Poolbeg Dublin B&WPhoto: The Killing Moon

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon [Music Video]Photo: Echo & The Bunnymen - Thorn of Crowns

#exposedphoto  Photo: Dublin

#exposedphoto  Photo: Photo: My Last one for tonight. Having some issues with photoshop CS5 crashing on me when I use photosuite 6. I have to close down Photoshop every time I want to use photosuite. Major headwrecker.Photo: Great light yesterday down at Dublin Dock's. Will have a few more today but here is one before Breakfast. +Breakfast Club #breakfastclubPhoto: Yet another Poolbeg photo. #skysundayPhoto: Have a good one everybody. +Breakfast Club #breakfastclubPhoto: Dublin #moodymonday Curator +Philip Daly #monochromemonday Curator +Siddharth PanditPhoto: "Your Carriage Awaits" +Bokeh Tuesday +Bokeh Images 

+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas AlbumPhoto: www.youtube.com/watch?v=37H9rMisF10

"Wish you Were Here"

+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas AlbumPhoto: +TodayTuesday 
#TuesDecay +Ian Ference
+My Town Tuesday +Melanie Kintz and +Eric LesliePhoto: #silhouttesonthursday Curator +Siddharth PanditPhoto: #Sunsetsaturday curator +TJ Kelly 

Fantastic December Sunset's here in Dublin.Photo: #sepiasaturday curator +Renee Stewart JacksonPhoto: Happy Christmas

#breakfastclub Curator +Stuart WilliamsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dirty Old Town

Almost ended up in to the sea today.Photo: Caught in the HeadlightsPhoto: Google Office Dublin #Google #DublinPhoto: Dublin Poolbeg Lighthouse Irishtown

Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin Bay was built in 1768 and initially operated on candlepower (reputedly the first in the world to do so) but changed to oil in 1786. It was re-designed and re-built into its present form in 1820. It is accessible from the Great South Wall.Photo: #Dublin

#newyearsdayPhoto: Another wild one here in Dublin today!

+Breakfast Club 

"In Time"Photo: Photo: North Bull Island Dublin Ireland

#widewednesdayPanorama Curators +Jason Dell + +Charles LupicaPhoto: Photo: The Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Military Road
Dublin 8

Following the creation of the Irish Free State the Royal Hospital was considered as a potential home for Oireachtas Éireann, the new Irish national parliament. Eventually it was decided to keep parliament in its temporary home in Leinster House. The Hospital remained the home of a dwindling number of soldiers, before being variously used by the Garda Síochána (the Irish police force) and as a storage location for property belonging to the National Museum of Ireland. The large statue of Queen Victoria which used to stand in the forecourt of Leinster House, before its removal in 1947, was stored in the main courtyard of the Hospital, as were various state carriages, including the famously spectacular State Coach of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland. The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham was finally restored by the Irish Government in 1984 (its 300th anniversary) and controversially opened as the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). Some people working in heritage organisations criticised the decision to demolish the eighteenth century barrack rooms in one section of the quadrangle to create open spaces for the IMMA.
Every year on the National Day of Commemoration – the Sunday nearest July 11 - the anniversary of the Truce that ended the Anglo-Irish War – the President of Ireland, in the presence of members of the Government of Ireland, members of Dáil Éireann and of Seanad Éireann, the Council of State, the Defence Forces, the Judiciary and the Diplomatic Corps, lays a wreath in the courtyard in memory of all Irishmen and Irishwomen who have died in past wars and on service with the United Nations.

#HistoryThursday Curator +Matt Shalvatis 
#DoorsdayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: DublinPhoto: #SOOCSunday +SOOCSunday Curator +John Kosmopoulos
#Sundaysubtlelandscape Curator +Steve SierenPhoto: No it's not a sunset, or it is sort of. The Sun was going down to my right just out of the shot and casting these colours out over the sea. The clouds helped big time in giving some drama. As always I did look at this in B&W but with colours like this I just couldn't. I followed some horses marks down the sand but I was to late. It would have made a nice image getting the horse on the beach with these colours! Next time maybe.

#SkySundayPhoto: Just out of LightPhoto: "Papa's got a brand new bag"Photo: ColourPhoto: Photo: Photo: Dublin CityPhoto: +#Window Wednesday #windowwednesday curated by +Jules Hunter +Jason Kowing and +Simon KitcherPhoto: +Silhouette Sun Gallery #SilhouettesOnThursdayPhoto: Photo: I know my friends are saying right now "Keith this is a little bright for you" Well there you go then.Photo: "Go on I Dare You"

Young bones groan
And the rocks below say :
"Throw your skinny body down, son !"

The Smiths - Shakespeare's SisterPhoto: Almost HomePhoto: In the City

#SunsetsaturdayPhoto: Photo: Come fly with Me

#skysundayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: "The More You Ignore me, The Closer I get"
#PurpleCircle Curators +lynn langmade +Sinead Sam McKeown +Craig Szymanski +Alexis CoramPhoto: #MyTownTuesday Curator +Melanie Kintz +Eric Leslie 
#TransportTuesday Curator +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Mike Masin +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley +TransportTuesdayPhoto: More BikingPhoto: Black with White

#ThirstyThursdayPicsPhoto: Bull WalkPhoto: Photo: Photo: #streeartsunday Curator @Luis Pedro and +Peter TsaiPhoto: A Special one just for The #PurpleCircle and +Sinead Sam McKeown +lynn langmade +Craig Szymanski and +Alexis Coram I just had to get me some purple tonight.

Clamming in Dublin Bay.Photo: Photo: This is a little Darker than the other ones, in mood and colour. Hope you like it.

#purplecircle +PurpleCircle Curators +Alexis Coram +lynn langmade +Craig Szymanski +Sinead Sam McKeown 

#MoodyMonday Curator +Philip DalyPhoto: Irelands EyePhoto: #WomenWednesday Curators are +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels and +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover +Kerry MurphyPhoto: I went over to sandymount in south county Dublin last night to look at the Stars with the good people from Dunsink Observatory. I did go out to try and get some images to convert to HDR but that didn't work out as I had planned. So here is one of the long exposures I got on the night. Not the best but I am working on it.

This is Poolbeg photographed from the south side.

#longexposurephotography +Breakfast Club Curator +Stuart Williams #breakfastclub 
#saturdaynightlight Curator +Dirk HeindoerferPhoto: Out and about in Dublin today and it was very very wet. This is about the best I could get. I just think it's mad trying to cycle whilst holding a brolly.Photo: "Get Up" +Breakfast Club #Breakfastclub 
#MonochromeMondayPhoto: Photo: Photo: #windowwednesday +#Window Wednesday Curatore +Simon Kitcher and +Jules Hunter +Jason KowingPhoto: The Spider's Web

+Women Wednesday Curators +Niki Aguirre +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Athena Carey +Teresa Stover +Kerry MurphyPhoto: "Walk with Me"

I was going for a B&W but when I looked at this I just couldn't. So will I send it to B&W??

#silhouettesonthursday curator +Siddharth Pandit 
#thirstythursday #thirstythursdaypics Curators +Mark Esguerra and +Giuseppe BasilePhoto: This was about 8oc this morning and it was cold but nice.

#fourseasonsfriday Curators +Karin Nelson and +Stephonie Ogden 
#feelgoodfriday Curator +Rebecca BorgPhoto: DublinPhoto: Photo: Photo: The LUAS line at The Green - DublinPhoto: The Green (Dublin) I have taken this photo many times but its never the same!Photo: #todaytuesday Curator +Brian White 
#mytowntuesday by +Melanie Kintz & +Eric Leslie 
#treetuesday By +Christina Lawrie & +Shannon S. MyersPhoto: For my new friends and my old ones. I could have just said for my friend's. Maybe I will say that.

"For my Friends"Photo: All the way to Harcourt St Dublin - The GreenPhoto: Deep & DarkPhoto: I will be in the SHADOWS

#thirstythursdaypics #thirstythursday #thirstythursdaytheme Curators +Giuseppe Basile & +Mark EsguerraPhoto: The very nice lady standing up there in the red coat was kind enough to stand still so I could get seven shots. It was very dull out around Dublin today. The sun did come out for bit. Just enough time to get a little light on to these steps.

Done in Nik HDR inside PS CS5. Hope you like it.

#stonesaturday Curator +Antoine BergerPhoto: Newbridge House and Farm Dublin IrelandPhoto: DublinPhoto: DublinPhoto: Photo: Dublin (The Tea Rooms)Photo: Photo: Dublin Feb 2012 on a very cold but sunny day!

The Smiths - AsleepPhoto: The Daniel O'Connell Crypt Glasnevin Dublin

Known as 'The Liberator', Daniel O'Connell was one of the great historical figures of Ireland and lived from 1775 to 1847.
He secured emancipation - greater rights and freedom - for Catholics in 1829.
He died in Genoa while on a pilgrimage to Rome. He requested that his heart be taken to Rome and the rest of his body to Ireland.
O'Connell's coffin has been entombed since 1869 by a large altar stone of black Kilkenny marble with the Durrow Cross inscribed into it.
The coffin can be seen and touched through a number of portals cut into the stone. A tower above the crypt is one of Dublin's landmarks, standing 170 feet tall.
Ten members of O'Connell's family are also laid to rest in the crypt.
A suspected loyalist bomb attack resulted in the monument being closed in the early 1970s. Two decades later an attempted restoration was carried out, but it failed to combat the problem of dampness.

Now a full renovation has been completed by the Office of Public Works.Photo: The Sea the Sand and the SkyPhoto: DUBLIN PortmarnockPhoto: Photo: #portraittuesday with +Laura Balc 
#candidmoodtuesday with +Alexius Jørgensen 
#mytowntuesday with +Eric Leslie & +Melanie KintzPhoto: End of the Day

#WednesdayPhoto: Photo: Photo: No Snow this Winter

I am giving this photo in for #throwawaythursday #TAT not because I think it's bad but because I didn't even see the tree when I shot this. I could just see the Greenhouse. How bad am I!!!
For #throwawaythursday with +lynn langmade +Doug DeTraz +Michael Lawson +Mary Sass Clark +Paras Shah 

#silhouettesonthursdayPhoto: Photo: Bokeh Bridge

Same pic as the bridge shot below but in bokeh

The Ha'penny Bridge Dublin (Liffey Bridge) also (Wellington Bridge)Photo: O'Connell Street Dublin Ireland

#streetsaturday with +Siddharth PanditPhoto: Pomodoro's "Sphere Within Sphere" Trinity College Dublin

+#HDRSunday #hdrsundayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: #Mytowntuesday with +Melanie Kintz and +Eric Leslie 
#architexturetuesday with +Ranjan Saraswati 

This is a very old one +Brian Spencer shot with the Canon 500D with the Dublin Convention Centre to the left.

+Charles Leon Thompson +Angel FigueroaPhoto: Got to look at LIFE Through the Lens show last night and it was great! Thanks +Karen Hutton +Kelli Seeger Kim +Kerry Murphy +Ron Clifford +Tana Teel +Anna Nguyen +Robin Griggs Wood 

And a big thanks to +Alan Shapiro and this fantastic idea, It's just what G+ is all about. You can have a look at +Alan Shapiro post here https://plus.google.com/114056084994793924628/posts/TSoh4oZ2jK2

My Chance to say to +C. Corey Fisk #howwasyourdaysweetiePhoto: Dublin Dirty Old Town

Dirty old town - The PoguesPhoto: Chapel Royal (Dublin Castle) 

The Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle was the official Church of Ireland chapel of the Household of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1814 until the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922. The creation of the new Irish state terminated the office of Lord Lieutenant and British government control in Ireland.

In 1943, the church became the property of the Irish Army, and the former Church of Ireland chapel became a Roman Catholic Church, under the name the Church of the Most Holy Trinity. The Stations of the Cross were then carved by the monks in Glenstall Abbey and presented to the church in 1946. Though it has not been deconsecrated, neither Masses nor Divine Services take place there any more. It has however been recently restored to its nineteenth century state and is open to the public. The crypt is sometimes used for cultural events.
The Chapel was used in the television series The Tudors for scenes including the trial of Thomas More.

I just want to say that I had to rush this as It was time for closing!!!

#SAS +SaturdayStyle With +lane langmade & +lynn langmadePhoto: Dublin City Hall #tonemaphdrtuesday with +Stephanie Suratos & +Drew Pion 

Also for +lane langmade & +lynn langmade over at +SaturdayStyle #SAS 

#sunsetsaturday with +TJ Kelly 

All Info taken from Dublin City Council.

Located at the top of Parliament Street on the city's southern side, it stands next to Dublin Castle, the centre of British government in Ireland until 1922. The street had been built in 1753, providing a continuation of Capel Street on the north bank of the Liffey, across the newly widened Essex Bridge, and so the exchange ended (and still ends) a long streetscape.

The function of the building was to provide a meeting place for Dublin's businessmen, where they could buy and sell goods and trade bills of exchange. It was also close to the then Customs House that stood on the site of today's Clarence Hotel, making it convenient for overseas merchants. The cost of building the exchange was met by the Irish parliament, and this is reflected by the initials "SPQH", standing for "Senatus PopulusQue Hibernicus", meaning "The senate and people of Ireland" (an Irish version of SPQR).

In 1815 the metal ballustrade of the exchange fell, owing to the pressure against it by a crowd, which led to the death of nine people, with many more injured. This led to crowd restrictions in the building.[1]
In the 1850s, the City Corporation bought the Royal Exchange and converted it for use by city government. The changes included partitions around the ambulatory, the construction of a new staircase from the Rotunda to the upper floors and the sub-division of the vaults for storage. On the 30th September 1852 the Royal Exchange was renamed City Hall at the first meeting of Dublin City Council held there. A series of frescos was later added, representing the regions of Ireland.

The building was restored to its 18th-century appearance at the beginning of the 21st century, and Dublin City Council has won awards for the conservation of this historic building.
Most Dublin City Council staff are located in the relatively new and controversial Civic Offices, built from 1979 on the site of a national monument, the Viking city foundations on Wood Quay.
Dublin Corporation itself was renamed in the early 21st century as Dublin City Council, previously the name of the assembly of councillors only. Council meetings take place in City Hall.Photo: Dublin City HallPhoto: Dublin City Hall

The redevelopment of City Hall was influenced by three main considerations; the enhancement of City Hall as a pre-eminent building of civic, historic and architectural significance; the reflection of its standing as the meeting place of Dublin City Council and the realisation of its potential as a major cultural and tourist attraction. As far as possible, City Hall has now been returned to its original configuration, with the removal of partitioning on the ground floor and in the vaults. These changes have had a striking impact on the Rotunda or circular entrance hall which has been opened up, allowing visitors to appreciate for the first time since 1852, the wonderful natural light which plays around the internal columns. The Portland stone fabric of the building, both inside and outside has been carefully cleaned, revealing the full beauty of the carved capitals, which were originally sculpted by Simon Vierpyl.

All info taken from http://www.askaboutireland.ie/reading-room/history-heritage/architecture/dublins-city-hall/Photo: Sign in

Dunsink Observatory Dublin
Introduction: Dunsink Observatory is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Ireland. Built in 1783-1785 using a bequest to Trinity College from Provost Andrews it was originally the observatory attached to Trinity College Dublin and also the residence of the Andrews' Professor of Astronomy (who also bore the honorary title of Royal Astronomer of Ireland until 1922). The observatory is situated on the highest point to the north-west of Dublin about 8km from the city centre. It was operated by Trinity College until 1947 at which point it was purchased by the Irish State and transferred to the School of Cosmic Physics. Of the many occupants of the Andrews' Professorship by far the most important was Sir William Rowan Hamilton, Ireland's greatest mathematician and arguably also our greatest scientist, who spent his entire working life in Dunsink. His discovery of quaternions while walking to Dublin from Dunsink on the 16th October 1843 is celebrated annually with a commemorative walk from Dunsink to Broom bridge.Photo: #sunsetsaturday with +TJ KellyPhoto: St. Audoen's Church Dublin
+SaturdayStyle with +lane langmade & +lynn langmade #SASPhoto: DublinPhoto: Dublin City EarlyPhoto: Dublin
The Stranglers - Walk On By TOTP 1978Photo: Dublin

Billy Bragg New EnglandPhoto: St Patrick's Day in Dublin

+SaturdayStyle with +lynn langmade & +lane langmade #SAS 
+Street Photography Collective #streetsaturday with +Siddharth Pandit
#stpatricksday #stpatricksday2012 #saintpatricksday #Patricksday #PaddysdayPhoto: Photo: Come InPhoto: Photo: First shot out of Lightroom 4, Yes it's one more shot from poolbeg!!!

Sack - TagPhoto: North Bull Walk Dublin +FeelGoodFriday #feelgoodfriday with +Rebecca Borg 

THE STRANGLERS - ALWAYS THE SUN.Photo: Trinity College Library DublinPhoto: inside The National Gallery of Ireland I am also going to give this a go in B&W, but I think the green makes it!!!

#SAS #saturdaystyle with +lane langmade & +lynn langmadePhoto: St Stephens Green Dublin

#Mytowntuesday with +Melanie Kintz & +Eric Leslie 
#treetuesday with +Christina Lawrie & +Shannon S. Myers 
#tonemaphdrtuesday with +Drew Pion & +Stephanie SuratosPhoto: House at St Stephens Green DublinPhoto: St Teresa's Church Clarendon Street DublinPhoto: Clarendon Street Dublin

+Monochrome 52 

Embrace - Come Back To What You KnowPhoto: Pearse Street Station Dublin

+Monochrome 52 with +Shane Raynard & +Linda VillersPhoto: Huguenot cemetery 1693 Dublin

The cemetery is close to the Shelbourne Hotel on Stephen's Green, Dublin but is normally locked. You can look through the railings and see the gravestones clearly. The Huguenots were French Protestants expelled from France in the seventeenth century and encourged to locate in Ireland due to an Act passed by the (then) Irish Parliament. They were skilled craftsmen who worked and worshipped in Dublin, particularly in the Liberties area (around St Patrick's cathedral). Their influence continues; D'Olier Street was named after Jeremiah D'Olier, Dublin High Sherriff in 1788 while Mercer Street and French Street show huguenot influence. Ireland's most historic bank was founded by a huguenot, David Digges La Touche and Nathaniel Kane in 1713; Digges La Touche fought for William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne. There was also a small community in Portarlington, Co. Laoise.

Info from Hidden Dublin

#historythursday with +Matt Shalvatis 
+Monochrome 52 with +Shane Raynard & +Linda VillersPhoto: Portmarnock Strand Dublin B&WPhoto: National Concert Hall DublinPhoto: Portmarnock Beach LR4Photo: Posting an old one here, back when i didn't know what RAW was!

This is the one Canon used on their web site for the prosolutions show in Oct 2011 and they also used it in the London show!Photo: Camouflage

#streetsaturday with +Siddharth PanditPhoto: #sundaysubtlelandscapes with +Steve Sieren 
#Skysunday +Sky Sunday - Photography Theme with +Randy Scherkenbach & +Patrick Scherkenbach 
+#HDRSunday #hdrsunday 
Embrace - My Weakness Is None Of Your BusinessPhoto: Baby Blue

Some people will get this (Image,Time, Song) and some people will not. But thats cool!!!

The Jam - That's Entertainment

#mirrormonday with +Gemma Costa & +Elizabeth Edwards !!Photo: All this for a Handbag LOUIS VUITTON at Brown Thomas, window on the corner of Clarendon st and Wicklow st.

The work here was with +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 +Nik Software HDR and +onOne Software 

For +Matt ObreyPhoto: Church of St Andrew (Dublin)Photo: POOLBEG I think I have shot here before Ha HaPhoto: RAIN

Just got back to the car last night before the rain! Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake - Scene - Part 1/8Photo: Just get the bit in the corner

+Charles Leon Thompson think this would work in New York :)Photo: More Dublin Colour

#moodymonday with +Philip Daly 
#colours #Sun #sunset #sunsetphotographyPhoto: Bull Walk

#blackandwhitephotography   #peopleandlife   #peoplephotography   #People  Photo: Bull Walk - Night and DayPhoto: The Two Towers

Cocteau Twins - Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer FiresPhoto: Samuel Beckett Bridge

The architect Santiago Calatrava

#santiagocalatrava   #bridge   #bridgesaroundtheworld   #Dublin   #Ireland   #irelandphotography