38 Photos - Dec 10, 2011
Photo: I love birthday greetings, but coupon birthday greetings are the best! A welcoming greeting with savings has been delivered to my inbox from Old Navy!Photo: We pulled into Westgate Village to start my birthday and holiday  shopping..boy these shops are pretty crowded!Photo: This is our new Old Navy store. It has been opened less than 6 months, so I cannot wait to see what else they have added.Photo: I was delighted to see this Cozy Wear sale sign posted as we walked in.  I knew bargains were close at hand...Photo: We were greeted by some cozily dressed mannequin's that set the stage for all of the deals we were about to find, which was absolutely perfect for the upcoming winter season.Photo: I discovered some beautiful crew neck and cable knit sweaters in an array of colors, almost half price!!!Photo: This lovely blue coat was reasonably priced and would make a perfect winter addition to my wardrobe, not to mention it brings out my blue eyes!Photo: These cozy and vibrant accessories add just the right touch to complete your favorite finds at Old Navy! I love how you can find matching accessories in one spot!Photo: As I turned I saw elegant knitted scarves above me that were soft and plush for the cold weather, and then I noticed the deals again, $10 and $25 for cozy, colorful winter wear!Photo: Boots are a winter must have accessory and at 40% off, this deal isomething I will be taking advantage of!  Which ones will I pick?? Comfortable and cozy, yet chic, or dressy soft suede?  They had cozy boots, dressy boots in beautful winter hues, like chocolate and caramel and the store was fully stocked!Photo: Just under $10 for a super snugly pair of winter pajama bottoms..the perfect loungewear -ideal for cozy winter evenings!.Photo: Staple graphic tees hung on shelves in pretty prints and must have basic colors for only $10!!Photo: This deal was also going home with me!! I love the colorful hoodies and cannot resist at $15! I will be sporting this throughout winter. I love that they had the tees and pants to go with your hoodie in one section! It makes searching for a cute little outfit very quick and easy!Photo: More basic tees for $8!!  At these prices I can update my wardrobe and add a splash of color to help keep away  the winter blah's.Photo: Perfectly wrapped gifts for the holiday's included these adorable pajama sets for $12!!  I loved the socks and other accessories stocking stuffer or gift ready! Savings and easy gifting wrapped into one!Photo: The boys section was just that, full of classic yet fun wear to suit your little man. I have two boys and I loved browsing their fabulous deals!Photo: Fun slippers for boys were just $7!!  So many great finds!Photo: Must have underwear with superhero's, accessories and more! We are potty training so the great prices helped me score underwear that we really needed!Photo: As we stopped by to look in boys, we found a really fun interactive game to play in the Kid's Corner.  I had to pull my boys away and I have to admit I had a lot of fun, too. We played soccer, caught butterfies and even played basketball!!  It was a HUGE hit and one that gave my boys a break from Mommy bargain hunting!Photo: We played and we played...it was so addictive and so much fun!!!Photo: It was hard to finally walk away from all the fun, but we had more shopping to do!Photo: So many great clearance items to choose from!!Photo: I love a great deal, and $8.47 is right up my alley Old Navy!!Photo: With my sale garments in hand, ready to try on my clothes, I spot some cozy pajamas in holiday prints!Photo: I love the dressing rooms! It was easy to keep what I really wanted and the clothes that fit from those that did not fit or not quite for me. The helpful staff led me into a roomy dressing room where I could bring my two boys as I tried on outfits.Photo: The cutest toddler boots with added character in colors you love!Photo: I loved the $5 tees for men, and we did not leave the store without buying one for hubby! You can never go wrong with staple tees for $5!!Photo: More polar fleece and graphic tees to keep Dad warm and cozy all winter long!Photo: Giving is easy and the giver truly does receive with 15% off when you buy $40 in gift cards! How fantastic is that?Photo: Perfect stocking stuffers for my boys near the check out!Photo: I love the drink wear and gift bags on one shelf..I was thinking it would be a wonderful gift for my son's teacher!Photo: You can't forget your reusable shopping bag, which also makes a cute gifting bag, too!Photo: Lots of yummy classic candy for hungry shoppers and their children...Photo: I love the get fizz-ical drinks, too!Photo: See what I saved for my birthday! I scored some cute clothes, underwear for my son who happens to be potty training, and a shirt for hubby - all fior $50!!!Photo: Thanks for the fantastic deals and half off savings to make my birthday even sweeter!Photo: My bragain birthday shopping trip with more savings to help with the holiday's!Photo: More holiday savings on Cozy Wear for the entire family at Old Navy.com!