7 Photos - Jan 6, 2012
Photo: Earthflight joins the breathtaking journeys across six vast continents of snow geese, cranes, falcons, albatross, eagles and other birds . Spycams film right in the heart of the flock with microlights, hang-gliders and wirecams making up the aerial filming arsenal

Photograph: John Downer ProductionsPhoto: Orphaned baby orangutans Septian and Seroja play inside a basket at the SOCP facility

Photograph: Binsar Bakkara/APPhoto: Earthflight’s epic adventure begins in the Gulf of Mexico as 5 million snow geese prepare to fly the entire length of North America. Each spring, these families of geese head north on a gruelling 3,000-mile journey to the Arctic to breed

Photograph: Matthew Gordon/John Downer Productions/BBCPhoto: The newly discovered yeti crab, photographed from above. Two species of yeti crab live at deep-sea vents in the eastern Pacific, but they have longer, more hairy arms 

Photograph: David ShalePhoto: Puyul is operated on at the surgery in Indonesia

Photograph: Binsar Bakkara/APPhoto: A fish eagle flying under a rainbow at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa

Photograph: Rob Pilley/John Downer Productions/BBCPhoto: A Cape gannet flying over a gannet colony, Bird Island, South Africa

Photograph: Michael W. Richards/John Downer Productions/BBC