45 Photos - Apr 12, 2012
Photo: My idea for a magnetic scabbard allowing for quick storing and retrieval of the metal sword instead of drawing all the way out of an actual scabbard.Photo: Hylian Shield ordered from the internet.  Wire reinforced fiberglass.  Weighs about 8 lbs.Photo: Comes with grips to hold it and a chain to hang it on the wall with a slot to hold the sword while it hangs.Photo: The chain doesn't support the weight of the shield!  It fell and broke a chip off the bottom.Photo: The online site was very nice and just did an even swap with prepaid shipping slip in with the new one!Photo: Up close of the broken chain.Photo: Here you can see how the link wasn't closed all the way allowing the next link to slip out.Photo: Without flash - shows just how wide the link opened.Photo: Up close of the pommel of the metal Master Sword.Photo: Another closeup.Photo: Closeup of the decorations on the metal Master Sword.Photo: Close up of the triforce carvings in the blade of the metal Master Sword.Photo: The Master Sword!  Stainless steel and weighs about 9 lbs.Photo: Without flash.Photo: Closeup of the whole handle and part of the blade.Photo: The girl that made my costume also made this awesome chest to keep it in!Photo: So crafty!Photo: Even drew the keyhole so it lines up and looks right.Photo: Even made a thank you note written in Hylian!  I thought I was a Zelda geek!  So awesome!Photo: She calls her business NPC Costumes.  Check her out!  http://www.npccostumes.comPhoto: Check out the detail for the top of the tunic!Photo: Look at the custom made leather pouches.  Actually functional and where I keep my cell phone and wallet while wearing the costume!Photo: Hand made leather gloves!Photo: Here is the Magnetoscabbard (TM) I invented and she made real!  Those squares are some of those curiously strong magnets that actually holds up the 9 lbs of stainless steel the sword is made of.Photo: First fitting session!  I obviously don't understand how the hat should fit!Photo: First fitting check without flash.Photo: First fitting with flash.Photo: Zoomed in a little.Photo: Action pose!  This hat is too big and slips off!Photo: Slipped the hat on a little further for another action pose!  Later the hat will be fixed to fit better.Photo: Outside action pose!  This requires some arm strength to hold the 9 lbs. straight out for long periods of time.Photo: Laughing about how the sword isn't really that heavy and I'm just complaining and just shut up and pose.Photo: Magnetoscabbard holding the sword just fine!Photo: I thought I saw a chipped place on the new shield!  Nope just a bug or something...Photo: Z lock on the camera person!Photo: Magnetoscabbard doing its job great.  There are two magnets in the little leather strap around the end of the blade near the handle for even more support.Photo: Magnetoscabbard works!Photo: Do I wish I would have gotten the lighter shield?  Nah.Photo: As long as I don't wear the costume all day long and can put the shield down from time to time it should be OK!Photo: Custom boots made by a guy in Thailand.  He also makes Star Wars and other movie replica shoes and boots.Photo: I wish they were made from softer leather.  These are very stiff and do not move in the ankle at all.Photo: Close up of the details.Photo: Has a zipper all the way down the inside for easier foot entry and exit.Photo: The top padding isn't as soft as it looks and leaves a mark on my leg every time.Photo: Inside look.