22 Photos - Jul 30, 2014
Photo: Looking east to Vermont at sunrise from Ft. Montgomery Island in NY.Photo: Looking east to Vermont at sunrise from Ft. Montgomery Island in NY.Photo: This is the parade grounds in the center of the fort compound. There were no tire tracks before my arrival. One of the surrounding bastions (walls), on the right, is covered in very dense vegetation.Photo: I have no idea what this room was used for. The top portion of the far wall was collapsed in piles outside. The two large fireplace holes on the right, missing their backs, reminded me of pizza ovens.Photo: This portion of the rear structure had many of the interior walls and floors missing and/or collapsed. I found the seemingly out of place fireplaces interesting.Photo: The wall and arched underside of one the bastions. This is where I slept for two nights.Photo: This gun portal looked over the back of the fort. The trees and raised ground in the middle here were once the location of a raised "water gate", which utilized a drawbridge system and connected the island (on the left) to the fort grounds (on the right) over this moat.Photo: Many of the ceilings were made of small red bricks, while the walls and foundation were limestone and granite.Photo: The bridge connecting NY and Vermont can be seen through the slits here. Hundreds of tons of large limestone blocks from portions of the old fort were used in the bridge construction.Photo: It was interesting exploring the grounds and imagining what these rooms must have looked like.Photo: A 6 image pano of the parade grounds. I kept my vehicle parked under the arced structure on the right.Photo: Deep inside the fort was rather creepy. There were many twisting passageways mostly completely dark thanks to the choking vegetation and dilapidated condition of the fort.Photo: Sometimes access to the inside could be made through a hole like this.Photo: Lake Champlain from Ft. Montgomery.Photo: A boat met me near the shoreline (far right) and took me around for about an hour midday to take some images. Of course I would have preferred better light at sunrise and sunset but that wasn't possible. Wading to and from the boat was a nice and refreshing, albeit cold, bath. It was the only time insects were not eating me too.Photo: Access to this segment was through the collapsed wall on the right. It was a very tight squeeze for me. I coined this small room the "red room", because it took on such a rich hue from all the ceiling bricks. I like the red brick dust that collected in the corners.Photo: I so desperately wanted to get up on the roof of that section seen through this window. Since I was solo and had signed a personal liability waiver prior to my visit I refrained.Photo: This curved inner wall once held huge spiral stairs. All that remains are the notches and supports.Photo: I was glad to have made this perspective. It was a tough climb but I really like the results.Photo: The main bastion.Photo: Where I slept for two nights. I just love the ceiling. Over my time here I saw 3 snakes, 1 small deer, a dozen frogs, and countless spiders.Photo: I've shared this image already but it's my favorite.