Photo: Here's the map with color. It worked nicely, with the exception of the brown mountains at lower-right, which reduced the contrast of the ink more than I'd like. I was also able to do some more precise effects with the color/ink interfaces, such as the plateaus at upper left.
Photo: Map for Jeanne: for this one, I reversed my normal order of operations. I've found that the watercolor washes soak into the Bristol while the ink sits on top, so I inked this one before coloring it. Also, I did this one in a stream-of-consciousness way with the ink, rather than pencilling it in first and tracing over that in ink. You can see that I left space in the forest ahead of time for labels - and I've got some scratch characters for those labels off to the left.
Photo: The crossed swords measure maybe 4-5mm across.
Photo: I like this guy.
Joseph Shoer
The crossed swords measure maybe 4-5mm across.