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Photo: It is fall in the forests of BC.. some trees drop their clothes and reveal their frame. The decay and formation of life is a vital continuous cycle just around sight and under foot in the rainforest..Photo: Give me a cloudy weatherful sky anyday. I've grown up in the rainforest and clouds give mystery, awe, and wonder (as well as nourishing important rain). To me a clear sky without a cloud in sight is a boring thing. But this? Ever-shifting, ever-changing, ever-revealing awesomeness :)

I understand not everyone shares my appreciation for the 2nd most important thing to human life (after oxygen) and sometimes point out that there are other options available than living in a rainforest for those who aren't so into it. Like moving to Osoyoos ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osoyoos ) which is a semi-arid environment.Photo: There is wonder out there, and beauty can lurk in unexpected places.

Now if you'll excuse me..Photo: Adventure beckons around the cornerPhoto: Single lane bridge over Harris Creek canyonPhoto: Harris Creek Canyon, we'll have to go back and explore more when prepared for waterPhoto: from the mountains to the seaPhoto: a ferny descentPhoto: down around the bendPhoto: cold greenPhoto: can you find the bird?Photo: slowing down and spreading out for a time of reflectionPhoto: take me to the river that I might find myself therePhoto: through the ferny carpet the red alder standPhoto: sword fernsPhoto: farewell to Harris Creek as the Island Alpinist crosses overPhoto: Of stencil and shadowPhoto: Sechelt, British Columbia. This new pier was built at the end of Wharf Street, so named because at one time the old wharf jutted out from the end of the street. It was a touristy place then too, with socialites from Vancouver, Canada, and Europe coming distances to summer and savour the Sunshine Coast.Photo: A morning view after sleeping overnight at the top of Mt.Prevost in Duncan, BCPhoto: Welcoming the dawn atop Mt.Prevost. Taken by Karsten Klawitter aka +Karsten of the IslandPhoto: A great way to start day two of our Southern Vancouver Island photoadventure ;)Photo: Rathrevor Beach, BC, CanadaPhoto: along the western seaPhoto: Heading up Mt.Prevost in Duncan BC towards the end of Day 1Photo: Heading up Mt.Prevost in Duncan BC towards the end of Day 1Photo: Sometimes we eat really healthy on photoadventures ;) A tub of cookies and cream ice creamPhoto: Photo: Duncan BC from Mt.Prevost at duskPhoto: Duncan BC from Mt.Prevost at nightPhoto: Heading down to the car afterwardsPhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: As the sun risesPhoto: Having just gotten out of the sleeping bag on top of Mt.PrevostPhoto: Photo: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Photo: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Photo of me taken by Karsten Klawitter aka +Karsten of the IslandPhoto: Karsten is sleeping in therePhoto: Where Karsten slept. I lent him my thermarest and slept in the car down below. Karsten had the easier job of getting to the top for the sunrisePhoto: Overlooking the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BCPhoto: Good Morning Duncan BCPhoto: Windsock on the other peakPhoto: Because everyone knows the secret to a great photoadventure is healthy food. Sidenote: anyone who'll go halfers on a tub of cookies and cream is a good man.Photo: Having caught the sunrise it was time to dash down the mountain in Ruby the trusty red Subaru.Photo: Sunlit trees whizzed by down the gravel roads on Mt.Prevost, Duncan, BCPhoto: A beautiful day above hinted at the wonders in storePhoto: It didn't take very long at all to descend and make our way into Duncan and breakfastPhoto: Breakfast! and washrooms to splash water in our faces and freshen up. And brush teeth!Photo: We camped to the left side of the right peakPhoto: Exploring the Somenos Lake interpretative park. We'd always driven past it when we were heading up island to different adventures. So this time we stopped to check it out!Photo: He's got his trusty coffee. It's going to be ok.Photo: A rare sight indeed! Canadian Geese... in a marsh! whoa.Photo: Plenty of birds and signs that speak of birds and signs of birdsPhoto: and bird housesPhoto: A picture like this can feel like we're in the middle of nowhere, instead of in a little marsh surrounded by populace and farmsPhoto: Another amusing sign of Canadian hyper-politeness. Other countries say "Don't Litter". "Please clean up your garbage" would have seemed to suffice. But we're not done next. The sign next to it? ------>Photo: Do you pay per letter? lolPhoto: Green tea and an open road, and a cracked windshield. And the teddy bear sticker imprints are from a former owner. Or so Karsten fervently informs me every time I mention it...Photo: A little further along we found this lovely little launch into Somenos LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: the little trestle is a part of the BC Forestry Museum next door. I remember riding out around the track on a little train as a little kidPhoto: Photo: Photo: Heading up the Island Hwy along fields on Vancouver Island between Duncan and LadysmithPhoto: About to pass beneath some infrastructurePhoto: Passing through Ladysmith, BCPhoto: Stopping to stretch legs at Departure Bay, Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I taught nature studies and history on Newcastle Island (a park)in the background.Photo: Geese ply the waters of Departure BayPhoto: Across the bay, Departure Bay, Nanaimo, BC, CanadaPhoto: BC Ferries provide transportation services between Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC, as well as service to some of the smaller islands along the coast. This is the Departure Bay ferry terminal in Nanaimo BCPhoto: Sailboat in Departure Bay with Newcastle Island in the backgroundPhoto: Karsten contemplating and preparing for what is to comePhoto: It is time.... let us welcome you all to..Photo: Pipers Lagoon Park in Nanaimo BC on Vancouver IslandPhoto: Welcome to Pipers Lagoon, and shower polePhoto: Pipers Lagoon pathway, Nanaimo, BC, CanadaPhoto: Windsurfer heading to shore next to Pipers Lagoon, Nanaimo BCPhoto: Karsten exploring the shorePhoto: Debris washed up on shorePhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: meanwhile at Pipers LagoonPhoto: Dawn Redwood. An incredible tree! Read the wiki for the story ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dawn_redwoodPhoto: When you hear the honking you know to look up cautiouslyPhoto: as they have been known to engage in aerial bombardmentPhoto: A friend takes to the air at Smugglers Cove Provincial Park, BC, CanadaPhoto: Hiking in to the Skookumchuck RapidsPhoto: These are the jellyfish that don't bother with stealth. Don't touch ;)Photo: On a wharf in Sechelt BCPhoto: The OceanPhoto: The RainforestPhoto: A photo from yesterday's time catching up with old friends and new. I also helped clean a pool, and rescued/relocated a frog. Yep. A good day.

This was shot as we drove over the bridge and back into town.Photo: In a day where you hit a trailhead before the sun does you feel like you've already accomplished something and the day is hardly begun! More adventures and discoveries ahead :D :DPhoto: In the woods alongside the Coquihalla River. Leaves and stump.Photo: Found at the old derelict U Save Gas station in Hope BCPhoto: I'm going through images from my enjoyable wander down the Coquihalla to the Fraser Confluence yesterday. And pondering what to do with the photos/videos ;) I might try making another narrated video of the journey :)

In the meantime.. here's another pic! :D

Thanks for sharing all of your awesome stuff! You guys rock! :DPhoto: The forest floorPhoto: Walking along the Rotary Trail in Hope BC near the Coquihalla RiverPhoto: Buzzards over the Coquihalla during the salmon spawning seasonPhoto: Along the banks of the Fraser RiverPhoto: My friend +Miles Bissky and I went for a wander around Hope BC and had a pause to let a train go byPhoto: Our first stop on the BC Rivers Day paddle down the Fraser River from Yale to Hope BC was at Hills BarPhoto: Some members of our party were doing science! Using a seine net to check out some of the local aquatic lifePhoto: Some chinook and a minnowPhoto: The fellow in the front was describing some of the local mining history as he stood over the wooden remains of some old mining sluice box or somesuch that the river had unearthed. Earlier our Native Historian had told us how the Transformer had turned a hunter into the rock on the back left that the guys are on top of. The hunter's dog is the rock seen aways down the beach.Photo: At our second pull-out rest-stop of the day we were partly separated from the J-rigs and safety zodiac (and crew) by a little side channel. Which made for some good views and amusing incidents that others may have caught on cameraPhoto: The zoologist and her catch (which she released since she'd snagged it by the hump)Photo: After surviving the tempestuous squall (no pics of that by me!) we made it to the pull out and most left to shuttle towards their vehicles at the other end,  some stayed and guarded the canoes. All in all a fantastically memorable and adventurous day. And there are no photos from being on the river because that's when my camera was double ziplock bagged in my life jacket's vest pocket ;)Photo: Greetings to all of my new followers (and heya to all of you aged followers as well ;) Aged like fine wine or scotch. Your choice ;) )

I'm a bit of a west coast wanderer and ponderer. A man of many adventures, skills, and talents. I mostly share of my photography here on G+, occasionally one of my silly videos (which are otherwise located on Youtube www.youtube.com/maplemusketeer ), and links to the musings and adventure compilations on my blog.

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ciao for now! My current month long road ramble is coming to an end as I make my way downriver and back towards the coast. I have clients again next week ;)

and many photos to edit, videos to post, and visions to develop ;) :D :D (So excited! Plans in the works! hehe! )Photo: Sumallo Grove off of the Hope Princeton Hwy (Hwy 3) in BC. Where trees grow so big they make my buddy's suburaban  look rather small :) :)Photo: One of the things I managed to do on my month long September ramble was stop by my old camp to volunteer and teach. Here's a photo from one of the days I taught canoeing (as well as taught some new canoe instructors) ;)Photo: While writing a "How to" article about starting a fire in the snow I started looking back at photos from last years Snow Fire Building Challenge and figured this one was worth a share.

I'm tending/taking care of the fire. Mark is cooking Ethiopian food from his special blend of 20ish spices.. and Adam is working on the tent.

Good times with good people :)Photo: Totally an ent. ;)Photo: I don't know how old I would have been my first time in this park.. I've been visiting it since before I can remember. Being carried through the forest, then walking, stumbling, running.. breathing in the air, dust, moisture that exists in between the trees.

How much of myself is made up of moments such as this?Photo: Even still that beach calls me. The past few years +Karsten Klawitter and I have made long day trips to Long Beach from Victoria. This picture was taken a couple years ago when many dead humboldt squid had washed ashore. Each trip there is full of new discoveries.

Later this year we have our annunal Botanical Beach adventure... we may have to see about a Long Beach adventure as well ;)

( here's a blog post about one of our past trips to Long Beach http://coastalforestdweller.blogspot.com/2011/08/long-beach-day-trip-revisited.html )Photo: Just in case you were curious... no parking in the forests in Provincial Parks ;)Photo: This is a follow up to the past image detailing how people aren't supposed to park in the rainforest. It didn't stop this car from somehow getting ditched down the path..

ok.. i'm going to have to make a blogpost about this older adventure..Photo: Just some weeds growing on a hill right? nothing to see here... ;) jkPhoto: Sechelt is on the ocean but enjoys the protected waters of the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the continent :)

It'll kick up a bit in some winter storms soon... :DPhoto: Here's a photo for #FallFriday that I took while walking home to Grandpa's yesterday through Sechelt, BC

Transition and change..Photo: Right now the sun is rising and setting somewhere in the world... that's an awesome thought/reality :D

#sunsetsaturday (Thanks D ;) )Photo: Places I've randomly worked. Barnabas Retreat centre. I once washed dishes there for a weekend when I was in my early twenties and home to the Sunshine Coast visiting friends and family.

Tis a neat little place ;)Photo: There's a little park near the Sechelt Cenitaph and I'd never really checked it out, but instead enjoyed the trees from afar. So on the day this photo was taken I went and spent around an hour just checking it out. Looking up revealed a world of wonder. And a birdhouse.Photo: Here's my submission for #MountainMonday curated by +Michael RussellPhoto: Wherever you are.. you can find wonder.

Or in this case if you look not too difficultly you can find +Karsten KlawitterPhoto: Up above Sechelt one can find a viewpoint that provides a view out over the Strait of Georgia... if one looks back to Sechelt they see this instead ;)

For #treetuesday +Christina LawriePhoto: For +Tracey Rolandelli who asked about the time of day/lighting in the previous photo :)

Oh the communicative times we live in! :DPhoto: Each generation washes upon the shore like a wave and changes what it touches. Slowly removing what was and building what will be.. my father played on a wharf down here when he was growing up. A wharf I don't remember ever as a wharf. Our memories short, for they only last a lifetime...Photo: If you're curious about the town of Sechelt BC that I'm currently staying in you can read more on the wikipedia link ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sechelt or you can ask me lolPhoto: A great aspect of the rainforest is the wide array of clouds that are constantly wafting overhead as weather patterns cycle over and abovePhoto: In our hangout yesterday +Daniel Sjostrom shared his fascination with fungi (when he wasn't grappling with small clones) and so it was that I had fungus on verges of my brain as I walked about in the rainforest this afternoon.

This grouping was in a hollowed out stump on the side of the path. Quite a bustling decomposition they have going there ;)

Now perhaps we've passed the brain fungus on to you and it shall spread to your stream tomorrow ;) MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!Photo: +Geordie Birch and +Michael Russell were discussing Mt.Baker photos from different vantages points around BC and Washington State.. so here's another for the discussion ;)Photo: The season of change is still upon us for this brief window of time... soon the leaves will all litter the ground, to decompose, filter down, and back up once again anew. Pretty cool eh? :D Oh leaves... you're so crazy!Photo: Walking around at dusk en route to a meeting didn't leave me time to steady/prop my shots... so i use that to benefit and experiment by starting the shot and then purposefully rotating/moving/etc the camera :)

Remember.. have fun and play with it!Photo: I'd planned to make a trip to a different waterfall/park yesterday but after meeting with a friend who was going to catch the ferry later in the day, I decided to take them to a park en route to the ferry... so you get a different view in a different season of a waterfall that I've posted once before on here

I hope you don't mind :) lolPhoto: Today's adventure saw me riding the ferry to Vancouver twice. On the morning's trip we travelled through a section of fog. I saw things I've never seen before, and other things in new ways. Pretty good for a person who's been riding this ferry route since he was in the womb ;)Photo: Each day an opportunity for something never seen before.. and never to be seen again. I'll likely see fog again.. but this fog? and I'll likely see clouds again... but these clouds? I'll definitely pass this island again but at this time of the day/of the year/with this fog and these clouds? never againPhoto: Today's submission for #MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell was taken yesterday on a quick day trip I made to Squamish. I had a catch-up meeting with an old student and we went to the Howe Sound Brew Pub. So good. lol :D

This picture was taken afterwards in the brief moments we had before he had to head back to Vancouver and I had to be dropped off to catch the ferry back to the Sunshine Coast

Beautiful fall colours starting to happen around the Stawamus ChiefPhoto: Another photo from my Sunday lunch trip to Squamish. Apparently there was a sailboat race going on ;)Photo: I went for a little walk around Horseshoe Bay Park while waiting to catch the 45min ferry ride back to the Sunshine Coast. I know many people who just stay in their car in the ferry parking lot, or walk-on passengers who just go sit in the waiting room. I'm glad I got dropped off a bit early and used the time to explore ;)Photo: Walking past a job site I saw a dirt mound covered with poppies. Botanical bombing? ;)Photo: Sometimes you just need to get away and have a break. Time to clear your mind so that you can listen.

This little old cabin exists (with a few other little outlying structures) up a mountain beyond Hope BC. The summer camp I lived, taught, volunteered, and worked at for my years is at the bottom of the mountain. I go up the mountain to find some calm and some connection.

I can close my eyes and be there now. Actually.. I'm going to have a nap and visit so ttyl ;)Photo: Yep.. a beaver picture. Taken early in the morning from the bank of the Fraser River. Also that log kind of looks like a hippo ;)Photo: When a strong current of water goes over a large underlying feature a standing wave will develop. This most commonly is seen in a river (for all of you white water rafters out there ;) ). In a few places around the world you can also find standing waves in ocean channels.

Hydrodynamics are amazing, and can be fun :)Photo: Great Blue Herons are quite the bird. They often remind me of pterodactyls! hehe

I saw this one flying away early one morning after I pulled my kayak ashore to head home.Photo: A few of us got together for a Man Retreat adventure and hiked up to the cabin on top of Mt.Steele in Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

Going up we passed many beautiful sights. Waterfalls, ponds, trees, berry bushes changing colours, and views... lovely lovely views of distant peaks and a setting sun ;)

I'll share that one another time ;)

May you all have pleasant slumbers and a great week! :D
Thank you for sharing your vision and taking me around the world with you!
JPhoto: Mountaintops and sunsets are a recipe for pure unfiltered brilliance. ;) This was taken last fall when we hiked up Mt.Steele. This year the snow hadn't melted as much and friends reported several feet of it still being found up on top of the mountain :)Photo: Today's submission for #MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell was taken when I was photographing a two day paddle-a-thon (for www.campsqueah.com) down the Fraser River from Hope to Fort Langley, BC.

On the side of the river we passed some old ferries moored to the shore in various states of decay. In the background we get another view of Mt.Baker in Washington State :)Photo: Tis the season to look down and discover mushrooms while out on adventures!
I think +Daniel Sjostrom will like this one ;)

Amanita Muscaria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanita_muscariaPhoto: In the forest in the fall
leaves litter the ground once more
as it is so shall it be again
till we meet further down the road
right herePhoto: Pigeons and a Heron await the sun's rise at the wharf in Sechelt BCPhoto: Great Blue Heron before the dawnPhoto: It came from the deep....Photo: It was an overcast day.
Grey and what many would call dismal.
I went out anyways
because beauty lurks in wait to surprise us who seekPhoto: If this seems like a hurried shot. It was. I was giving an off-coast friend a quick tour of the various sights on the road between the Langdale Ferry Terminal and Sechelt, British Columbia and had been looking for something to visually block the sun as we neared the van. I think this was the best I could do with equipment and the task at hand. But if anyone has any suggestions as to how I could have improved this please feel free to comment!

I'm posting this as an example of having a camera on hand at all times, and taking a shot to remember a moment or capture a fleeting subject, even if it's not a photo you're totally jazzed on. :)

Curses. Now I go and look at the other photo from this day I think I prefer it more! HA! Ok.. I'm guess that happens to you guys all the time too ;) lolPhoto: Here's the companion photo to the last one I posted. The exposure is better on this one in my mind. It allows the Sun Dogs to stand out more and, while I liked the addition of the people in the other photo, they really were superflous to the actual weather/light action that form the crux of this image.Photo: Out of town, up a logging road, and then kilometers into the bush. Where bridges are made from fallen logs.

Notice the exploded tree in the front that has fallen across the creek bed? This area gets a fair amount of snow over the winter. That wasn't the only "exploded" tree we saw that trip. ;)Photo: Getting up before the sun has it's pluses ;)Photo: The coast has a beauty to it.. as do the mountains.. and the plains.. and the forests.. and.. and.. and.. ;)Photo: Here's a photo to prove that I don't spend all of my time in the forest, up a mountain, or staring out over the sea ;)Photo: Awhile ago I realized that it had been ages since I'd been on a field trip like we used to do in school. So I got a couple friends together and we went to an aquatic centre and a butterfly world.

Yes. We are a ball of fun. Adventures away! ;)Photo: I wouldn't be surprised if the fish turned and talked.
What do you think the fish would be saying? ;)Photo: Yep, that is my boot, and yes my foot was in it when I took this picture. :)Photo: Last night I went for a walk to where the seaplanes sleep.Photo: Something to warm you all on what is, here at least, a cold night. The sun sets beyond Vancouver Island across Georgia Strait.Photo: I took this shot while out walking with an old friend who was back in town visiting his family. Such is the nature of those of us who grow up on this coastline. Born at a place of transitions, life often takes us far afield only to return for a season. So when we're both in town at the same time we go get some hot chocolate and walk the waterfront, then out to the end of the pier, to catch up, contemplate, and discuss lessons learned.

This shot was taken from the end of the Davis Bay pier, looking towards the shore as a car drove by. I set the camera on the railing (not having my wee tripod with me) and set the auto-timer to 2sec so that I could push the button and reduce any shake. ;)Photo: I was feeling a bit "meh" about some pictures I took the other day that I'd been pretty stoked about while I was on-site. Then I realized that what was so cool about the time was the light, and that I should try it in b&w. Bingo.

It went from "meh" to "oh heck yes" pretty quickly ;)Photo: This photo was taken in June at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island. Every December we make an annual trip there for photoadventures, wanders, wonders, and general mirth. Which means I'll be going back there soon ;)Photo: The Skookumchuck Rapids are found near the mouth of the Sechelt Inlet and are one of the fastest moving tidal waters in the world. My Grandpa was born and grew up in the nearby town of Egmont and can tell many a story about these waters. Nowadays people come from all around to white water kayak or surf the waves. Or to watch the kayakers surfing ;)Photo: The morning frost on the dead ferns.. moisture and plant in passingPhoto: Today being Friday I'll once again be hosting the Yerba Mate Friends Google Hangout :) Yerba Mate is a tea from South America that is often drank in fellowship with friends while conversation flows.

If you'd like to be added to my Yerba Mate Friend's circle and be part of the invite/hangout comment below. Or if you'd just like to say hello and share some Friday comments and share of your day, you're welcome to do that too :D

I hope you all have a safe and grand weekend :)
JPhoto: The Davis Bay pier on the Sunshine Coast is quite a popular place to visit in the summer when the population of the coast surges. Now in the autumn and winter things are a bit more sedate. Which many of the retires in this town likely favour ;)Photo: Trout Lake is right alongside the highway and I'm doubly fortunate to get invited to dinner at friends' houses up the coast because I get to drive past it in beautiful light :)

With this photo I'm employing a technique I like to bust out every now and then ;)Photo: Wow. Thank you so much for all of your support. I passed 7000 followers earlier today and it just blows my mind. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. G+ has honestly changed my life and brought possibilities and opportunities I would never have found otherwise. How crazy is that? :)

Thank you for all of those comments, those pluses, and those shares. I look forward to sharing more of what I see on my wanders :D

For now... Good night and may you all have a wonderfilled week ahead :D

The Maplemusketeer
Jordan OramPhoto: Locations are beautiful. Sights to be seen and things to be discovered. But adventures are better shared with other adventurers.

Some advice? Find some photoadventuring friends and you'll become a better photographer. Because they'll get you out there when you want to sleep in. They'll see things in ways you never would. And they sometimes bring chocolate.

This one goes out to my bestest photoadventuring friend +Karsten Klawitter who I've not adventured with since June! That'll change come Sunday when I step off of the ferry in Nanaimo and it begins again ;)Photo: Vanilla Leaf and Ferns at the end of their season

No matter the time of year you wander the woods you'll discover a story being told; a cycle unfolding.

Soon these plants will become part of the soil once more.Photo: This photo was taken around mid-morning when most people don't walk outside because it looks like it might rain a bit. These are good times to go out ;)Photo: Going to the pub looks different on the Sunshine Coast

The Lighthouse Pub sits at the top of the Sechelt Inlet. It can be accessed by regular land techniques but also via sea (boat or canoe?) and sky! (If you ride in on the seaplane).Photo: When you've lived near the ocean for most of your life and your wanders.. you take a lot of sunset over water photos ;)

And yet honestly.. each sunset is a unique masterpiece to me. A moment of wonder that stretches to infinity..... and beyond!

(I had to do it)Photo: Yesterday was a great day of adventure out on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We were up before sunrise and got home after dark. We drove many kilometers and rambled quite a few over various terrains as well :D

Good friends and good times had on Day 2 of my Decemember Adventure to Victoria. ;)

+Karsten Klawitter is the fellow in the tree ;) And now I'm going to go ramble around Victoria and see what I can see :D

For #TreeTuesday curated by +Christina LawriePhoto: My first night on Vancouver Island saw myself and Karsten Klawitter exploring Island View Beach at sunsetPhoto: Leaving Horseshoe Bay and Vancouver behind as I make my way to Nanaimo aboard the Queen of Oak BayPhoto: I really like this tree. In fact, I made a video about it that I'll upload one of these days. It's a lovely tree :D lolPhoto: Seagull in flight at Cattle Point, Victoria, BC, CanadaPhoto: Seagulls overhead! Use caution ;)Photo: The sun burning through the clouds behind Captain Vancouver's statue atop the BC Provincial Legislature in Victoria BC CanadaPhoto: Two sailboats ply the water off the Victoria shore with Washington State in the background (and some clouds ;) )Photo: Not your usual Victoria Inner Harbour shot ;) Victoria BC CanadaPhoto: Here's a shot of the Trial Island Lighthouse offshore from Clover Point in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I'm now heading out my friend's door to catch two buses, a ferry, and a bus, on my way back to the Sunshine Coast to see how my Gramps is doing. I hope you all have a grand and wonderfilled day!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement, and for sharing the world you encounter with me :)Photo: The Breakwater, Ogden Point, Victoria, British Columbia

I remember walking out on this as a kid. It always was a place of wonder and a little bit of fear. A wide stable walkway with no railings, but the safety of parents nearby. I think this is a better playground for life in many ways.Photo: Horseshoe Bay, BC, CanadaPhoto: Sunrise over Bowen Island, Howe Sound, BC, CanadaPhoto: I am exceedingly irked right now at the Canadian Federal Government's decision to pull out of the Kyoto Accord. I disagree, strongly, and actually support the ratification of stronger measures. This is just yet another action by the current elected gov't that goes against the opinions of the vast majority of the population of Canada.

I need to go for a walk.

I like the forest. I like our world. I really don't like using bad words so I'm going to walk away now and come back in a more constructive mood.

Here's a nice photo from my recent trip.
Love ya guys.Photo: Do the best you can where you are, be ready for the unexpected, and give it a whirl.

This photo was taken when I was walking through the park with the camera around my neck. A flurry of seagulls took off and I had time to rotate the camera up-ish and take a few frames as it hung on my chest.

Fast reactions and a pretty amusing photo ;)Photo: These pilings were driven in place and backfilled with different sorts of debris. The erosive action of the sea leaves them standing like bones of the past on the shore.

You can get a better view of the beach and the pilings in the brief video I made there ;) https://plus.google.com/104723167398398004122/posts/b6gaDoRfjVyPhoto: Atop Mt.Steele, BC, Canada

Three men came together with backpacks and food. We hiked in and up to a cabin up on top of a mountain. We dropped our gear in the shelter and summited the sunny peak. It was a grand and memorable trip.Photo: The Passage of Time - Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Time is such a subjective thing. And we often accept it without question. Imagine time from the perspective of a humming bird.. darting about in normal speed and seeing all of those slow humans. Or from the geological perspective of a mountain that started out as sea floor pushed inland and then upthrust now eroding back to the sea. We perceive as static that which is dynamic, and we see processes as objects.

Every tree tells a story at a slower rate then we whizz by. What story does this tree tell? I know some of it.. but can you guess?Photo: HAHA! This photo of mine was just shown on the Global BC news small town feature on Duncan BC. Best part was watching Grandpa see it happen. (I got it on video lol).

Thanks to +Karsten Klawitter for being such a capable adventure friend and for giving scale to many of my shots ;)Photo: In transit

Here's a photo taken at the back of a Vancouver city bus en route to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal last tuesdayPhoto: Growing up on a section of coastline separated from the lower mainland by a fjord left us with a lot of time to wander the beaches and the forests uninterrupted during the time before the population rush of retirees and toursists blossomed along the shoreline. Now I'm hard pressed to find a view of the shore without houses and habitation. Which is why my gaze casts often to the sea and the sky; the ever-shifting scene that greets me welcome and wonder.Photo: Brilliance happens on cloudy days. You can keep your blue skies. On the trip this photo was taken we were socked in by grey weather and a few heavy rain showers for most of the day. We still had a great time, but the conditions for shooting were somewhat tricky. The highlight of the trip was stepping onto this beach just as the sky opened up and the sun lanced through. It was a brief window of time and this picture speaks for that moment on that day. Grey rainy moody skies have so much character. :DPhoto: Rocks, shells, driftwood, wonder all. Beauty in the everyday and learning how to see...Photo: Heading through the woods to Mystic BeachPhoto: Where waves crashPhoto: Where cliffs over hand and run with tricklesPhoto: Where fog rolls in and fires the imaginationPhoto: Where rocks disappear into the seaPhoto: Where water fallsPhoto: Season's greetings from me and the gulls! :)
Thank you all for the joy and warmth, wonder and smiles, that you've brought into my life in this short time. Crazy to think how short it's been since G+ was in beta and how far it's come. And I've no clue where it'll go but I'm excited to find out with you all :D

Much love, frequent smiles, and fond wishes,
Jordan Oram
the MaplemusketeerPhoto: My West Coast beauty, the Nootka Rose

Photographed at Porteau Cove Provincial Park, British Columbia

a flower for +Heidi Anne Morris :)Photo: Avian Rumble: Oyster Catchers vs Canadian Geese at Porteau Cove, BC. Referee: MerganserPhoto: Below Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls is the 3rd highest waterfall in British Columbia, and can be accessed directly off of the highway (58km out of Vancouver) in the Provincial Park bearing it's name. It is visible from numerous locations around Squamish as it drops into valley before running into the massive fjord that makes up Howe Sound.Photo: In June 2011 I ended up in Squamish at the same time that +David Howes and his wife were travelling through. So we met up and drove up some logging roads into the mountains in search of views, snow, and adventure. We found all 3. Here's a photo I took of the Stawamus Chief to substantiate some of the above ;)Photo: +Amanda Shpeley loves to roam around the Squamish Estuary and I'm very thankful she invited me to ramble about the area when I was passing through Squamish in June!

In the distance can be seen the Stawamus Chief and, to the right, Shannon Falls: the 3rd highest falls in British Columbia.Photo: +Amanda Shpeley often posts pictures and tells me of her adventures around the Squamish Estuary. I think that if I lived closer I'd explore there regularly as well :)Photo: Last June we went up the mountains near Squamish in search of snow. We found it. And the low sun in the evening as we headed back down to sea level.Photo: Another plant found in a limited range around Southern Vancouver is the Garry Oak tree. Here +Karsten Klawitter gets a closer look as we rambled around Pipers Lagoon on our Southern Vancouver Island multiday photoadventure in June 2011Photo: It's crazy looking back into some of last year's adventures and how much that separation of time causes me to value my work so much more. When I get home after an adventure I may like a few of my photos, or very few, but after some time has passed I look back and appreciate more. It's one of the reasons I like to now let my images age in storage for a bit before I wade in to wield editing fury ;)

Do any of you find it similar? I think it likely falls into that "being ones own worst critic" category lolPhoto: Mark of the Glen

If you ever ramble these woods please remember... the trees and ferns, boulders and shrubbery, are all awesome and inspiring, but if you don't have something or someone in the shot for scale they'll all look pretty tiny when you get home ;)

By having my friend Mark dwell within that stump you are left with two choices.. a rainforest full of large growing plants, or a small friend of mine who is from a long line of short mythological creatures aka The Forest Linguist. (He actually teaches ESL to refugees in Vancouver for a living :D and makes great homebrew)

added: Bonus Fun Project
If you block Mark with your finger and look at the scene it will look like a "regular" size stump/forest. Then let him back into the scene and see the scale yet again :)Photo: my forest eats cars

When wandering around these woods you wander around the remains of recent history. But it doesn't last long on the surface as foliage falls and moss grows...

this forest eats cars.

You've been warned ;)Photo: Ducks!

Wait.. the top one is creeping the other one!.... while bathing! :O !!

Oh that animal kingdom. Such a wild place.Photo: Enter and be taken awayPhoto: These pilings are some of the remnant of the old wharf that ran out to sea from the bottom of Wharf Street in Sechelt BC. As the ocean rearranges the rocks some pilings become exposed while others disappear again for a time. There isn't very much left except for these worn, rock festooned, nubbins.Photo: +shane holsclaw and I were talking about rocks and it triggered a memory that sent me off in search of this image of rocks at the bottom of Angus Creek in Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, Sechelt BC. And looking at it now I'm also reminded of a recent awesome photo taken by +Levi Moore :)

So I recommend you all check out their sweet photography as well. And 3 cheers for G+ for introducing us all to each other so we can share photos, ideas, encouragement, and stoke! :D

May you have wonderfilled days ;)
JPhoto: Another Sechelt Sunset

and I sign off for the night. I'll be getting up early to try to put the finishing touches on my first photobook. Kinda intimidating, daunting, exciting, freaky, hooray. So a lot like a microcosm of life ;) lol :)

I hope you all have a great evening, wonderfilled dreams, and a great day :)

Thanks for sharing the awesome with me :)
JPhoto: Down By The Water ~ Holden Lake, Vancouver Island, BC

because this is just a pond right? nothing to see here... ;) Wonder lurks everywhere. This was found walking down a path near a friend's house when I was visiting them in Cedar, British Columbia.

Wonder lurks everywhere!Photo: Because now when I go to the washroom in public places I think "Oh I should take a picture for #BathroomSelfie and +Lotus Carroll " And now you think it too ;) PS This place in Vancouver had pretty good Pad Thai.Photo: Here's a better photo taken at Trout Lake, better than the one I posted last night ;P lol

I'm feeling better after the rest and Grandpa is doing well :)
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and kind words :)
JPhoto: WatcherPhoto: Friends in the Forest - Dave and Roman explore the woods around upper Chapman CreekPhoto: Dave and Roman descend to the riverside - An Upper Chapman Creek adventurePhoto: This is how I feel about having to attempt to pick my 'best' photoPhoto: Sunset at Beaconhill Park, Victoria, BCPhoto: A bald eagle flies over the Georgia Strait with the Sunshine Coast in the backgroundPhoto: The Stawamus Chief and Shannon Falls seen over the Squamish Estuary, Squamish, BCPhoto: So four oystercatchers and a merganser are sitting on the shoreline when this guy walks up with a camera...

This photo was definitely not taken today in Ontario. But it is raining a lot outside right now, and quite grey, which reminds me of my coastal homeland.

So.. digging into the archives on my compubot as I am cleaning up space deleting the dross from old adventures you get this image from an adventure last year to Squamish, BC, with a stop at Porteau Cove.