8 Photos - Apr 28, 2012
Photo: These pallets were left over from a paving project and I figured I'd recycle them.Photo: Step 1: With a trenching shovel, I dig a trench 18" deep and just long and wide enough to place the pallet. The idea is not to move more dirt than is necessary.Photo: Step 2: With the first pallet in place I can move to the next, which will create a span of about 4.5 - 5 ft. The length of the shovel is a good guide for the span.Photo: The second pallet is in place and I could stop here if I wanted just functionality. Since this is clearly visible in my back yard, I want more aesthetic quality. I will add some standard fence pickets.Photo: Step 3: The pickets are secured to the pallets and look good. For the last step, I'll add some stain so it matches the deck on the rear of my house (background left).Photo: Step 4: I use a 15 year opaque stain (Behr I think), which is dark and has the uniformity of paint, but the penetrating properties of a stain.Photo: The composting project is all done and I am really happy with it. I couldn't wait to get some clippings and leaves into it. I have collected tips that will help accelerate the process of breaking down the organic matter so I have no qualms mixing in some of these larger tropical plants.Photo: Here's a wider shot of the bin from the steps of my back deck. The house in the rear is  my workshop and storage so I am not concerned with the proximity of the bin. The pickets make a big difference and are worth the $25 I spent on them.