40 Photos - Nov 26, 2011
Photo: Green Bus, Phnom PenhPhoto: Green bus for street kidsPhoto: Mobile barberPhoto: Green bus for street kidsPhoto: Loaves of breadPhoto: ContentPhoto: The Green bus clinicPhoto: Bus clinic, band-aid & love fixPhoto: Green bus school roomPhoto: Ragtag classPhoto: Green bus classroomPhoto: I know!Photo: new thingsPhoto: What's she saying?Photo: Yes!!!Photo: Little heart...Photo: Children worshipPhoto: Is there hope for me?Photo: Bewildered eyesPhoto: self esteemPhoto: I don't know but I am hungry...Photo: So whats happening now?Photo: A little of your time, money & heart pleasePhoto: He ain't heavy, he's my brother.Photo: Together we ll make it...Photo: Street life- veteran & novicePhoto: Street kids Phnom PenhPhoto: bread & peacePhoto: Garbage is our tradePhoto: War & PeacePhoto: Street bedPhoto: Soup KitchenPhoto: Hungry for words of hope & lovePhoto: tell me the story?Photo: Safe herePhoto: what?Photo: what do you want?Photo: Sokha, orphan to University graduate serving HCIPhoto: SokhaPhoto: Bus of hope in Phnom Penh's streets