36 Photos - Apr 20, 2012
Photo: Here's the frame from taking apart a small air compressor and the battery. My tuner and radio are stacked in the background.,Photo: Originally, my plan was to put the battery at the base and stack the rest on top of it.Photo: Here is the stack without anything on the front. The radio at the top bumps into the bend in the frame.Photo: And here is the control head and solar charger resting in place.Photo: I decided to try it with the battery on top. Everything sits in the frame better.Photo: Now I'm putting a wooden base on it. I had an old cabinet door that looks really good in this scenario.Photo: A base view. The rubber pads can screw right into the wooden base.Photo: I used a piece of metal screen to secure the radios.Photo: I discovered the separation cable for the radio costs $40 - $60, so I was going to keep the control head on the radio, protected by the frame.Photo: And here it is with the radio facing down. Another advantage of having the control head inside the frame is more protection.Photo: This is my first attempt to secure the battery. I have a plastic strap pinning the battery to the top of the radio.Photo: The battery holds in place but moves slightly.Photo: I'm already seeing problems with this setup.Photo: Now I have added the charger. Since it's not wide enough to screw onto the frame, I just zip-tied it into place.Photo: Photo: And here it is rolled forward.Photo: Side view with battery, charger, and radios in place.Photo: Now I'm trying bungee cords.Photo: Some space for the wires.Photo: I now have most of the wiring done. I am using a spare ignition switch. To the left connects the battery and charger together. The red light indicates the charger is receiving power.Photo: I had to purchase some mobile mounts and attached two of them to the top of the frame.Photo: Here is the second mount. One of its bolts is being used as a grounding lug.Photo: Just an back shot of the ignition switch with one of my multimeter leads in place.Photo: My professional labelling of what each position does.Photo: I can switch between charge only, "off", and Radio.Photo: Here the charger is receiving power, but the battery is disconnected.Photo: This shows the rig in charging mode, but unfortunately, the battery is too far dead (<3v) to start taking a charge.Photo: I didn't get pictures of this earlier, but I put some straps on the side and made a cradle for the battery.Photo: I charged the battery up separately. Here we see the system being charged and the current voltage.Photo: Turning the key to charge with no external power lets you read the battery voltage.Photo: And here we see the radio running off the battery. I loosened up one of the screws as a mic holder.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: