15 Photos - Dec 21, 2013
Photo: Inspired by this infinite mirror LED clock at Hackerspace Brisbane... (http://hsbne.org/)Photo: I set about making a heart-shaped rainbow infinite mirror for my wife :) 
These mirrors were only $9 each!! 
Removing the mirror coating from the back of one of the mirrors was one of the hardest parts of this whole project.Photo: First test with glass and led strip. But without car tint which increases the depth.Photo: Makeshift router to make the inside bigger, for the strip.Photo: Photo: Screwed the frames togetherPhoto: test fit - almost perfect without further modification! You want the strip to be fairly flat so the leds are in rows.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I fit 59 LEDS inside, where 60 is 1m. 
Really need to clean the glass before I put it together...Photo: Photo: Electronics installed - simply a knockoff Arduino Nano for $10.
Also window tint installed on the back of the front mirror - not sure if I got the right one, or putting it on the front works better... etc.Photo: First demonstration!
I really need to do a video, especially with all the animations I have now thanks to Thomas Eldredge!Photo: Further experiments - driving the strip with a attiny85 - a very cheap 8-pin microcontroller! The larger arduino pictured is just used to program it since it doesn't have serial.