76 Photos - Nov 9, 2011
Photo: A Soft Landing

The sun landed so softly into the Pacific Ocean on this evening along the San Mateo County coast. My friends +Barry Blanchard and +Cameron Siguenza arranged for a bunch of us to meet up so they could introduce us to this pretty stretch of coastline. It was a wonderful afternoon!!Photo: California Gold

Looking through my catalog, I have many sunsets and sunrises that I have not even looked through yet. I certainly shot a bunch of them in the past year - this being one of them.

Enjoy and have an excellent weekend!Photo: Burn from Above

It has been a few days or more since my last seascape post (I don't just shoot bridges - honest), so I decided to look into the catalog... to an evening that I have not touched yet.

Sometimes I come right home, download, then edit a picture. This particular evening though, I stopped after the downloading phase :)

It was dark and moody, so I kept that feel, even though I could have easily lightened up this scene. For just a few minutes the color from the sky burned so brightly that the rocks actually looked almost orange to my naked eye. The waterfall in the image does not happen all of the time, and very often you can not get down close enough to water's edge to capture it because of the heavy and unpredictable surf (people drown here).

I do love a challenge though :)

Thank you to everybody who has added me to a circle recently, and a big thanks to those of you have taken the time to comment/+1/share/critique!

~joePhoto: Barry's Point

Here is a 4 minute long blue hour exposure for #panopoker (+Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak). I shot this at the end of a great afternoon photowalk down the San Mateo coast organized by +Cameron Siguenza and Barry. A good time was had by all, and even though the sky remained bald, we figured out ways to make it work :)Photo: My Other World

The ocean and I go back a long long way. I moved to Alaska between 2nd and 3rd grade, where my family and I spent most summers, and many days in the winter, on a fishing boat. That continued all the way through college. After college, I went back to fishing full-time for a few years, before I figured out that it was not the job (or lifestyle) I wanted lead anymore. Too many of my friends and fellow crewman had lost their lives working (6 by the time I was 20), and the boom or bust mentality just wasn't me anymore.

I still love the ocean and am continually pulled towards her... but above all, I respect her beauty, power, and ability to take everything away in an instant.

I shot this last night while out with my friends +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak. It was great to see you guys for Blue Hour, and I look forward to doing it again!!


#panopokerPhoto: Wet Feet

This is one of my favorite places to get wet feet :)  Surprisingly, I usually find myself here all by myself with a mile or more of waterfront to explore - pure heaven!

This is a 1:1 crop - which I find is not very common for my seascape images, so I thought I would give it a try.  Usually my seascapes are 3:2 landscape - or maybe a vertical 3:2 - but rarely square.

I am starting to gear up for a trip to iceland with +Brian Rueb and +Aperture Academy ... I will be there in a couple of weeks, and I could not be more excited.  20+ hours of light  (lots of it the good kind).  It will remind me of home - and I may not sleep very much - but that's good.  We have all winter to sleep ;)

~joe Photo: Always Moving

The ocean, much like myself - always moving.

For #LongExposureThursday curated by +Francesco Gola and +Le Quoc, I humbly submit. Thank you for taking a minute to explore an image :)

Tech: 17mm, f/13, 5 secondsPhoto: The last of the sun ducks below a line of clouds on the horizon.Photo: Photo: Dodging the waves and surf on the Santa Cruz County coast.Photo: Tense

Wow - I almost missed submitting something for #SanFranciscoSaturday :) An in keeping with some of the other images I have seen today, this is an image shot at the wonderful Sutro Baths location. I wish there was a web cam out here that I knew of, because it is on the opposite side of the city from where I live, so I have to drive over the hill just to see what the weather is like. In this town, there are so many microclimates that it is hard to tell what it is doing elsewhere.

Go Cardinal!

Tech: 17mm, f/14, 4/5 sec.Photo: Charli keeping a close eye on the waves.Photo: Photo: This small beach in Davenport, CA has wonderful rock formations.Photo: Big Sur

This location is close to one of (maybe the only) Landing Zone for paragliders along this long stretch of the California coast. It is the season to head back down and do a little flying I think!

Tech: 40mm, f/13, 4/5 sec., ISO 100, 3 stop ND gradPhoto: Sea Palms

A shot from a quick photo walk we had this past weekend down on the San Mateo county coast (thanks +Barry Blanchard&+Cameron Siguenza).

I decided to go with a long exposure with this one - giving the water a nice abstract feel to contrast with the rocks. With a bald sky, sometimes you have to get creative :)

Tech: 280mm, f/16, 30 seconds, ISO 50Photo: Rodeo Beach in the fog.Photo: Slow Burn

This image was shot a couple days ago at one of my favorite places - Sutro Baths. It takes me about 20 minutes to get there, so if conditions look promising from my home, I will try to get there for sunset. In this instance, I went at least an hour early so that I could just sit down on the rocks and get in tune with the place. 

The cadence of the waves and the vibrations they throw off when slamming into the rocks... the different patterns of silence as the ocean pulls back before a large breaker ... the way the spray swirls around the eddies in the wind currents ... I love it all!

Only after sitting for a long while did I pick my location and begin to shoot. It felt very trance-like as I danced up and down in the rocks. Every time I needed to pick up my gear and move up out of the way then back down into a hole for another shot ... it was done without thinking, just moving with the cadence of the ocean. I know sounds weird, but it really is all just a daze :)

Tech: 17mm, f/13, 1 second, ISO 100Photo: First Sunset - 2012

It was great seeing so many friends and meeting new people out at the #MarinPhotowalk yesterday. If you were there and I didn't meet you - next time for sure :)

A big thanks to +Doug Kaye for organizing such a fun walk (and sorry I couldn't meetup for dinner)! This is a great location for shooting, and even though it can get cramped with so many tripods, I am glad to see so many cool shots!!


Tech: 20mm, f/11, 4 seconds, ISO 50Photo: Recede

Welcome and Thank You to the new people who have added me to a circle. I hope that you find some eye candy and perhaps a reason to keep me in one of your circles :)

The ocean and I have had quite a history, even before I ever picked up the art of photography. Now that I have, I have so many memories and visions of the ocean that I want to capture. This is one.

~joePhoto: Leaning

A newly uploaded image for this Sunset Edition of #PanoPoker curated by my friends +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak. This hand is at the other end of the color spectrum in addition to being a little less dynamic :) This is from a small little rocky beach down in the middle of the Big Sur coastline. There is so much coast to see and explore here in California, that it will take a concerted effort to see 10% of it in my lifetime.

Tech: 29mm, f/11, 8 seconds, ISO 100Photo: +Scott Jarvie processes 100+ images in a hangout. I learned some things about Lightroom and processed 1 image during the same time :)

San Francisco, CAPhoto: Semi-Abstract

A softer side of me :) Contrasting real/abstract, blue/yellow, sharp/soft ... Just me experimenting with random crap at the beach.

Tech: 70mm, f/18, 2.5 seconds, ISO 100

#ThirstyThursdayPhoto: Dinner with a View

Some day I will be able to have dinner and drinks in that restaurant, while watching the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean. Until then, I will continue to provide entertainment for those above, as I scramble around in the rocks like a crab.

Thank you +Barry Blanchard +Chris Chabot and +Ricardo Lagos for inviting me along last night. The company was top-notch as was the dinner afterwards :)

Tech: 17mm, f/13, 4 seconds, ISO 50, 3 stop ND grad + 3 stop reverse ND grad (both by Singh-Ray)Photo: The Seascape Photographer

+Amy Heiden doing what Amy does. It is inspiring being around people who like taking pictures as much as I do. And it they don't mind getting their feet wet - even better :)

Tech: 27mm, f/14, .4 sec, ISO 100Photo: Winter in SF

Last night at Marshall Beach. Just me myself and I enjoying some quiet time on the beach. I love the feel of the sand between my toes and the frigid water washing over my legs. I also love this little rock garden by the shore. The color was very intense for a little bit, this image has been de-saturated to retain more detail in the sky and rocks.

Warning - if you click the link that says "Seascapes" in this post, you will see more seascapes. If that bums you out, I am sorry. You can message me in private and bitch at me if you like :)

Tech: 26mm, f/13, 13 seconds, ISO 50, 3 stop rev ND by Singh-RayPhoto: I have visions of the shots I want. Unfortunately the conditions are never quite what I am hoping for, so I have to make due with what is presented. I am tenacious though - and will keep trying until I get what I want! And in the mean time, I keep working on my skills and spending time getting to know the locations. I love studying how the light (which is never the same) hits all the different surfaces as time goes by. And the ocean - she is never-ever the same.

The surf was so powerful this past weekend that the sand I was walking on last week is almost all gone. And tonight, the sound of the waves hitting that rock at the right angle sounded like a loud canon firing. Truly amazing - but still not what I was looking for. I will be back!!!


Tech: 40mm, f/16, .5 sec., ISO 50Photo: On Edge

Perched precariously (love that phrase) on the rocks above the ocean below, I was both on edge and on the edge :) There are times where a touch of vertigo is kind of cool - gives you a bit of buzz without having to take drugs.

I am also a paraglider pilot, and every time I launch from the side of mountain, that vertigo has the blood rushing furiously in my ears until the moment my feet leave the ground - than it completely disappears.

Anyway - I was out scouting more terrain for shooting this evening, and decided to pull out the Lee 10-stop to make this 90 second exposure of the California coastline. Get out there and have fun!


Tech: 20mm, f/16, 90 seconds, ISO 50, 3 stop rev. ND grad. (Singh-Ray) + 10-stop ND (Lee)Photo: My Heart

... is out there :) Happy Valentine's day!

This was a nice evening a couple of weeks ago, just out shooting all by myself (nice to have a location to myself sometimes) - in tune and at peace with the ocean and rocks around me. Pure bliss :)

Tech: 22mm, f/14, 2 seconds, ISO 100, Singh-Ray ftw

#whateverifeellikepostingdayPhoto: Spooky Place

A couple of weeks ago I went exploring some new shoreline (for me). It was a really nice sunset, but very difficult for me to shoot. Having never been there, finding compositions was challenging ... as were the big waves and blowing salt spray.

I look forward to going back though, because I really enjoy the process of getting to know a place through repeated visits under various conditions. I think this place has lots of potential! It is spooky though!!! It is a good 1/2 hour+ hike in the dark to get back up the cliffs and back out to civilization. Along the way, there are no lights, and you pass by several places where it seems people live in the bushes. The next time I go, I think I will bring company - who's game (seriously)?

Tech: 40mm, f/14, 30 seconds, ISO 100, Singh-Ray filters

#whateverifeellikepostingdayPhoto: When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see,
For all the day they view things unrespected;
But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee,
And darkly bright, are bright in dark directed.
Then thou, whose shadow shadows doth make bright,
How would thy shadow's form form happy show
To the clear day with thy much clearer light,
When to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so!
How would, I say, mine eyes be blessed made
By looking on thee in the living day,
When in dead night thy fair imperfect shade
Through heavy sleep on sightless eyes doth stay!
All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.

- Sonnet 43 by William Shakespeare

#plusphotoextractPhoto: China Red

I don't want y'all to forget I love shooting the ocean :)

Sometimes the sky is so unreal that I actually have to de-saturate to retain more texture and keep it a bit under control :)   This was one of those times.  This is a single exposure edited in Lightroom only-with not much done to it.   I used +Singh-Ray Filters 3 stop reverse ND and a 3-stop soft grad.

This is a good example where a hard grad (like the bottom of the reverse grads), can be feathered in with a soft grad.  It works well especially if the subject crossing your light/dark line are going to be silhouettes anyway.  If you see me out shooting, feel free to ask - and I will show you what I mean :)

#azure   #jazure   #seascapePhoto: Land's End in San Francisco, CAPhoto: San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto: San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto: San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto: San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto: San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto: Do you love the California Coast

I know that I do.  I really love this rock with a heart in it :)

If you love shooting the California coast then I strongly encourage you come out and help clean it up!  This coming Saturday from 9am to Noon is California Coastal Cleanup Day.  I do these very year around the San Francisco area.

Go to this page for local San Francisco details on where to go, what to bring etc.


I know that nobody likes to have to clone out plastic bags and other garbage out of their images, so get out there and pick up some trash :)Photo: Got Milk?

Many thanks to all of the new people who have decided to add me to a circle!   I hope you find something you don't mind every now and then :)

While lots of people seem to know me for my Golden Gate Bridge pictures - I also shoot other things ... and I particularly enjoy seascapes.  This is an image from out near Sutro Baths here in San Francisco.   Enjoy :)

I am headed down the California coast a bit for the weekend - and hope to find some more rocky, wet, colorful goodness!

#azure   #seascape   Photo: Ready for the Plunge?

The waters may be a little bit turbulent - but that just makes things more exciting.

This past weekend some of us were down in Santa Cruz.  It is always nice to get away from the big city every now and then.  Thank you +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak for taking the time to go out and shoot a bit.  As always - it was a pleasure to see you guys!

#azure   #jazure  #seascapePhoto: Sunset at Shark Fin Cove

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to go down to Santa Cruz and visit my friends +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak.  That afternoon I decided that it would probably be a good day to take Highway 1 down the coast from San Francisco, with the hope of a sunset happening along the way.

Luck was with me - traffic was light, and I this is the scene that awaiting those of us who made it to Shark Fin Cove in Davenport, CA.  I didn't have much time to set up, my wide angle lens was in the shop, and I really had to use the restroom.  So it was a short and sweet stop, with just enough time to quickly take this image and them head into Santa Cruz.  I am glad to have finally gotten another crack at this location.  The last time I was here, some yahoo was stuck on the cliff, so the fire department kept us out of the places from which we wanted to be.

Shot with a 24mm TS-E II, 3 shot portait panorama - so the short side of this image is ~5500 pixels.  It's a big file, but lots of nice detail :)

#azure   #seascape #sharkfincove   #photoplusextract  Photo: For Taylor

Two nights ago I went down by myself to Sutro Baths for a low-tide sunset shoot (check the local  tide tables here: http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/noaatidepredictions/viewDailyPredictions.jsp?Stationid=9414275)

While I was there I got a text message asking me to call.  Usually while I am shooting, I will ignore these until I am done, but something told me I should make that call.  I was very sad to hear that one of my favorite dog friends "Taylor" had passed away a little while ago.  I hung up the phone, shot this picture, then quickly finished and packed my gear ... then just sat on the rocks for a while.

Taylor was a wonderful old dog whom I had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years.  She would stay over at the house when her mommies were out of town.  She did not like men, but for me - she made an exception.  It was a pleasure Taylor :)

#azure   #seascape  Photo: Rocks In The Night

This is what a November summer in San Francisco brings us.  70F degrees with no wind makes a nice evening to go for a walk at the shore.  Along the way I decided to snap this quick shot of Seal Rocks.

#azure #seascape  Photo: Hole Shot

I just got back from a quick walk over by the ocean here in San Francisco.  I got lucky in that there was a break in the clouds, so I jumped down into a hole in the rocks and took a few pictures to ease my mind.  If I move to Kansas, I have a feeling that I won't be seeing this kind of scene very often anymore :(

Very quicky edit of a single exposure, but when things are well exposed, it doesn't take much to edit one of these.  I always carry around a couple +Singh-Ray Filters to help ease the pain of post-processing - and in this case it was a 3-stop reverse ND grad + another 3-stop ND grad to feather in the bottom of the other filter.

#azure #seascape #sanfrancisco #thirstythursday  Photo: The Crack

Last night brought us a nice sunset by which to shoot pictures of the ocean and sky down in Davenport, CA.  The incoming tide and medium surf made shooting this location challenging, but it was still fun!

Thanks +Barry Blanchard, +Karen Hutton, +Cameron Siguenza, +Peter Adams, +Mike Spinak, +Ed Sweeney for organizing a wonderful day.  Both +Tressa Crozier and I had a great time!

#azure #seascapesPhoto: "Getting Wet"

Last weekend I went down to the Santa Cruz area with +Tressa Crozier to meet up for a photowalk ( #santacruz2012 ).  So many nice people to hang out with and a decent sunset to go along with it :)

Shooting right next to the water here was a bit precarious and I ended up pretty wet by the time I was done - but at least I didn't go in the drink.  Thanks everybody for organizing and attending!!!

#azure #seascapePhoto: My First Seascape

Two years ago last week I took my first workshop with +Aperture Academy.  +Brian Rueb and Scott Davis showed me how to use an ND grad filter and gave me some great instruction that got me going in the right direction...

This is from that first day.Photo: A Rush

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to meet up with +Ricardo Lagos and +Michael Bonocore for some seascape shooting at Rodeo Beach.  The surf was big, the clouds scarce, and the company good.

Just prior to my experimentation shooting abstract shots from under water, I captures some shots that looked like this....

I have always had an affinity for the ocean, and respect her power.  Too many of my friends have lost their lives to her (I stopped counting at 6), and I never forget that.Photo: Water's Edge

I had a great weekend shooting long exposures and meeting so many great people on the photowalks.

This is a quick one from yesterday out at Drakes Beach.Photo: Really Right Crack

Another shot from this past weekend's Long Exposure Photowalks.  At Drakes Beach I thought I would shoot a picture of something extremely pretty ... a great tripod setup by +Really Right Stuff :)

Now I just wish I had one :)

This is a 5+ minute exposure.Photo: My second attempt...

... at shooting seascapes.  This was right after I got off of an airplane and had driven to where I was to be staying.  No time to unpack - just went to the rocks and started shooting.  I was also learning to use my +Singh-Ray Filters ND grad filter - a filter I still use much of the time :)

I want to go to Maui next week for some quick R&R - just need to find a couch on which to sleep :)Photo: A Calm

The California shoreline was a delight last night as +Amy Heiden, +Toby Harriman,  +Jameson Savage and I headed out to the beach at Fort Funston for the sunset.  The high clouds that were over the area most of the day, cleared out in the hour before sunset - but as we walked down the beach a couple of bands of fog formed over our heads, offering us a nice diffused light as the sun went down.

It was a good night to put on the Big Stopper and enjoy the calm while waiting for longer exposures....

17mm, f/16, ISO 100, 76 seconds
#azure #seascape #photoplusextract  Photo: Clean

Keeping it clean one day a couple of weeks ago :)  I was out taking a walk and shooting pictures with +Amy Heiden, +Toby Harriman and +Jameson Savage.  For just a few minutes the colors in the sky intensified allowing a 30 second exposure to collect more of it.

I have recently been working on cleaner and cleaner processing.   It often means re-processing something several times in order to better understand how the various adjustments affect the image at the pixel-detail level.  It can take much longer, but still fun stuff :)

#azure #seascape  Photo: Sunset at Bowling Ball Beach
- Mendocino County, CA

The very cool section of beach in Northern CA, was a pleasure to hang out at last week.  My friends +Casey McCallister +Michael Bonocore and +Maximilian Laue joined me for a great weekend of exploring the coast.

I gave out my filter holder and filters to friends to use, so I had to make due with one measly filter and my hands in order to get any shots.  It just goes to show you that you don't really need all that stuff to take pictures.  Patience, creativity, and a little trial-and-error is all it takes ..... Oh... and a little luck!

#azure #seascapePhoto: Smooth and Rugged

The coastline around San Francisco provides for tons of photo opportunities, including this view from Land's End looking toward the west.

A ~90 second exposure gave the rough ocean a nice smooth shine and added some nice motion to the clouds.  With the sun still above the horizon, I decided to use ISO50 along with 10-stop ND and 3 stop reverse ND filters in order to get the effect I was looking forward.

I enjoy going out with specific plans plans for images I want to capture.  There is something satisfying about being deliberate with my pictures, and successfully doing what I set out to do.  Although sometimes it is fun to just go out and "see what I get" too :)  I just find myself spending more time on specific shots than I used to, so random shots just don't happen as often.

#azure  #seascape #landscapephotographyPhoto: Beach Light

Have you ever been to Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County, CA?  Weel, if you go - this is what it looks like every night.  I can't wait to go back - in fact... next month I think that I want take another trip and try a few ideas I have bouncing around in my head.

If you have some pictures from here - post them - I would love to see them!

#azure   #seascape   #plusphotoextract  Photo: Beach Balling...Photo: The cloudcover this evening made for interesting differences in white balance.Photo: Another great sunset at one of the San Francisco, CA local beaches.Photo: Photo: The area off the coast of San francisco's Sutro Baths has very strong tide currents.  This means that there is almost always a pretty good sized surf pounding the rocks.Photo: The area between low water and high water.  This morning we happen to have a negative (approx. -1.0 ft) tide while I was out wandering the shore.  This afforded me the opportunity to shoot these rocks from a location that is usually under water.Photo: Nightime begins to take over here at Shark Fin Cove in Davenport, CA.  There is a guy stuck on the cliff on the other side awaiting a rescue.Photo: The last bit of the sun dips below the island of land in the sea of fog.Photo: A small crescent moon sets over the rocks in Rodeo Cove.Photo: The mouth of the Golden Gate.Photo: At Rodeo BeachPhoto: Designed in CaliforniaPhoto: Before the surge.Photo: San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto: _Some Morning zen..."

A little peace and calm from San Francisco to enhance your morning. With all the craziness going on in the world, it is important to take a moment and reflect on the beauty of the world - even if only for a moment :)

#azure #bostonbombing  Photo: Have you seen Land's End?

If not .. this is what it looks like.

I took this shot while exploring along the tideline looking for some interesting places to return during various weather conditions.  I like going different places to practice things as well - and this is a good spot.

#azure  #seascapePhoto: Coastal WatersPhoto: The EdgePhoto: Pilings

These are some local piling here by the beach in San Francisco. There are several lines of pilings heading out into the sea ... I find this line one of the most interesting.

Processed in Lightroom then NIK DFine for noise reduction.