372 Photos - Dec 31, 2014
Photo: Ready to roll!Photo: What, is he going to take a picture every two minutes???Photo: Kelly making friends on the flight to ParisPhoto: Our home away from home for the next eight daysPhoto: How Are infinitely small roomPhoto: On board the River BaronessPhoto: First order of business, walk to the Eiffel Tower!Photo: Ultra modern architecture along the wayPhoto: Sidewalks can be tricky to navigatePhoto: Photo: Behold!Photo: awesome detailPhoto: Tired, but happyPhoto: First glass of wine, all is wellPhoto: Kelly's new jammiesPhoto: Versaille PalacePhoto: Awesome trompe l'oeil disguises construction at the Palace of VersaillesPhoto: Our tour guide was very funnyPhoto: There he is now - our guide to the Palace of VersaillesPhoto: Photo: Rolling the palace groundsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: _DSF7159Photo: Photo: The back yardPhoto: Photo: Thedude is overwhelmedPhoto: Proper use of a selfie stickPhoto: Photo: Inside one of the palatial apartmentsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Apparently this clock is highly accuratePhoto: _DSF7212Photo: The Royal thronePhoto: Ancient instrumentationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: At some point most of our guides struck this  posePhoto: The boy kingPhoto: Photo: This single piece of furniture cost more than 10 million EurosPhoto: Photo: Detail in the ceiling. Look at all of the types of marble on the walls!Photo: Over-the-top detailsPhoto: The so-called chapelPhoto: Every square inch intricately detailedPhoto: Kelly finds a quiet cornerPhoto: Our guide made us all laughPhoto: Kelly leaves no horse un-photographedPhoto: The meaning of bigwigPhoto: Fantastic marble workPhoto: Opulence!Photo: All of us wore a little audio device so that we could hear our tour guide clearly and still wander aboutPhoto: _DSF7272Photo: Photo: Intricate engraved horse thingiePhoto: Visitors go nuts in the hall of mirrorsPhoto: Original chandelierPhoto: In the hall of mirrors you have to shoot hgh to avoid the thousands of touristsPhoto: Photo: Cherubs do the heavy liftingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Japanese princess inspects her selfiePhoto: Detail of a wall sized painting of NapoleonPhoto: Photo: By the time we left the palace the line had gotten considerably longerPhoto: Kelly near the Temple of lovePhoto: One of of the structures from Marie Antoinette's fantasy worldPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Partial panorama of Hameau de la ReinePhoto: Now that's a wig!Photo: Photo: Street performers put on the show near our shipPhoto: Back on board the River BaronessPhoto: The first of many Grand Marnier'sPhoto: Manju and major her blingPhoto: The happy couplePhoto: Our new friends Misri and Manju, heretofor known as the M'sPhoto: The juxtaposition of things can be a joltPhoto: Photo: Photo: I think this woman thought Kelly was going to get run overPhoto: There are something like 80 steeples in this townPhoto: Photo: Photo: Our guide Stephanie tries to draw our attention away from our devicesPhoto: 500-year-old houses tendick get a bit wobblyPhoto: It's not your imagination some of these homes lean quite a way to the leftPhoto: The older part of townPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: _DSF7428Photo: Forget the LawPhoto: Better in black-and-white?Photo: Rouen street scenePhoto: Another shot that might be better in black-and-whitePhoto: Joan of arc was tried herePhoto: Kelly never misses a Christmas scenePhoto: Notre Dame detailPhoto: Even more detailed detailPhoto: Photo: Not sure what this ad depicts, but we saw several of thesePhoto: Photo: The aptly named Big ClockPhoto: Check out the lean on the building to the rightPhoto: Photo: Nice Christmas decorationsPhoto: Photo: Inside the St. Joan of arc ParishPhoto: Stained glass inside the St. Joan of arc ParishPhoto: Kelly gets talked into a ride on a the Wonder WheelPhoto: The view from the Ferris wheelPhoto: Rouen rooftopsPhoto: Photo: Photo: A few of the steeples of Rouen on FranceVideo: Video: Photo: Photo: Have you ever seen a skiing Santa clause with glasses?Photo: _DSF7381Photo: Street photographyPhoto: _DSF7517Photo: _DSF7519Photo: These were filled with meringuePhoto: These people know what to do with cheesePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: _DSF7562Photo: _DSF7597Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: _DSF7613Photo: _DSF7614Photo: _DSF7615Photo: These children performed a beautiful Christmas concert for usVideo: Photo: Photo: Kelly purchases some hot spiced winePhoto: _DSF7664Photo: _DSF7673Photo: I shot this quite literally from the hip. I'm practicing techniques to shoot people without looking at or through my camera. With a shutter speed of 1/500th or less, I can freeze motion. The challenge is focusing. Autofocus seems to work sometimes. I've been experimenting with fixed focus, but results are probably worse overall than letting the camera try to focus on my fast-moving subjects.Photo: Photo: Amazing apple tartPhoto: The M's after dessertPhoto: Photo: Duck liver foie gras and bacon cake??Photo: Photo: Funny window dressingPhoto: Photo: Last look at RouenPhoto: Photo: Manju and MisriPhoto: Winter river cruisingPhoto: _DSF7746Photo: _DSF7748Photo: _DSF7750Photo: An unexpected site in the French countrysidePhoto: Stephanie informs the M'sPhoto: Christmas decorations and castle ruinsPhoto: P1000207Photo: Can't get enough of these cobblestone streetsPhoto: Another Notre Dame. This one's in Les AndelysPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Scary gargoylesPhoto: More extremely old architecturePhoto: Once again ancient structures tend to leanPhoto: It amazes me that these wood and stone structures can stand for 500 years!Photo: This home was built before the year 1521Photo: Small home for salePhoto: Photo: Working on my street photography set upPhoto: _DSF7843Photo: A totally unexpected sitePhoto: Kelly loved the flower shopsPhoto: Photo: We were treated to an impressive organ concertPhoto: Modern stained glassPhoto: Photo: Photo: This view out our window when we docked in Vernon Took our breath awayPhoto: Vernon was a hangout for artists like Vincent van GoghPhoto: Fresh face at the green marketPhoto: Amazing looking prepared meatsPhoto: _DSF7886Photo: Van Gogh painted this spot. See the next PhotoPhoto: _DSF7890Photo: _DSF7893Photo: This home was recently remodeled, but keeps its ancient appearancePhoto: P1000249Photo: _DSF7898Photo: _DSF7899Photo: _DSF7906Photo: _DSF7902Photo: Are favorite guide enlightens usPhoto: Colored light filters through the stained glass inside the churchPhoto: One of Van Gogh's several depictions of this churchPhoto: _DSF7923Photo: _DSF7927Photo: Vincent Van Gogh is buried in this beautiful cemeteryPhoto: _DSF7930Photo: P1000268Photo: The grave of Vincent van Gogh and his brotherPhoto: A somber momentPhoto: P1000271Photo: A familiar name on the headstonePhoto: Um, ArtPhoto: The M's in another PhotoPhoto: Kelly loved the polar bear window treatmentPhoto: Kelly is ready for our Christmas eve dinnerPhoto: Photo: Making friends at Christmas eve dinnerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Another bridge covered with locksPhoto: In front of the best known Notre DamePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: _DSF8007Photo: _DSF8010Photo: Notre Dame detailPhoto: Christmas mass at Notre DamePhoto: _DSF8015Photo: Such an amazing space!Photo: _DSF8022Photo: _DSF8030Photo: Beautiful 3-D rendering of the churchPhoto: Photo: _DSF8039Photo: P1000350Photo: _DSF8055Photo: Another quite unexpected sightPhoto: Photo: Photo: The south side of Notre DamePhoto: Photo: Notre DamePhoto: Everything is better with nutellaPhoto: Photo: The marvelous Paris undergroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Just in case you feel like riding ass backwardsPhoto: Photo: A hobbit restaurantPhoto: Kelly and our wonderful guide KatellaPhoto: The larger the stones, the older the roadPhoto: Strike a posePhoto: We thought we were about to see the French president when this motorcade went byPhoto: We love the design and colorsPhoto: Street scenePhoto: Oh, It's the M's again!Photo: Cute couplePhoto: Photo: Cool sculpture in a Paris mallPhoto: Kelly never misses a bulldogPhoto: _DSF8222Photo: _DSF8228Photo: Perfecting my street photography techniquePhoto: Chrome plated crushed metal Christmas angelPhoto: Chrome plated crushed metal Christmas angelPhoto: Looks like I'm really getting the hang of this street photography. I'll have to make a blog post describing my technique.Photo: Champs ElyseePhoto: Street photography on the Champs ElyseePhoto: Street photography on the Champs ElyseePhoto: Street photography on the Champs ElyseePhoto: Street photography on the Champs ElyseePhoto: Street photography on the Champs ElyseePhoto: Street photography on the Champs ElyseePhoto: Photo: _DSF8284Photo: Photo: Photo: meep-meep!Photo: Trying different things on this trip. For this shot, I held the camera over my head and fired. I think it's perfect.Photo: Photo: This really is the strangest thing we saw on our entire trip. Look closely. Perhaps you can help explain the funnel up this inverted bear's ass and the spigot up front.Photo: Photo: _DSF8311Photo: Photo: The ultimate life size snowball?Photo: I like this shot of a cotton candy head girlPhoto: _DSF8323Photo: Smart cars are everywhere in ParisPhoto: A tiny bit of drizzlePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Chris and JanePhoto: Manju and MisriPhoto: Our tour guide called this statue "Joni on a Pony".Photo: The Paris Opera House, more properly known as Palais GarnierPhoto: Photo: Photo: This controversial statue portrayed common people dancing naked and playing the tambourine. Shocking!Photo: P1000404Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This pedestal contains nine different kinds of marblePhoto: The marble is so beautiful it looks like gemstonePhoto: The interior of this building is about as beautiful as you can imagine. I found it to be more spectacular than even the Palace of Versailles.Photo: More controversy! A ceiling painted by Marc Chagall.Photo: Photo: Library in the opera housePhoto: Stoic guardPhoto: CarmenPhoto: Another reminder that Christmas is comingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: opera-housePhoto: Photo: Photo: _DSF8473Photo: The rotunda at Galeries LafayettePhoto: _DSF8492Photo: On the roof of Galeries LafayettebPhoto: View from the roof of Galeries LafayettePhoto: That's not just a huge image hanging off the front of the building. Look closely.Photo: _DSF8485Photo: The one thing we purchased while in ParisPhoto: _DSF8499Photo: And exuberant Kelly after a successful shopping tripPhoto: Inside the Musée d'OrsayPhoto: One of the giant clocks seen from the insidePhoto: The colorful cafeteria at the Musée d'OrsayPhoto: Kelly loves her horses!Photo: Photo: In the reception area of the Sezz HotelPhoto: What will we do with all this space?Photo: Photo: Do you think I might get lucky?Photo: The room included some fun amenitiesPhoto: Ultra modern styling with a 100 Mb Internet connection. w00t! http://paris.hotelsezz.com/en/Photo: _DSF7984Photo: _DSF8449Photo: P1000473Photo: _DSF8472Photo: _DSF8558-EditPhoto: _DSF8706