15 Photos - Nov 14, 2012
Photo: Bronner's is the world's largest Christmas store.  Here you see just ONE SECTION of their nearly endless snowflake ornament options!Photo: Do you have DIYers to buy for this year?  Check out these perfect ornaments!  This button covered ornament would be perfect for anyone who sews.Photo: Do you have a Handy Mom on your list?  This pegboard ornament is less than $15.Photo: These Mount St. Helen's glass ornaments are each hand-blown!  Slightly more expensive than other glass ornaments, but each one is unique.Photo: The gorgeous hand-blown glass ornaments have such lovely colors.  They are great for anyone who appreciates "handmade."Photo: These ornate egg ornaments were on sale!  Only $5.98!Photo: Old World-style ornaments to commemorate your favorite vacation.Photo: These glittery poinsettia ornaments would look great with the traditional Christmas plaid ribbon I use on our tree!Photo: These tiny LED lights really intrigued me.  They were a bit too expensive for me at $36.99 though.Photo: Holiday Themed Toppers for your outdoor lamp post!  You can change your lamp post's appearance for every season!Photo: This half tree that hangs on the wall is perfect for apartment dwellers.Photo: When we are in the market for a new tree, this is one I want!  The crystal needled pre-lit tree has reflective needles that bounce the lights back and forth from needle to needle!  ($269.00)Photo: These lights are my mom's favorite: Traditional Bubble Lights!Photo: The unique Disney Christmas village piece range from $18 to over $100.  My son would freak over the Cars pieces.Photo: The beautiful Fontanini Nativity has been my favorite for years.  Out of our price range, but so lovely; they make an entire Bethlehem Christmas village.