23 Photos - Sep 15, 2015
Photo: First views of the Wallowas as we approached Halfway, Oregon.Photo: Oregon grape.Photo: Indian plum, one of the first blooming shrubs in spring.Photo: Snowy mountain viewsPhoto: Snow gully, a harbinger of what's to comePhoto: Aaron crosses the first strip of snowPhoto: The trail climbs onto a rocky plateauPhoto: Aaron crosses the first big snowfieldPhoto: Hey, could that be...? Nope, just a frozen pond.Photo: Snow cornicePhoto: Descending to the little pondPhoto: Crater Lake!Photo: View of the frozen lakePhoto: Crater Lake, Wallowas #photospherePhoto: Another view of the lake and the striking mountains behind.Photo: Aaron leads the way back.Photo: Look closely. Can you see the mountain goats?Photo: Patchy snowPhoto: Spring's new growthPhoto: Sage galls?Photo: Lush green leaves along the Little Kettle Creek TrailPhoto: Heading down in the sunshinePhoto: Loving life in the Wallowas!