36 Photos - Jul 20, 2015
Photo: Aaron heads across the desert to the entrance of Lower Muley Twist Canyon.Photo: Little puffball flowersPhoto: Claret cup cactus, my favorite.Photo: Cute little pink flowers on top of a spiky cactus.Photo: A deconstructed cairn leads us in the right direction.Photo: Aaron found what looked like an arrowhead laying on the canyon floor.Photo: Peas!Photo: Water sculpturePhoto: Zebra stripes on the far canyon wall.Photo: Lovely primrose flowers scattered about the sand...Photo: The canyon walls were massive, and sometimes overhanging.Photo: Cottonwood trees sprung up throughout the canyonPhoto: Mud curlsPhoto: One of the huge overhangs. Note Aaron for scale.Photo: Huge rockpile blocking the canyon. There was a human-sized passage through :)Photo: A curious curio cabinetPhoto: Water!Photo: Aaron poses for the cameraPhoto: Pebbles embedded in the rock.Photo: Shiny mud slicks formed under the big overhangs.Photo: A broader perspective of the canyon walls.Photo: Entering the Lower Muley Twist Narrows.Photo: Cactus blossomPhoto: White, pink and red.Photo: Lower Muley Twist #photosphere.Photo: Oyster shell fossils in the desertPhoto: Yellow flowerPhoto: Another narrows: Capitol GorgePhoto: Old pioneer scrawls in the rockPhoto: An empty tank. Some times during the year, this would serve as a water source for animals.Photo: Heading onto the Hickman Bridge hike.Photo: Black boulders look wildly out of place in this sediment-layer landscape.Photo: The moon rises over Capitol DomePhoto: Sedimentary rock juxtaposed by a basalt boulder.Photo: One of many striking rock formations in the park.Photo: Hickman Natural Bridge.