32 Photos - Jun 5, 2015
Photo: The flat approach trail to North Guardian AngelPhoto: First view of our destinationPhoto: At the base of the slickrock slabsPhoto: Looking back at the Northgate PeaksPhoto: Rick tackles the slab approachPhoto: Time to anchor in!Photo: A mixture of third and fourth class scrambling on the east ridgePhoto: Rick heads upPhoto: The horizontal treePhoto: Stopping to take in the viewsPhoto: Hey, I'm climbing!Photo: Rick carries the rope up the last bit of scramblingPhoto: Big viewsPhoto: Stepping upPhoto: Summit blockPhoto: Looking down at the Northgate PeaksPhoto: South Guardian AngelPhoto: Summit #photospherePhoto: Jess on topPhoto: Panorama from the top of North Guardian AngelPhoto: CactusPhoto: Rap anchorPhoto: Pine in the desertPhoto: Rick finesses his way down the slabPhoto: On rappel!Photo: Rock wallPhoto: Heading downPhoto: The base of the slabsPhoto: Going in between the NorthgatesPhoto: Should have read the trail signs...Photo: PhloxPhoto: Rocky trail