55 Photos - Aug 19, 2014
Photo: The adventure begins...Photo: My hiking buddies!Photo: First viewsPhoto: One of many stream crossingsPhoto: Walking through the lush vegetationPhoto: Wildflowers and blue skiesPhoto: Blisters already, so it's Crocs for the rest of the trip.Photo: Heading up steep meadows on the way to the PCTPhoto: One of many mountains comes into viewPhoto: Swirling clouds above Sloan PeakPhoto: Hiker on the edge of the trailPhoto: The sun sets over the basin beneath Red PassPhoto: False helleborePhoto: A marmot roams through our campPhoto: Ready to go!Photo: Slippery log crossingPhoto: A waterfall crashes over the old, broken bridge on the White Chuck RiverPhoto: Lunch timePhoto: At Kennedy Creek, we realize we missed our turnPhoto: Defeated, we set up camp along a creek on the west side of Glacier PeakPhoto: Fuzzy fungusPhoto: One of several well-constructed bridges on the PCTPhoto: The well-trodden trail traverses many meadowsPhoto: Was this a perfect lunch spot or what? #photosphere #mountainsPhoto: View of Glacier PeakPhoto: Rocky ledges lead up to Portal PeakPhoto: The grade mellows and occasional rocks jut out for visual interestPhoto: Seed heads of Western Pasqueflowers decorate the meadowPhoto: LousewortPhoto: Panoramic view from the top of Portal PeakPhoto: Mt Rainier stands out in the distancePhoto: A summit, at last!Photo: Back at camp, it's time for dinnerPhoto: Sunset over Sloan PeakPhoto: Light fades over the basinPhoto: A broader view from my camp at Red PassPhoto: Fun with Camelback tubesPhoto: Good morning!Photo: These flowers were everywherePhoto: LupinePhoto: Hiking through the meadowsPhoto: PaintbrushPhoto: Tiger liliesPhoto: FireweedPhoto: Peanut butter and jellyPhoto: Not bad, considering the "jelly" was rehydrated fruit leatherPhoto: Another bridge over another streamPhoto: Huge old-growth trees on the North Fork Sauk trailPhoto: Red elderberryPhoto: Boardwalk in the bogPhoto: Mushroom condoPhoto: Finally, time to relax by the riverPhoto: North Fork Sauk riverPhoto: Sunshine on a rest dayPhoto: Campfire