30 Photos - Aug 3, 2006
Photo: First day in his new home!Photo: What a cutie!Photo: My blanket is just like the jungle.Photo: Caught!Photo: Cairo's foster mom gave me this bed and the little leopard, Cairo's "litter mate."Photo: He's cute when he sniffs things.Photo: He looks a lot older here, but he's still just a kitten.Photo: Belly stripes!Photo: Cairo and Zar... eating each other's food.Photo: The toy taunts him.Photo: He doesn't understand why I'm not playing with him.Photo: He got as low as me!Photo: On the chair, playing. Awwww...Photo: Chillin' in his bed.Photo: Thinking about attacking the camera strap.Photo: Really thinking about attacking the camera strap.Photo: Watching me play World of Warcraft.Photo: Cairo forces Zar to snuggle. Zar is not amused.Photo: Lounging on my legs.Photo: Cairo and a fu dog.Photo: Another enforced cuddling scene. It didn't last.Photo: Sleepy head.Photo: He has way too many paws.Photo: Where the hell are all those paws coming from?Photo: My handsome little boy. :)Photo: Cairo claims Chris.Photo: Photo: Photo: My shoulder cat.Photo: