34 Photos - Jun 18, 2012
Photo: I love being greeted by the huge TV's when I walk in! It always reminds me how much I'd love to have one in my bedroom.Photo: As someone who was born and raised in Montreal, I don't understand why they call it Montreal steak / chicken seasoning! Something to wonder, I guess :)Photo: Honey, I know you secretly read this... Here's a great gift idea!!!Photo: I love this perfume, it's my current signature scent.Photo: I really didn't know that this Sam's club carried furniturePhoto: ...And also home improvement supplies too!Photo: I found the ID samle kiosk... Looks like I came while the attendant was on lunch! Just my luck, lolPhoto: So I went looking around elsewhere and found some whipped cream..Photo: And my beloved ID Mocha coffee!Photo: Ahh yes, and the heavy cream too!Photo: I was psyched to find individually wrapped cream cheese packets. One of my favorite snacks is a bagel with cream cheese, so these packets make them perfect to pack in a lunch. Not something you find easily at your local grocery store.Photo: Yippee! The ID attendant came back, and I snagged myself a helping.Photo: Small, but it will do! I'll treat it like a shot of espresso.Photo: JP thought it was chocolate milk and instantly kicked up a stink for a taste.Photo: Instead I let him smell it... I told him that he didn't need any extra energy :)Photo: We picked up some yummy cookies..Photo: We love these grillers! They are nice, thick cut potatoes made for not falling through the cracks on the grill.Photo: Some cute beach cover-upsPhoto: This old fashioned ice cream maker caught my eyePhoto: I thought this wicker serving tray was so pretty! I love the home section at Sam'sPhoto: ID single creamers I contemplated..Photo: And of course... a secret ingredient, chocolate syrup!Photo: I thought this ninja blender looked like alot of fun to own!Photo: I was so excited to try my idea for an iced coffee recipe that I got my cup ready first!Photo: 2 cups of ice in the blenderPhoto: Worried about buying a 2-pack and not using it before it spoils? Don't worry, ID coffee has a looong shelf life!Photo: I added another 2 cups of mocha coffeePhoto: 1/4 cup of chocolate syrupPhoto: All in the blender...Photo: Added some flavorings too...Photo: And my secret ingredient is a scoop of ice cream! YUM!Photo: Giving it a whirly-wirl in the blender.Photo: And now it's time to enjoy :)Photo: