29 Photos - Jun 7, 2012
Photo: Before I could even choose a regular cart, JP decided to jump right in and stake claim on this cart.Photo: I love the smell from the flowers when you first walk in the grocery store!Photo: I decided to try these out because  JP is not a big fan of taking medicine.Photo: A drink that supposedly makes you sleep better. I wonder if it works...Photo: The dairy section had plenty of clear notice on what was a participating product. Collect 40$ worth of selected groceries and get 2 free movie tickets to see Ice Age.Photo: These sounded really good for cheddar burgers this weekend!Photo: I got a few of these for my tempting dessert!Photo: Have you tried these yet? Mover over nutella - YUM!Photo: I needed some butter too...Photo: I LOVE Pillsbury! My earliest and favorite memory of  Pillsbury was making the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies from the pre-packaged cookie dough roll, when I was little.Photo: When I saw this, I thought this would be good over crushed ice... MmmmPhoto: I'm not big on special coffee creamer flavors, but plain sweet flavor sounds yummy to me!Photo: I thought I might need a little of this for my special dessert...Photo: I contemplated getting more of this - Our family loved this stuff!Photo: But I got these instead!Photo: 10 for 5$ on yoplait yogurts! I love the chocolate mousse!Photo: I got these fun yogurts for JPPhoto: I did a quick check in on him to see how he was doingPhoto: Chocolate pudding sounded yummy. JP agrees :)Photo: I came across a small freezer in the pet section that carried these. How nice for summer!Photo: A different type of frozen dog treatPhoto: Brand new Ruffles chips - If I didn't already have 2 bags at home, I'd have bought these because they look so yummy!Photo: Some more drinks for my party this weekendPhoto: When I saw this 7up, my mind flashed back to the 'simply' juice I bought... this would make a great mixer!Photo: Oh, how delightful! I turn the corner and there's Starbucks! "One giant coffee, please!"Photo: ...And a cake pop too!Photo: I thought this container was soo chic and prettyPhoto: This is what I ordered... YUM!Photo: During checkout, I used my Tom Thumb rewards card and the voucher will automatically print when you accumulate credit for 40$ or more

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