Photo: Designing Photographs, Fjallajokul, #Iceland  While we were in Iceland +Varina Patel and I went glacier hunting...and found this Fjallajokul just down the road from the famous Jakusarlon. On the day we visited this Glacier we were all fact the locals said hardly anyone visits this place. Once we saw a adventure van parked (taking few tourist down for an Glacier walk)....but that was about it.How was this image created?This is a perfect example of using the atmospheric conditions to capture the photo. On any normal days the glacier is muddy grey (the water does not have the brilliant color of Jokusarlon). But when there is just the right amount of sky cover and the sun is in the right location the reflection of the surrounding dominates the muddy grey colors of the glacial lagoon. Add to it an engaging composition and you have just designed yourself a half decent photo. The exposure was simple the getting the colors and details just perfect required some fine tuning in Phot
Photo: Old Failthful Area, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA
Photo: Mountain Light, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Photo: West Thumb, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA
Photo: Rainbow Land - #Photographyworkflow, #howtophotograph

Our workshop in Glacier National Park was one of best trips we had this year...This was one of the few occasions when we had a rainbow during sunrise. And for next 5 hours there were rainbows behind every bend as we drove from St. Mary's to Two Medicine Lake. Here is a shot from side of the road that show a near perfect full rainbow.

How was this Image created?

The composition and exposure for the image was pretty simple as the sun was almost directly behind us and everything was pretty evenly lit. I had to use a wide angle lens to capture the entire rainbow. The center part was a bit too bright in the shot and I had to bring it down in post processing to be able to see the details in every part of the image.

How did we get such rich colors in the Rainbow? - Using a circular polarizer. If a circular polarizer is used properly it will bring out the rich colors in a rainbow, but when used improperly the rainbow will completely vanish.

Does this image quality for #ThirstyThursday?

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Mountain Light, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
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