Photo: Klauster Area, Iceland
Photo: Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA
Photo: Geyser Land, Yellowstone National Park, WY#PhotographyWorkflow, #howtophotograph Geysers at Yellowstone often create their own localized weather (such as fog). On this occasion the side light provided an perfect opportunity to capture the steam. The brilliant reds of the bacterial mats in the foreground provided a perfect foreground.How was this image created?Steam and Mist are some of the hardest things to photograph if they break the horizon because you cant use a GND filters without making them look very unnatural. Even in manual blending it requires careful processing. To capture this photograph, I waited until the steam from the hot spring was dispersed enough to showcase interesting patterns.Enjoy & Share._______
Photo: Namaskard, Iceland
Jay Patel
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