21 Photos - May 22, 2016
Photo: lake schliersee from the schliersbergalm ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/schliersee.htmlPhoto: schliersee village ... and at the other side of the lake (below the hills) is the nice small camping sitePhoto: cable car to restaurant / hotel schliersbergalmPhoto: schliesbergalm, 1061 m ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/schliersee.htmlPhoto: a small church here? strange ,,,Photo: Photo: Photo: hello clouds :-) http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/schliersee.htmlPhoto: rohnberg 1265m ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/schliersee.htmlPhoto: at the top ~ rohnberg 1257m (omg, 8 meters lower than before or is schliersberg-rohnberg a double top?) ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/schliersee.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: back at the schliersbergalm ...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: we have used the summer sledge (on the right side) to come down, such a fun :-)Photo: schliersee village and the schliersbergalm on the left side almost at the top of the schliersberg hill, the rohnberg is the hill in the middle ...Photo: a small lovely camping placePhoto: lake schlierseePhoto: good-bye lake #schliersee, good-bye ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/schliersee.html