30 Photos - May 14, 2016
Photo: inside the hotel am badersee ~ nice, but too modern for me :-) ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/grainau.htmlPhoto: view from the lunch terrace ...Photo: what the hell is this? a tree holds a stone in the air?Photo: arrived at lake eibsee after 40 - 50 minutes walkPhoto: lake eibsee + zugspitze ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/grainau.htmlPhoto: a colleage of mine took his drone with him ...Photo: here she is, the drone, with camera and ability to fly 2 km away :-)Photo: lake eibsee from the other side (zugspitze is behind me)Photo: Photo: waxensteinPhoto: neuneralm below the waxensteinPhoto: neuneralm + waxensteinPhoto: back to grainauPhoto: Photo: good-bye, waxensteinPhoto: Photo: Photo: grainauPhoto: Photo: grainau + waxensteinPhoto: Photo: Photo: waxenstein, 2277 metres high ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/grainau.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: omg, what a rainbow ~ http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/grainau.htmlPhoto: a double rainbow? wow :-)Photo: Photo: good-bye grainau, garmisch, waxenstein :-) http://jarogruber.blogspot.de/2016/05/grainau.html