Photo: Don't do much still life - this one never moves ... ;-)
Photo: The new G+
Photo: Adding paperwork
Despite having done studio photography for years I have never done - or even owned - any paper backgrounds. I like #whitespace and #darkspace so have never really missed them. But you have to evolve, so I just ordered a set of autopoles, hooks and paperroll mounts to expand the studio setup. Looking forward to try some new stuff.
Photo: Real vintage
When I don't have anything else to do (as if...) I'm scanning some of my parents' old slides. And they sure have a lot. Quite funny to see all these photos that no one have looked at for decades. My mother was rather excited when I gave her a digital frame with some of the photos a couple of months ago.
So - this is me 37 years ago. No, not the curly one - that's my mom. The other curly one.
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The new G+
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