28 Photos - Sep 25, 2013
Photo: The moon lights the night clouds and stars shine through, what a unpolluted skies. The far lights are Korzok/Korzog, and the mid-distance lights, an army base.Photo: Our gear was carried up Lungser Kangri all the way to 6000m by our wonderful horse-mule team. Ram Lal, you are a star!Photo: We start the trek from Skyurchu to Lungser Kangri BC, which is a tough but scenic walk.Photo: Our scenic lunch spot, Tsomoriri behind (and the now sealed road around this eastern side of the lake).Photo: Well, BC wasn't just around the corner after lunch; we traverse a high plain en route to Lungser Kangri BC with a storm behind us that never did hit. Olivier and Garry.Photo: Climbing above Skyurchu, we crossed this high plain, and the usual forbidding cloudscape that amounted to nothing in the end.Photo: "Oh, BC is just around the corner", it wasn't, we had to cross this 5950m shoulder first!Photo: At the end of Tsomoriri high Himalayan peaks rise up, close to Chumar and the disputed border with China.Photo: Behind Tsomoriri are some intriguing peaks, and this one especially for me (Jamie) as we have failed to even find it on a previous trek; in 2014 we head back.Photo: If you are happy with the view raise your hands!Photo: Over the shoulder pass, we head down to base camp with Lungser Kangri in front of us. The standard climbing route is from left to right, on terrain slightly behind this view. Yes, the summit is rounded, which you will be reminded of when endlessly approaching it.Photo: This is Lungser and Chamser Kangri Base Camp, the standard BC, anyway. Lungser Kangri is now hidden while to saddle between the two peaks is almost visible to the left.Photo: Harish and Stazin pass the time with a hand of cards at Lungser Kangri base camp.Photo: We climbed to almost 6000m to our Lungser Kangri high camp; here Garry and Olivier are on the last slope up.Photo: Our star horse and mule team at 6000m, arriving at our Lungser Kangri high camp. Other teams all have their favourite place to high camp, some even on the 6200m col.Photo: Clockwise: Lobsang, Ram Lal, Punsok, Tenzin, Stanzin, Harish (Jinju) and Stanzin; the top crew of our 2013 Lungser Kangri expedition.Photo: We climbed Lunger Kangri in cloudy conditions with a dog leading the way, literally running circles around us, and here playing hide and seek. The view is towards Hanle.Photo: Jamie McGuinness, Lobsang, Olivier Dubuis and Garry Deering on the summit of Lungser Kangri, ~6666m - congratulations! Shame about the cloud though. We did get occasional views, and on the way down though. This is perhaps our only photo the dog isn't in.Photo: Yes, it was a chilly Lungser Kangri summit, these prayer flags say it all.Photo: Garry admires the view; behind him is the ridge up Lungser Kangri, although the summit is still a bit behind the top point here.Photo: Nearing the col between Lungser and Chamser Kangri on the descent, here is a reasonable view of Chamser Kangri. Among several routes up, one is to go from the right rock to the rightmost snowy rock and then head up the ridge.Photo: This is our almost 6000m high camp on Lungser Kangri, with Tsomoriri in the distance.Photo: Light over atmospheric Tsomoriri.Photo: The hills above the Peldo end of Tsomoriri.Photo: Hills repeat into the distance; Tsomoriri in the corner. The light plays, the clouscapes, and the sense of space all combine to make Tsomoriri and surrounds an utterly spectacular and photogenic place.Photo: Garry marks our camps after the trek-climb.Photo: We pack to head back to Leh after our sucessful trek-climb - Thanks Pasang and Dawa (drivers) and the superstar crew.Photo: Stakna Gompa, taken on our way back to Leh (and the end of this photo album).