36 Photos - Jul 7, 2012
Photo: Kailash's diamond face appearingPhoto: Sadly Darchen with its rabid dogs, rubbish and dirty restaurants is the depressing start point for the Kailash Kora, the walk around Mt KailashPhoto: Evening inside the best Tibetan restaurant in DarchenPhoto: Miri joined me for a lightweight trek around Kailash, August 2010Photo: Tarboche, where the annual Saga Dawa ceremony is heldPhoto: The sky burial site, used knives and the clothes of the deadPhoto: Nature and the new; a hotel under construction near TarbochePhoto: Cute waterfallsPhoto: Pilgrims walking clockwise; the first teahouse tentsPhoto: Photo: Tea almost ready at our first camp, near Drira Phuk. (Apologies, Lightroom has done a terrible job on her face; the photo is much better!)Photo: Kailash in the cloudPhoto: Kailash diamond facePhoto: Photo: Drira Phuk  GompaPhoto: Miri, ready with everything; the Tibetan woman has a torch and umbrella...Photo: The dressed stones areaPhoto: Leave your blessed lama threads herePhoto: Sticking things for good luck (perhaps this is next to the sinners rock?)Photo: Approaching the Dolma La 5630mPhoto: Incense on top of the Drolma LaPhoto: Crossing the Drolma La 5630mPhoto: Yippee! A leap of faith?Photo: No bridge!Photo: Camping on the Kailash Kora, second nightPhoto: Marmots (I asked a Tibetan "Do you eat marmots?". "No, they taste like human flesh"...)Photo: The trek around Kailash really is a stunning walkPhoto: Peaceful trekkingPhoto: Yaks who have walked around kailash have their horns carved with On Mani Padme HumPhoto: Miri at the top of the last minor passPhoto: MiriPhoto: After the hills comes the Barga Plains - that space!Photo: A Lammergeier (bearded vulture)Photo: A glorious Tibet panorama of the Barga PlainsPhoto: Mani stones, hand carved prayers with goat and yak hornsPhoto: Mani stones with that big Tibet sky