36 Photos - Jul 26, 2011
Photo: Huge moray in the Red SeaPhoto: Clearfin lionfish restingPhoto: Boedschia Schaeffei, juvenile sea cucumber!Photo: Smallscale OR Tasseled Scorpionfish,Scorpaenopsis OxycephalaPhoto: Chromodoris AnnulataPhoto: Anemoneshrimp, tiny!Photo: Resting Green turtle, PalauPhoto: Arc-eye HawkfishPhoto: Smallscale OR Tasseled Scorpionfish,Scorpaenopsis OxycephalaPhoto: HawkfishPhoto: Spanish Dancer (nudibranch) eggsPhoto: Spiral coralPhoto: Chromodoris AnnulataPhoto: Natural sunlightPhoto: Freediving in Stingray City, Grand CaymanPhoto: Great barracudaPhoto: Surprised moray eel out in the open...Photo: Underwater macro photographyPhoto: Pulau TenggolPhoto: Glassfish in a cave, 32 m deep.Photo: Everything A-Ok!Photo: Huge old Lionfish (Pterois Volans) and wife (poisonous)Photo: Venomous StonefishPhoto: Kyokuza Maru wreck, Dimakya island, PhilippinesPhoto: German Channel, Palau: Pink AnemonefishPhoto: Napoleon wrassePhoto: Nice cavePhoto: Anemone fishPhoto: Mantis shrimpPhoto: Up close and personal: Blue stingrayPhoto: Mystery wrasse, Helmet wreck, PalauPhoto: The Blue Corner, Palau: Current 5-6 knots, reefhooked on metal hooks.Photo: Tasseled Scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis OxycephalaPhoto: World Turtle DayPhoto: Pulau TenggolPhoto: Pyjama nudi (Nudibranch or sea slug) looking in my makeup mirror in the Red Sea.