18 Photos - Apr 8, 2012
Photo: Keith Williams doesn't think its as funny as I doPhoto: Cas Fricke takes the J.West experiencePhoto: Cas' phone has an app that controls Keith's ability to aim his knifePhoto: Eddy Haber simultaneously arguing and photographing.Photo: "Hello Crom, It's me ... J."Photo: "Trainers' Toolkit Workshop" planning w/ Ann AtkinsonPhoto: Ann seems pleased to share her agenda.Photo: Chris Dorsi holds court for me, Cala Maxwell and Lydia Gill PolleyPhoto: Cas Fricke, dale Sherman and Ann Atkinson working late in board roomPhoto: Searching for my next 50 cent vocabulary wordPhoto: Ann is pleased and appear dumbfounded.Photo: Carla and Lydia co-learning in stylePhoto: I don't think this comment was as bad as it looks.Photo: "Friends, country men and technical trainers lend me your ears."Photo: Dale blowing my mind with another simple piece of pure genius.Photo: another "fish that got away" story.Photo: "who knew?!"Photo: